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Thread: Friday with Means - December 4th, 2008

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    Friday with Means - December 4th, 2008

    My wife is in the Oslo emergency room (not life threatening). I'll do this update the second I get a chance. It might not be soon.


    Colin "Means" Cragg
    Colin Cragg
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    ahem..SATURDAY with Means - December 6th, 2008

    Friday with Means - Saturday December 6th, 2008

    I was pleased to experience a "healthy" week! I felt great. No vertigo, no flu, no unexplained discomfort of any kind. Now if I can get my wife and children healthy again we'll be in good shape! Thank you all for your good wishes. This is beginning to feel like some kind of ridiculous soap opera.

    Our build engineer has finished wrestling with the first major patch of the booster...118 Megs of juicy new graphic assets (two new huge complete playfields - Alien and Dust Brigade areas.) and the first iterations of the new Fear and Knockback nanos for the OFAB vendors. The new playfields will be accessible by speaking with an NPC in ICC that should have been spawned last the minute my client finishes patching I will put it there myself.

    OFAB PVP Nanos:

    First the bad news:
    Engineer PVP Mines missed the deadline and should be in the next version for TestLive (Next week). I remember now why these did not end up included in Lost Eden..getting them to work properly (and in a manner that will be usefull) is requiring a great deal of patience. The Enforcer Fear nano "You Are Next" will also upload correctly in the next build. Put those voodoo dolls away...I'm working on it!

    Good News:
    Martial Artist, Fixer, Trader, Bureaucrat, Enforcer, Doctor, Nanotechnician, and Keeper will soon be available for evaluation on TestLive. All of these new nanos will be usable by Agents in the appropriate False Profession. Decisions are in process for extension of nanos castable in false profession (based on player feedback in the agent forums.).

    I look forward to seeing the traditional "Can has DB-rip thread?". These are not the "ultimate final" versions of these nanos and will likely be adjusted (based on sane, rational and open dialogue with the community) before they hit live. This is a starting point. I am certain the discussion will be passionate and thrilling. I will advise Famine to wear his Haz-Mat asbestos suit to work. Note: Calling me an "incompetant ass-monkey", while admitedly is extremely amusing, does nothing to quantify what exactly, if anything, you would like to see changed in your/someone else's nanos. Let's work this out together to make sure it doesn't bother us for years to come.

    The Booster:

    The first versions of the two main content playfields should be accessible through an NPC at ICC this weekend. This should be a good start to sinking our teeth in to balancing and adjusting this playfield accordingly. I am excited to see how the new solo content plays. Transfer to test is currently broken due to differences in the character database between live and test...we are going to have to do some "nano-magic" to get this to work during the next week.

    The Engine:

    The engine being implemented is Ogre 1.6. At the beginning of this week it was Ogre 1.4. Moving up to the newest version of this engine has broken a few things (textures, Antialiasing etc.) but the guys are working really hard on it. As promised here are two new screenshots of the engine. Do not ask about the framerate yet.

    Looking forward to the feedback on the playfields and Nanos!

    Colin "Means" Cragg
    Colin Cragg
    This "Means" Cake
    Past Game Director (2008-2011)

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    Wow! Thanks for the pictures Means!

    The new engine looks great with AO! I think there would be a new feeling when you entering OA or Tir. Whats about two screens of an omni city? :P

    Greetings and best wishes,

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    Screenshots look good. I do see a flaw in the Tir screenshot tho...

    Aside from that looking forward to the booster pre-order/release
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    Nah, the general perception of Adventurers in AO is that we're a DD profession with fur.
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    Mind elaborating a bit about your statement from Nov 21st ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    If anything life will become easier for melee classes in the near future.
    p.s. The Field of View (FOV) looks really weird in those pics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlain View Post
    yea...the best way to fix messed up game mechanics is by giving up item slots for new 'bug fix items' I said before, next we'll get the Staff of Pet Pathing and perhaps an Anti-LD Ring and how about some pants that make it so I don't get forced to autoface my opponent after casting a nano when I'm trying to run away...Combined Developer's Wear of Autoface Resistance, and maybe some new symbs with broken quest resistance, oh, and how could I forget the upgrade to the scuba gear that adds Rubberbanding Resistance...

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    Hey Means

    Glad you've been ok this week, I hope your wife & kids are feeling better soon too

    The booster content sounds great I'm really looking forward to exploring the new PFs with my friends when they hit live ^.^

    When char transfer is up & running I'll probably be in the BS testing fear & knockbacks too
    (My first visit to test was at LE launch. I was lucky enough to meet Sil there, he was playing an atrox fixer in full ofab which he kept on making about 10cm tall He was kind enough to buff me touch of marius & team me so I could explore an LE mish... A very cool evening )

    Are we still looking at a Christmas launch for 18.0 btw? (Please, pleease... I have lots of days holiday left & I've gotta take it all before the end of the year )

    Lots of stuff going on in ICC these days, any chance of some snack vending machines & portable toilet cubicles? Lol there's not many amenities there

    Those screenies look fab! I love the shine of light refelcting off the OA's paving slabs Lol, Ogre 1.6, nice name ... I'm going to be so glad when we get rid of Drunk Pixie 1.0!

    Really great job FC, thank you! <3


    A minor nit-pick on the Tir screenie (sorry if you were already aware of the issue &/or it's related to the v1.4->1.6 change you mentioned)... There doesn't seem to be shadow for the billoard & lamppost in the foreground. I think that light creamey beige texture doesn't have any shadow/reflection on it at all. It's truncated the shadow from the bridge on the right where the floor changes from one texture to another. Meh sorry But apart from that it really does look awesome, once again thank you!
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    oooh, the tir screenie made me log in and travel to Tir once again, I was bit dissapointed tho... as the old Tir is so cold and chilly :P
    I really do look forward to the new engine!

    on a side note, I would like to donate a sun bobble to Tir city, so it can be pretty at all times!
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    Nice to see that the next patch is getting tested.

