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Thread: Meanwhile on Rubi-Ka...

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    Mary looked at her new doorsign
    It said "Executive Mary Wormwood" in big letters.
    The boss must be happy with my work, she thought.
    I always knew that my evening classes in stamp licking would pay off.
    - Ehm! It was Moeder with her toilet cleaning rota.
    - Arn't we forgetting something? She said pointing at Marys name on the list.
    Mary sighted and found the old toothbrush in her drawer.
    Still, "Executive". The more she said the word, the more importent it sounded
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    Julia bashes her stuff into cardboard boxes as she walks around the apartment.

    "yer gonna regret that decision.. Oh yes ya will..." She seethes.

    Suddenly she stops and shakes her head as she stares at the floor.

    "Or then ya were serious about it? C'mon.. I said i'd change!"

    and again, She starts to bash books to one of the boxes.

    "Im sorry okay!?"

    She leaves the apartment into the night..

    ((NOW, i will stop ))

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    - Yo! Opi chick!
    Mary turned to the voice that came from the shredder.
    - What is it now?
    - It's friday. U take me to Reets? The voice asked
    - I dont think Leetbots are alowd there. Mary replyed
    - Nerf. WTB Reets. Said the voice in a disappointed tone
    - Now where did I put my handbag.... Mary started to look around
    - Oh, Yo! Opi chick! WTS info!
    - You know where it is? Mary turned to the shredder again
    - Credz plz?
    - I have told you. I will not put my credits into the shredder! I'll find it on my own.
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    Cherelle looked at the alien ship, now emptied. The second night in a row. The first night it was only Varija, Ishabel, Kotts and her. Even if Isha fell early in the ship, they still took it down after defending Assembly's city.

    It was a good haul, and a nice challenge. Pushing paperwork has its uses, but being on the field and dancing her whirlwind ballet of fists and feet was like finding her wings again, always in balance even in the air.

    Yesterday night was satisfying. Isha wasn't available, she had to study, but with Varija and Kotts, it was already a dream team. With the addition of Whondzme and Aptiva, it was positively smooth and fun. Even better, Aptiva saw the victory in a raid for the first time. Always a special occasion. With a little grin, Cher secretly hoped he celebrated it adequately.

    Amazing how the old reflexes snap right back into place... But it was even more than Cher remembered. Never before had she been able to master her art as well. It was a dance of joy after too many months without field action, without clan mates... A dance of joy and death. What a combination, she thought.

    Four or five years ago, Jenae "Tussa" Godfray said "When nuclear holocaust comes and is over, only three things will remain. Cockroaches, Cher and the common cold."

    The city being kept afloat would make for solid ground. Slowly and relentlessly, things would keep moving forward. Just like water is patient enough to carve its way through dense rock, her clan would endure.

    She would do her darnest best to make sure of it.

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    Feyad placed the last of the items from the box on the desk in the executive office at Field Ops station in Omni-1 Trade. Sighing to himself, he thought, "It's good to be back." Sitting down at the desk, Feyad began to look over Patrol Reports and Investigations over the last month.

    Hmmm, Lt. Lario and Lt. Rhees seemed to have done an excellent job. They have kept the team together and even worked well with each other, Feyad chuckles to himself. Even better than Hunt and I did." Maybe it's time to up their responsibilities. I'll have to talk that over with President Ciafardoni. I think it is time I take a more back-seat approach and leave the field work for the younger officers.

    Suddenly the radio in the office blared, "OFFICER UNDER ATTACK! OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE! I'm under attack in Omni-1 Entertainment, near Baboons." Leaping to his feet, Feyad grabbed his *Superior Perennium Blaster* and rushed out of the office. Speaking into his comm-unit, getting directions, Feyad moved to assist the Officer requesting help........

    About 1 hour later......

    Feyad looked up from the report at the officers in front of his desk. "Good job Officer Clwlyss. It was an honest effort on your part. Too bad this "Ciyanid" had you outclassed," responded Feyad. "And thank you Officers Technowizard, Rtonzo and Gemcy. Your response to the call for assistance is to be commended. I'll make a note of it in your records. DISSMISSED!" Returning their salutes, Feyad again looks at the report.

    "Well Ciyanid, making an nuisance of yourself again I see," mused Feyad. "Except now you have injured on of my Officers. That will not be tolerated." Feyad turns to his computer and begins typing, adding this latest offense to the list on Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano. Looking at the long list, Feyad thinks, "Getting quite long there Julia. I guess I'll just have to move you up into our top 10 Most Wanted List. That should get some response from the Directors."

