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Thread: Update on the progress

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    Update on the progress

    Firstly thanks for your patience all, we know its frustrating, and trust me we would rather all was running smoothly as well!

    The current issue seems to be caused when we ramped up the number of new machines supporting the dimensions (who would have though more processing power was a bad thing eh?) and that simply didn't show up in our scale testing when we tested the hardware.

    Now, on the plus side the coders and the server team now believe they have located the problem in the network and are currently working on patching the relevant network drivers on the new machines so that we can be up as soon as possible.

    The bad news is that will take a couple more hours, but I can assure you that we are all working as hard as we can to resolve this issue.
    Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison
    Old Timer

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    There ya go everyone.

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    I'm stuck at work for the next 3.5 hrs...take ur time
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    Because we said so.
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    Peace out
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    take as long as you want, looking forward to it all running smoothly.

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    Dont stay up late now Sillyboy
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    nothing wrong with making it work right :P

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    Thank you Sil.

    It's just ashame to see so many people lose their cool over such a silly thing.

    The people who can actually grasp humanity at least see you're doing your best to improve the gamers experience. It's just a shame those who cant lose their cool so quickly- it's not like you're going to die without AO.

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    Thumbs up for FC! Ignore the whining, keep working, and good luck
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    As long as it actually works when it's fixed.. take all the time you need!
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    Thanks a lot for sharing some info instead of "please wait 1½h more, we have problems".

    Still if you say it will take 2h, it takes 3~, common AO knowledge.

    GL on the hardware hell
    /tell catalyst

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    Maybe divine will shut up now

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    at least now we won't be trying to log in every two minutes.

    Or at least some of us won't be...

    [i still will be]
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    Thanks for the information.

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    Lol. Testing ftw. Next time u might try running it all b4 u switch over.

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    k i go bed mang tired and forum is all "boohoo" crap.
    Waiting for a cure.

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    Ty sil

    u my hero!

    GL on getting everything fixed
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    Good to know,,,,i was about to throw down $1200 for a ticket to Oslo and cry havoc, and unleash the hampsters of war.
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    I figured things wouldn't be up by today's always the way it works. You figure out how long it will take, add a few hours just to cover yourself and then BAM something totally unforseen happens. I'm not upset or surprised and hoping everything comes together as soon as possible.

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