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Thread: Sci-fi on TV

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    Sci-fi on TV

    Aside from Dr. Who and those hokey shows on the sci-fi channel (the only decent one, SG:U, got cancelled) what else is there? Reruns?
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    Farscape. Should be watched once every other year. Roughly. One day, when I've made my fortune, I'll get that show back on the air. I'll even release Claudia Black from my basement -where I put her after I got the money to hire a squad of ninjas to carry out the kidnapping- so she can reprise her role. I might also hire pirates. Haven't decided yet.

    I found SG:U a bit crap, actually. Still annoying to see it cancelled, though. Seems to happen to 90%* of the sci-series these days

    *I totally made that up.
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    SG:U was the only good show on that channel imho.
    shame it got canceled
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    I'm actually enjoying "Being Human" atm. Hopefully they don't eff it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyphos View Post
    SG:U was the only good show on that channel imho.
    shame it got canceled
    Not hard to be the only good thing. All they've got left is 15 shows about wannabe ghost busters and wrestling.
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    The "V" remake is quite decent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delsabre View Post
    The "V" remake is quite decent.
    Found it a bit iffy, really. All the religion and faith nonsense is really getting annoying.

    A technologically vastly superior race of spacelizards is directing all their efforts towards... trying to figure out a way to defeat the human soul, simply because a bunch of religious folk can't shut up about how it is the seat of human emotion...?
    Seriously, guys? You found a way to travel across the galaxy to distant planets, have all this other kick-ass technology, but the second someone says 'Yeah, you know, human emotion? That's a soul baby! And science is like, too stupid to tell you anything about it!' they .. buy into it?

    Same goes for prayer. Seriously? The alien lizard gets on his knees and prays to the Yahweh because.. a priests suggests it might help? How often does it happen that anthropologists get convinced the scary volcano monster the tribe he's studying believes in actually exists? I'm pretty sure any aliens will be likely unimpressed with our ancient mythology.

    Unless they used to work for Xenu. Man, we'd be screwed

    'V' wasn't too bad at the start, but now it just spun off into a really odd direction.

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    I personally like Warehouse 13. Its not the most scifi thing out there, but its a start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delsabre View Post
    The "V" remake is quite decent.
    Except that the acting is overdone. The histrionics and plot loopholes are pretty horrific.
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    SG:U got cancled? That sux. I dont watch TV, so used to catch it on hulu, ect. that explains where it went.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crattey View Post
    Found it a bit iffy, really. All the religion and faith nonsense is really getting annoying.
    That nonsense netted a few billion gullible humans, why not a couple aliens too!

    I was watching Caprica last year out of boredom, although it seemed like the plot never moved along until after it got cancelled and then they rushed out the last 5 episodes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunfytr View Post
    SG:U got cancled? That sux. I dont watch TV, so used to catch it on hulu, ect. that explains where it went.
    Above and beyond
    Space 1999
    UFO(who remembers this one?)

    Its enuff to break ur heart.
    The last 10 episodes of SG:U will air during the spring, but then it's over. But yeah, all the shows you've listed I've seen which returns back to the original topic. The only good sci-fi on TV happened years ago =/
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    "Fringe" is surprisingly good.
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    V is just... Meh... The best thing about it is probably that Elizabeth Mitchell is in it (Morena Baccarin with the short hair so doesn't count )... I was surprised back then that it was renewed for a second season. Won't get a third one for sure.

    The Event... Not enough SF in it, IMO. Sure, there are the "aliens", but apart from the 3 "events" they created so far and their background, it's more about obscure multi-layered human conspiracies than what the aliens themselves (want to) do. I'm sure it'll be cancelled (if it isn't already).

    Fringe.. I just can't take it seriously as SF, with all the BS they are trying to sell as the "sci" part.

    What I look forward to is Outcasts, Falling Skies and Terra Nova.

    Don't know much about Outcasts (yet), but it might be the closest thing to a "hardcore" SF show. Falling Skies will be more about the usual "evil aliens invade us and we fight back" cliche, so lots of action and hopefully some good drama against an SF background.
    I'm not really sold on the "let's go back to dinosaur age" idea of Terra Nova, but who knows, it might still be good, but I'd expect it to be more of a drama with an unusual setting than an a "classic" SF show.

    Oh, look up The Deep if you want. It's nothing major, but I found it being a decent miniseries worth the 5 or so hours, both in story and presentation, with a somewhat dark overall mood and a suprisingly "unhappy end" compared to the average TV shows.
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    /me is sitting in the front porch, in a rocking chair, with a cane in one hand.
    "Remember back in the good 'ol days when MTV only played music videos, or when Sci-Fi only had science fiction shows & knew how to spell their own name? Get off my lawn you meddling kids!"

    Back on topic, there's not a lot of good sci-fi or sci-fi/fantasy to choose from on TV, but over the past year, our family watched Chuck, The Cape, No Ordinary Family, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Sanctuary, Dr. Who & Smallville. My wife & I also watched Supernatural, V & Torchwood. Of course there's Big Bang Theory, but that's more about exaggerated stereotypical sci-fi fans than actual sci-fi. SG:U & Caprica each seemed more like a bad soap opera, with something from a known intellectual property tossed in occasionally, than a true sci-fi show. We're looking forward to the return of Primeval & Being Human (BBC version, I fell asleep trying to watch the US version).

    Unfortunately, most of the shows I just mentioned are not 'must see' TV. They're more 'if nothing else is going on, let's watch' TV. If we miss an episode, we just find it streaming online somewhere & watch it later. We have our TV mounted high enough on the wall so that most of the time those shows are on at least one of us is also kicked back in a recliner & playing AO on our laptops with the TV viewable above our laptop screen.
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    I'm surprised that people are actually sad to see SG-U go... the show was terrible. It was dark, had a permanent ominous feel to it & had next to no comic relief. There was never a break from the "we're going to die" every 5 minutes. If the show wanted success they should have taken notes from Stargate and Stargate: Atlantis. At least those two had Jack O'neil and Rodney Mackay...

    Eureka is worth a watch since the writers found a plot line that could extend more than one episode, V and Fringe are all pretty good even though some of the things in V just make you want to beat your head off the TV... Used to watch Smallville but the plotline always seemed to progress too slowly for my tastes. Honestly, I hardly watch TV anymore since Netflix became available in Canada
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    They need to start up Firefly again

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    Tbh I don't feel sorry for canceling SG: U. The show itself isn't entirely bad but it simply lacks the spirit of two previous series, its humor and the characters are mostly boring (except for Dr. Rush, Sgt. Greer). And I don't like the whole good/bad realationship thing. That's just not Stargate.

    WTB SG-1/SGA back

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    SGU had way too much person drama and charecters weren't interesting enough. Bad combination. Producers tried to make stargate for masses and failed hard.
    Shame that it got cancelled just after it started getting interesting and worth watching in last few episodes.

    Fringe is on fox's famous friday death slot now, i doubt it survives for long. We all have seen how much FOX hates scifi.

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