    Feyad begins typing up a report to send to Director Sergeyich, detailing the offenses committed by this Clan operative and requesting a Official Omni-Tek Authorization Documentation Warrant. Also a request to suspend normal arrest protocols and authorize lethal force if necessary with a re-direct reclaim status. "Ha," thought Feyad, "now there will be no where you can hide from Omni-Pol!"
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    "Hmm.. this shirt? .. Nah.. whatabout this one?" Julia goes through her clothes, trying to find good ones for the party. She turns to look at the sabre kitten behind her and smiles.
    "Yanno, im gonna need yer opinion about these if ya gonna sit there." She grins at the kitten.
    "Im not gonna get a word out of ya, am i?"
    The kitten yawns and lazily walks to the fireplace and lays down. Julia smiles and eyes the place she is in.
    "Nax really lives nicely.." She smiles. Julia sits down, drops the shirt on the floor and sighs. For many years she had been dreaming of leaving this place and start living freely. Ofcourse, she was not gonna leave this planet this time, as she once already did. She had other plans.
    "If my friends are in trouble, im gonna help 'em.. That's for sure." She mumbles. Ofcourse it felt bad for her to think that she would have to leave other friends back here, but..
    "Cant help it..." She closes her eyes and smiles. "I know things wont go as i'd want them to go, but atleast im gonna try."
    Julia stands up and looks around the clothes on the floor and smiles. Yes, last time she would be going into party like this, she had to look her best.
    "Maybe..." She stops, but shakes her head shortly after that.
    "No no no. it would be only trouble for.. him.." Julia frowns.

    "Im just gonna have fun.. As i do everytime.." She giggles at herself and starts to fit more clothes on.

    (( To be continued later on tonight... ))

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    Omni 1 Entertainment

    Julia looks behind her and stops behind a corner to catch her breath.
    "****.. this wasnt fun idea at all.. But hey, im not that far away form whompa.. I can make it there.." She takes a deep breath and starts to run again. Her heart drumming like never before, she runs with all she got.

    "Goddamn pollers! They must've planned this out! ****!" Julia gasps for air as she trips and falls on the ground.
    "Oh god, i gotta keep running!" Julia glances around and gets up.
    "The mongol meat is right behind the corner.. Should be fine if i get there. It's a good place to hide.." She starts to run again, with no idea what might be waiting right behind the next corner.

    As she runs, she can hear Pollers shouting something right behind her.
    "Keep on moving legs! I've been through worse, please move move move!" She thinks.
    The chase has been a long and tiring one for her.
    "Oh please i need to run.. After i get safe i can leave this place and go look for Him.." She nods and runs faster. As she sees mongol meat, she sighs.
    "Yes, i made it! I made it!" Julia smiles.

    As soon as she gets closer, she sees a trox running away from the food stand and the vendor shouting after him. Julia frowns and slows down a bit. She could hear Feyad shout something somewhere near so she just keeps on running towards the stand, but something was wrong...

    Only few meters before the stand, the vendor runs towards Julia, shouting something about running away, but that was all she could hear, when suddenly, a loud explosion fills the air, and everything goes white.. For the short moment, Julia still was conscious, she could see Pollers run towards her, trying to dodge the falling burning parts of the mongol meat stand.

    "This... didnt... go... right..." She looks up at Feyad standing next to her and grinning widely.
    "Sorry.. Gunny..." She whispers as she passes out.

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    Lawdog sits at his comp term, doing research. Suddenly his comm pops. He hears Beersoldiers frantic voice, and a strange shrieking in the background.

    *Law! Majors office, NOW!!*

    Sprinting down the hallway to Guns office, he stops short as Corpdoc and Grumpy are hurled out the door, slamming into the wall. He quickly moves inside and see several Pathfinders on top of Gunfytr, trying to restrain him, with Beer directing them. Dumbfounded, Law turns to Beer, "Sarge, WTF??"
    Beer looks at him grimly, "Feyad has got Ciyanid".
    Instantly, Law morphs into a large cat and springs on Gun, smothering him under fur. Biting and clawing Gun struggles to get up, shrieking, "You know what they DO!! You know what they'll DO to her!!"
    Beer joins the pile, trying to calm his friend and Commander. "Boss, we'll get her out! Somehow we'll get her."
    Gun screams back at him, "But it wont be HER!!"