    I hope your wife is getting better.

    Two questions:

    - Could you give more details about the new pvp events you intend to add later? Will it be new BS layouts, other playfields like a working "Will to Fight", or tournaments organized by Funcom? I would also like to see some incentives to make people more interested in pvp and duels. Maybe rewards for the pvp titles?

    - What about the new symbiants and spirits? Are they still planned for the next patch? That's actually what I am looking forward to see in the DB rip.
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    *Ahem* did you guys actually spend some time reading feedback from Engineer forum regarding new mines?

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    Obviously Lance(my dog) ruined the v00d00 doll I had previously built for j00. No worries! After communing with Madam Laveau, all is well and you should be feeling the effects of the new one right about...*NOW*. (I shall however remove one pin for the screenies of new engine ) Next week as I am one really cruel bastard I shall make a doll of your ittle dawggy!! I dont want to...but I WILL.

    Dont make me do this! It can all end! Geif Advy lub or suffer the consequences Means!
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    Yes. I'm a total idiot. Please don't quote that last sentence out of context
    Well Duh lol.

    I have chronic dyslexia of the keyboard..


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    Means is an incompetent ass-monkey.
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    Edit: Hrm.. I got nothin'. Patchin' testlive. I hope to be in a position to call you names within the hour, after my knee is all charged up and ready to jerk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrys View Post
    Means is an incompetent ass-monkey.
    Here I thought that I was the only one with the odd urge to say that just for giggles.

    As always, Frida.... I mean Saturday with Means is full of info and some nice screenies this time. Just a question on the Graphics Update, any info about the system requirements? I've been a bit lazy with keeping my computer up to date, and would like to know if I'll still be able to run it on this computer or if I need to finally do that long over-do overhaul on my system?
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    Thank you for the great update and hope the loved ones are better soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    Let's work this out together to make sure it doesn't bother us for years to come.
    I sure like this philosophy better than the old working as intended.
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    Good job keep it up.

    The skies look great, not like the sludge we have up there at the moment.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    Decisions are in process for extension of nanos castable in false profession (based on player feedback in the agent forums.).
    Wow, you almost made me cry..
    This is so fantastic!

    I had given up on leveling my agent, sticking it to level 170, as there were no incentive for going higher, as I can Mimic all the nanoes we have access to at that level, and post 170 only offers a very badly scaled damage boost nano, and the newly introduced end-game True profession.

    I am very glad to hear, that agents now will get something new to play with at levels 170 - 220, because my current cost-benifit evaluation for leveling past 170 very clearly showed that it was not worth it, since the only thing hew to agents past level 170 is IP -> stat increases, while other professions get new and better nano-tools.

    Means, if you have the time, please have a look at this old agent thread, from when Sill loosely said ~Agents will get no improvement~. It is a take/debate on where we(the agents) would like to go.

    Where are we going? (thread mentioned above)

    Thank you for listening to the community, that is one of the reasons we scencerely wish you and your family good health. You seem to be a good manager.

    Kind regards

    PS. could you post/disclose the statistics Sill refered to? it is hard to argument or explain when we do not have all the data. My take on the stats is that everyone but the hardcore has given up on Agents and that is why Agents are/were "statistically the best performing PVP profession", but that is just speculations, as I do not have the data.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Means View Post
    F Let's work this out together to make sure it doesn't bother us for years to come.
    Not to be calling you an incompetent ass-monkey or anything, but this seems to be exactly what's going on now..

    Most crats I've spoken to so far don't want the fears. We have a perfectly solid CC toolset already, apart from the fact it's also perfectly broken. And has been for years... And has already bothered us for years. Along with a heap of other stuff, that your predecessor promised to look into before he conveniently left for AoC.

    The things that have been bothering a lot of people for years was never the lack of fears and knockbacks, I can assure you.

    Most of us also can't, for the love of god, figure out why you guys chose to leave current content broken, and just move on to adding new toys instead.

    The same goes for all the new knockback and fear nanos.. isn't PvP already imbalanced enough? Wouldn't it be a more sound choice to try and smooth things out a bit and resolve current issues, rather than adding more potential imbalances? (which will no doubt cause massive whinefest and much more harrasment through voodoo, nasty phone calls and poo-wrapped-in-newspapers-and-set-on-fire on your doorstep, since you were kind enough to give out your adress.)
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    Another very nice "day" with means

    Really looking forward to the test updates!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crattey View Post
    Along with a heap of other stuff, that your predecessor promised to look into before he conveniently left for AoC.
    It boggles the mind that you think Sil ran off to AoC in order to avoid your whining.

    As for the new engine, if Means could post a picture of the waterfalls in Adonis looking all sparkly and awesome I'd love him forever.
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    First of all, good to hear you are well and hope your family get home healthy in time for x-mas.

    I was surprised that you were using ogre as engine for AO. I hope u didn't plunder there and leak some highly confidential info there =) Next you might even tell us that you will change to darkstar for the client-server network or something.

    When i heard that Tabula Rasa was shut down, and the shrinking numbers of peep I see in AO made me worry about AO's future a bit. Are all those free 30 days accounts only so you can get the advertisement revenues? I was wondering if there aren't some easier methods to get new customers into the game instead of "fear and knockback" or "mines for engis". Something like a working market system or items transfer.

    Ah I guess we will just have to see an wait if you manage to harvest the new engine or not starting next year.

    As always keep up the good work and some banana-cookies for the monkey team

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