    Suddenly the pile goes still. Gun says quietly, "Im ok, let me up." Gingerly, the pile unfolds and Gun walks behind his desk. Uprighting his chair, he slowly sinks into it.
    Beer notices the crowd of horrified PFs standing in the hallway and snaps, "Clear the area, now!" He glances back at Gun, looking away at what he sees there.

    Gun stands up, leaning on his desk. Looking around, he says harshly, "The rules have just changed....everyone get out."
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    Feyad was in the Field Ops Office in Omni-1 Trade when the alarm sounded. Bounding up from his desk, he went to the Holo-table to assess the situation. Field reports were coming in fast and furious from Omni-1 Entertainment. Unicorn communications were reporting attacks on themselves and various Omni forces in Ent. Switching to cameras in Entertainment, Feyad zoomed in on the attacker. It was a large Sabercat. Scanning the cat from the holo-table, the records matched. "Got you now Ciy," mumbled Feyad.

    Hitting the communications pad next to the holo-table, Feyad connected with Omni-Trans. "Hello, this is General Feyad Rahl, Field Ops, Omni-Pol. I have a priority one situation in Omni-1 Entertainment. It's a possible Clan terrorist incursion. Shut down all Whompahs and grid access in Omni-1 Entertainment until further notice." Next, Feyad keyed the encrypted all-frequency Omni-Pol communications. "ATTENTION ALL OFFICERS! Priority One in Entertainment!" shouted Feyad. "This is the one we've been waiting for. All officers report to your teams. Lt. Lario, assume command of the northern team near the sewers. Lt. Rhees, your team to the southern construction site. Sgt. Memotech, assemble your team at the Arena. Let's keep her boxed in. Whompahs and grid are down. Let's keep civilian injuries to a minimum. Herd her towards the park near Mongols Meat. I want her alive for trial, Omni-Med has been notified and is standing by."

    Feyad ran out of the office and headed for his Charon. Leaving Omni-1 Trade by the west gate, he motored quickly north to Pleasant Meadows and then east to Omni-Forest. Entering Entertainment from Omni-Forest he found Omni forces in a high state of alert. Keying his wrist computer to Omni-Pol encrypted frequency, he was able to hear the various reports coming in. Moving to Omni-Pol HQ on the elevated platform, Feyad heard gunfire and laser shots in the distance. The plan was working, Ciyanid was being herded towards the park. She was wounded and moving with difficulty. Feyad moved towards Mongols to meet up with the teams.

    "There she is," shouted Feyad. "Get the Net-gun ready!" Suddenly, the vendor from Mongols Meat runs towards the Omni-Pol forces, shouting something that is drowned out in the din of gunfire and lasers. "BOOM!" The Mongol Meats explodes and catches fire. The vendor and Ciyanid are both caught in the explosion and thrown through the air. Stunned, the Omni-Pol officers watch helplessly as the two people land badly on the ground nearby. "OMNI-MED, this is General Rahl. We need medi-evac in Omni-1 Entertainment NOW! I have 2 civilians down." Feyad shouted into his wrist computer.

    Moving over to the crumpled female adventurer, who has de-morphed due to injuries, Feyad kneels down to check her pulse. Her eyes flutter and begins to focus when Feyad leans forward and whispers to Ciyanid, "Gotcha!" Standing up, Feyad speaks into his wrist computer, "Corporal Linwu, suspect is detained. Beacon Warp to Reform NOW!" Shortly after that, Feyad and the suspect shimmer and disappear.
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    Gunfytr strides into Omni-Pol HQ. His SpecOps uniform perfect. Insignia, rank and ribbons proudly displayed. He marches to the front desk and addresses the On Duty Corporal. The Corporal looks Gun up and down, noting the off world decorations and ribbons. He nods respectfully.

    'Yes, Major, what can I do for you?'
    'I have come to petition the release of Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano'
    The Corporal starts slightly, frowning. 'I'm sorry?'
    Calmly, Gun repeats, 'I have come to petition the release of Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano'
    Frowning deeper, he replies, 'I'll let you talk to the Captain, Sir.'
    Picking up a comm unit, he speaks in hushed tones for a second. 'He'll be right with you, Major.'
    Gunfytr nods, and stands at ease. In all appearances, completely calm. Only an intent observer would have noticed the single drop of sweat, running from his hairline.
    An Omni-Pol Captain comes out of a rear office.
    'Good day, Major, what can Omni-Pol do for our contract bretheren?'
    'Captain, I have come to petition for the release of Julia "Ciyanid" Gil---'
    The Captains booming laugh interrupts Gun. 'I thought thats what he said, but I couldnt believe it.' He fixes Gun with a broad smile. 'No. No way, no how, no chance. We have been looking for her for a long time. We got her, we're keeping her.'
    Gun nods, 'Captain, give her to me and she'll be off planet in an hour. Shes never trouble Omni again.'
    The Captain laughs, 'You're dreamin'. We have serious plans for THAT little girl. And when we get done with her, not only will she never trouble the Corporation again, she'll be a good little employee.'
    Gun takes a deep breathe, "I wish to petition directly to General Feyad with this. I'm going over your head, Captain.'
    The Omni-Pol Boss sneers at Gun, 'I dont care about those oak leaves on your collar, "Major", and you have to get passed me to see the General. And thats not gonna happen. Not that he would even entertain the thought.'
    Guns head drops to his chest for a moment. He whispers, 'So be it.' Lifting his head up, he looks the Captain in the eye. 'Thanks for your time, Captain. I'll be seeing you around.'
    Gunfytr spins on his heal, and stalks out of the office.
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    Feyad sat on the couch in Rompa, watching the two men depart. "I can't believe he even asked that," mused Feyad to himself. "He had to know that we wouldn't let her go. She's too high profile. Even Zora has an eye on this case. There's no way he's going to let such a high profile Clan criminal escape justice. Not with the rumors flying around from Omni-Prime." Feyad shivers only slightly under control. "I even had to call in MAX!" Feyad looks around cautiously. "That man... robot.... scares the crap out of me!" Captain "Generator" looks up, "Did you say something General?" "No Captain, just mumbling to myself," Feyad replies as he watches Major Gunfytr walk away from the meeting.

    "Captain, we need to keep an eye on Gunny. I don't trust him at this point. He's thinking with his small gun and probably will do something stupid," Feyad glances Sanchez next to him. "Hmmm, I think I need to talk to General McChristion about getting you temporary brevet promotion to General. We need 3 flag officers for this Tribunal. We need to get this done in the next 48 hours." Sanchez stands and salutes, "By your command General. I'll start the proceedings immediately.
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    After being unconscious for two days, Julia woke up on third day. She didnt know where she was, but she did know what happened three days ago.
    Alone in her cold cell, she was trying to think where she was. But nothing was coming up. Everyday, she had officers come to her cell and ask questions. She did not speak.
    "I am not speaking.. I am not telling them a thing.. They can torture me, they can rip my arms and legs off, they can kill me, but i will NOT talk.. She was thinking.

    She wouldnt be here now without the explosion. If she only had powers to fly away from there...
    She was badly wounded at the time, and her comm.unit aswell as her datapad both took bad damage.
    "They wont be able to get anything off them.. They must be bashed or burnt by the explosion." Julia looked at her arms. The skin was partly burnt, but it didnt hurt.
    "Im gonna have these marks for the rest of my life, if i ever get out, that is..."
    She looked up to the ceiling as someone opened the door.

    "Ready to talk are we?"

    Julia closed her eyes and ignored the person standing at the door.

    "FINE! You'll talk! Somehow, you WILL TALK! Im going to make sure of it!!" The door was closed, and Julia sighed.

    "it was my own stupidity.. I should've just left.."

    She opened her eyes and looked at the tiny window.

    "Im sorry Agrestus.. I cant come find you now.. But i will come for you, soon, friend."

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    General Rahl opened the door to the courtroom. "All Rise," shouted the Master-at-Arms. "This court is now in session. Generals Rahl, McChristion and Brevet-General Mojeto presiding." The three officers in their formal uniforms marched into the room and took their seats on the raised platform, behind the bench. Gathering the papers and files before him, General Rahl looks up and addresses the court, "Captain Lario, is the prosecution ready?" Captain Lario snaps to attention and salutes, "Sir, Yes Sir!" Turning to the defense, the General asks, "Mr. Howe, is the defense ready?" The young lawyer stands, "Yes sir, but I wish to go on record and protest the way I have been given this case. I have not yet had time to fully familiarize myself with the case and was denied an extension to these proceedings." The General sighed, "Duly noted. Be that as it may, this case will proceed at this time. Bring in the prisoner."

    The guards entered the courtroom with the prisoner. Shackles and clearly drugged, the prisoner was half carried, half dragged to the defense table, placed in a chair and handcuffed to the chair. "General!" shouted the young lawyer, "I must protest the condition of my client. How will she participate in her own defense in this condition?" "Sit down and shut-up Mr. Howe. Your client just killed a guard in her cell, accessed her nano programs without the benefit of NCU's or Belt Componet Platform. For your safety and the safety of the courtroom she has been tranquilized." Turning to Captain Lario, "Captain begin your opening arguments." "Sir, thank-you sir," began the Captain. "The Corporation will show that the defendant did willfully and with......"

    Hours later....

    "The Defense rests, your honor," the young lawyer stated quietly. "Thank-you Mr. Howe. We will retire now and consider all the evidence produced here today and render our judgment," General Rahl spoke. With that, the three officers stood up to leave the room. "All rise," came from the Master-at-arms in the back of the courtroom, as the officers left the room. "This court is in recess until such time as a verdict is rendered."

    In the office chambers behind the courtroom, the three officers sat in comfortable chairs to ponder the evidence they have just heard. Some time later Feyad held up a piece of paper. "Well," he said, looking at the others in the room, "These are our orders from higher up! Do they give us any lee-room in this case?" "No, our duty is clear," replied Sanchez. "She must leave the planet." "I'm not sure I can go along with this," stated Katelin. "I know she is guilty but this seems such an extreme punishment." "Isn't there any way we can mitigate this and still serve the letter of the law?" Feyad turned to the computer in the room and began to cycle though Corporate Laws and precedents. "Here, look at this," Feyad said, pointing to the screen. "This might work." The other two officers came over and read what was on the screen. "Yes, I can agree to that," stated Katelin. "That meets the requirements of the orders and shows some mercy." "I don't know," mumbled Sanchez. "It seems we're splitting hairs on the law. I'm not sure if I want to offend MAX. He scares the $#%^ out of me. But if you two are in agreement on this, I'll vote for this also."

    About an hour later.....
    "All Rise," shouted the Master-at-Arms. "This court is now in session. Generals Rahl, McChristion and Brevet-General Mojeto presiding." The three officers in their formal uniforms marched into the room and took their seats on the raised platform. Reaching under the bench, all three officers picked up a black sash and put it on over their uniforms. "The Defendant will rise to hear judgment," General Rahl called out to the courtroom. Mr. Howe stood and Ciyand struggled to remain alert, handcuffed to her chair. "Julia *Cyanid* Gilliano, it is the unanimous decision of this court that you are found guilty on all counts against the Corporation Omni-Tek, it's personnel and properties. However, it is a further unanimous decision by this court that your are to be found innocent due to mental instability. It is the judgment of this court that you are to be handed over to Omni-Med and Omni-Reform and taken to an undisclosed Psychiatric Facility for treatment until such a time as you no longer present a danger to yourself or the public at large." With a resounding crack, General Rahl brought his gavel down on the bench. "Escort the prisoner away!"

    (( Thus ends the career of Julia "Cyanid" Gillano. Good-bye Cy, we will miss you! We hope you will return to us soon.

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    The silenced prisoner leans on a tree, confident that the night and the forest will give him enough cover to escape further north, and to his old undiscovered hideout. He smiled thinking of all the prison guards he didn't kill. Reclaim would have been too easy, instead he had broken their arms and legs, slowly drowning in their own blood. A slow and painful death.

    It was his Modus Operandi, he enjoyed watching his victims struggle, the horror in their eyes, the excruciating pain they had to go through.

    Unexpectedly from behind him, a deep voice asked "Excuse me?". He turns around quickly to see a large, tall Atrox in white armor a few feet from where he stands. The atrox is wearing shoulderpads emanating a blue glow, matching the Kur'Ush Mallet hanging on his belt.; "He is huge, how the hell did he manage to sneak behind me?" he thinks.

    Trying to act casual he replies "Yes?" keeping his voice friendly.

    "Sorry to disturb you at such a late hour, but I was wondering since you're here already, if it's alright with you that is.... if I could... what the hell, may as well get to the point, right?"

    Before the criminal could say a word the atrox swings his weapon upwards in an arc, connecting perfectly with his target's jaw. Time seems to slow down as the brute force lifts the silenced prisoner off the ground. The light blue glow from the enforcer's weapon seems to already be moving in continuous motion, to make contact again before his bounty hits the ground.

    The second blow hits the chest, pushing the man farther away. Anyone else probably would have been knocked unconscious, but this was a trained killer, used to battle.

    Holding his chest with his left hand he lands on his feet, like a sabretooth with feline grace.

    The atrox rushes him to finish the job, but the right hand of his opponent finishes the nanoformula he had started in mid air.

    A nuke hits the enforcer, instantly clearing his NCU of all running nanoformulas. For a second the hooded man smiles, thinking he had turned the odds in his favor. He is mistaken.

    Without a doubt in his mind the atrox's speed in unaffected, he's been in similar situations before, he knew the outcome of the battle even before it began.

    It only takes a few minutes for all of it to be over, with the enforcer standing, looking down upon the corpse of his bounty.

    He grabs the few gems the criminal had in his pockets and surprisingly bows down and prays for the soul of the man he had just sent to reclaim. The prayer ends with "God have mercy on your soul, 'cause Titan won't have any".

    Pulling a Rubi-Ka Recall Beacon from his belt, the old clan vet warps to Tir and heads over to the Grid Access terminal. It was time to report back to Warden Ystanes in West Athen to claim his reward.
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    Leileena stares at her living room for a moment. Still feeling the tingling sensation of a kiss on her forehead, the scent of a man lingering in the hallway. She smiles to herself, then turns to the kitchen to clean up the table.

    Life on Rubi-Ka isn't all bad...

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    "Access granted."

    The words blinked three times then vanished.
    "Welcome, Captain Rhees."
    The welcome message faded, replaced by the familiar interface of the Omni-Pol Files Database. Angelena entered a quick sequence of commands and brought up the file of Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano.
    "Okay, here we go.", Lena muttered.

    The officer proceeded to update the file of the clanner who teased Omni-Pol. Gilliano took lives of people who had nothing to do with her anger when she discovered that Omni-Pol had files about her.
    "If all Clanners are this lousy about aiming the attacks at the right target, we're gonna have some serious collaterals... But then again, it also means that the real targets are rather safe, right?"
    The thought brought a small grin as she was updating the clanner's file.

    After the last update, Angelena reviewed the file. Ciyanid's picture was tagged with the "detained" mark, a bold red bar across the clanner's picture. All six warrants were closed. The outcome of the trial and detention were marked on the file. With a small nod to herself, she closed the file and transferred the investigations paperwork in the "Closed Cases" and exited the database.

    She leaned back in her executive chair and let her gaze wander on the large office. Her office. A little smirk floated on her lips.
    "Yup, you got yourself a desk job, trooper..."
    The Data & Logistics division was created at the same time than the Patrols & Investigations division, when Shadyn Lario and herself received their Captain promotion, shortly followed by the move in the new facilities in Omni-Trade. The new offices had all they had been wanting for a long time, and more.

    Things were settling in place. With proper equipment for the staff, things should now get a lot smoother, even though they did go rather well, save for a few bumps. Nothing major, on the long run.

    The hunt could continue.
    Angelena "Oozi" Rhees
    Detective Sergeant, Department of Investigations

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    The nightsky takes over the world and somewhere in the distance, a wolf is crying after a lost partner. The howl quietly echoes in the room, and as it fades, only silence remains. The white walls of the room are shouting at the person in the room, shouting at her to claw them, to dirt them.
    Through the only window, the three moons cast their pure and cold light in the room. Still, in the darkest corner of the small and so white room, a young woman is sitting on a bed, if you could call it such. More like it is a table with few rags on it. The woman, now hugging her knees, is crying.
    Tears falling down her soft and pale cheeks, and after reaching her chin, the tears drop on her knees.

    ...Why did this happen...

    ...Why did it turn out like this...


    She slowly runs her fingers through her bright red and slightly curly hair. As she does so, the sleeve of her jumpsuit slides down, showing bruises and marks of violence.
    What has She done? Did She deserve to be bruised up that badly?
    Slowly the woman moves her hand right at her face and looks at her fingers. No, She is not looking at her fingers. She frowns and the glance suddenly changes into a glare. She rests the hand on her knees, and looks up at the window. From somewhere, the light reaches her eyes, making her already bright green eyes almost shine. Narrowing her eyes, she sighs, and closes them.

    ...I want to feel the cold autumn wind once again...

    ...I want to run free again....


    She leans her chin to her knees and opens her eyes again.

    ...Never again...

    She takes a deep breath and hides her face behind her knees.

    ...Never again...

    ...Am i going to see my loved ones, feel the warmth of a person, feel the wind against my skin...

    ...Never again...

    With a shaking voice she whispers these things, alone in her cold cell, not knowing where she was, nor what was going to happen to her.
    Slowly she stands up and leans her back to the cold cell wall. For a moment, as the moons hide before the clouds, there is a absolute silence. When the moonlight reaches the cell again, there is no woman anymore. Now, there is a wolf sitting under the window. The wolf looks up, letting the moonlight blind it's green eyes. A strong howl breaks the silence. No, not a howl.

    ...Hear my cry! Hear my pain! Hear me!...

    ...Enjoy the freedom you have, my friends! Enjoy the warmth of your loved ones! Enjoy the gift of life and love you have recieved! Enjoy it and keep it dear!...

    The howl fades out slowly in to the night, as the wolf falls down on the floor, exhausted and tired.

    ..I've thrown my share away...

    It whines quietly as it falls asleep on the cold floor.

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    Once again, she could feel the spring rain on her face, for once again she could touch the grass with her bare hands. It felt wonderful. The feeling of someone's lips against her's made her heart race again, like it had never before.
    ”Did i already forget how this all felt.. Could i have forgotten this wonderful feeling..”
    She sighs as the person next to her wraps his arms around her and holds her tight.
    ”...Freedom...” Julia closes her eyes and smiles. Yes, it had been long time since she really was free.
    All of sudden, the person holding her lets her go and walks away. Julia gasps and tries to run after the man, but for nothing. She loses her balance and falls on to the ground. The man walks too fast away from her.
    ”No!! Dont go! I - I dont want to be alone again! I - !!” Julia screams. Tears flow down her cheeks as her arms give up. There she is, sobbing and screaming like a little girl who lost her teddybear.
    ”I am sorry! I – I dont know what went into me! I promise, i was wrong and it will never happen again - ! Just dont leave me~!
    With her last powers she stumbles up. Again, someone appears behind her, and takes her hand.
    ”I knew ya'd come back! I kne - !” She turns around, but finds no one there.

    Somewhere else, a guard wearing black armour and a doctor with a light blue coat look through a mirrorglass and nod to each other.

    ”She will be ready to be moved after two weeks and two days. On.. 30th day is it?” The doctor taps few times on a holopad and nods. ”Yes, indeed, 30th day.”

    The guard nods and salutes. ”I shall pass this message forth! Have a nice day Doctor!”

    ”This little girl shall learn the hardest way, that it is wrong to prick with Omni Tek.”
    The Doctor shakes his head slowly and shuts down the lights in the small cell he's glancing into. He turns to look at another person in same clothing and nods at her.
    ”Double the doze of 255 and 325. The girl will be moved on 30th of this month. Make it haste! We do not want her to remember a thing of this all! She will be a new person...”
    He turns to face the window and walks up to it. In the room, a small, young woman is screaming, crying and tied up to the bed.
    ”...And she will not murder any more of us good people, if it is up to me!”

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    -Confidential memo-

    To: Yutto Management

    Subject: Project Clean Planet

    Dear sirs. We are please to inform you that all material from location PW002 have been teleported to the priory agreed location to be traded as test material.
    We will inform you when the trade has been made. Till so far all authorities are unaware of our actions, and we'll have the location PW002 squeeky clean in a matter of days.


    Bolleboos. RUR security.
    --Victor "Eeod" Linear. R.U.R. Engineer --
    Hath not a machine gears?
    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    One mans trash...

    A dark figure let out a long breath as he pulled his hands out of the shattered ruin of another trash collector.

    "Perimeter?" asked class 3 engineer, call sign - Mealwyrm.

    "NO TARGETS LOCATED” replied the hulk of machinery standing nearby.

    Mealwyrm stood and looked around. He'd spent 2 days on this wild chirop chase, looking for "su****ious technology" for some whack job in Lush Fields.

    "That guy probably over stimmed himself and burnt up his 'plants" he muttered to himself as he started walking away. "Ok, Rusty lets find another one."

    After all, a deal is a deal and he might actually get something useful out of this.

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