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Thread: Int/Psy twinking items

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    Int/Psy twinking items

    I am a 162 nanomage doctor and I have been limping along with froob armor (nano and biomech mixed) up until now but I am starting the get the kind of money where I can afford some of the cheaper Merlin parts. I did some calculating and I am struggling with getting the required 750 Int/Psy

    Letting you know in advance: this is my first toon and my org does not have a city or towers so I don't get any benefits there. I am also not filthy rich, as you can probably imagine.

    Let's say I level more to hit the 512/512 title level cap. By the way, will I not hit this cap until I am in TL6?

    Here's what I would have:

    -512 Intelligence
    512 Psychic
    (Both unbuffed and maxed)

    +12 from expertises
    +40 from OET Jess pistols X 2
    +20 from Neuronal Stimulator
    +20 from Genius 1 and 2 perks

    What I plan to buy / camp:

    +10 from ql 100 Ring of Computing X 2
    +30 from Virral Triumvirate Egg X 2
    +30 from Shades of Lucubration
    -QL 200 implants can give 88 to one and 55 to another.
    -Maybe another 15 to each from Kirch Kevlar, Nova Dillon, and Sekutek Chilled Plasteel.

    The end result (approximately):
    742 Int and 769 Psy
    742 Psy and 769 Int

    What else can I get? Please bear in mind my money situation. I would like to make reperking a last resort but I would rather do that than try to raise hundreds of millions of credits for the items I would need, especially since I am trying to help my org afford a city.

    Is reperking the answer, or am I just missing something important?
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    Get yourself some Rings of Computing and make sure you have Genius 1/2 perked.

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    Ahh cool I forgot I also had that perked. I'll edit the original post. Thank you!

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    My calculations now add up to more than enough in one and approximately 8 short on the other (give or take 10-ish)

    Any more cool things I can get my hands on?

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    Improved Cut Red Tape on crats adds 3 Int/Psy.

    OET Maharanee adds +30 Int (QL 200 Jess)

    I think you ability cap Int/Psychic in the 170s.

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    I believe the Maharanee pistols are +25 but the reqs are much higher so one of those with a Jess will give you +45.

    You could also perk Enhanced DNA for another +4 per perk.

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    You can try Cure of baldness

    for + 10 psychic

    Excelant and very usefull item, you can wear it allways and not only as buff item

    and / or
    Arms of the servants of 8 ql ~180

    for +9 psychic

    Hope u will have better luck than me with rings of computing. Have not find anyone untill now and i have killed at least 20 catacomb mini bosses.

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    Vektor ND LIZARD Shotguns add 15 Psychic... I think.
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    Thanks everyone! I think I've got more than enough, now.

    Your advice is appreciated.

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    using suport symbiants, if you can afford them, will allow you to implant both int and psy at once in ear and head

    plus, the symbs are good things to have in general

    ql180 or 200 ear and I think ql190 head are the ones to go for
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    That's it!

    Using those symbs I can get 68 or 71 to both equally. Then I can still get 33 to both from ql 200 imps in eye and chest.

    My calculations add up to 760+ without even needing to use Kirch Kevlar, Nova Dillon, etc.

    Now I just need to go bang out a few more levels to get my agility and sense up so I can use those symbs.

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    Check the link to my MP's setup in my signature. She is Solitus and has 780+ INT/PSY as part of her standard setup. The fact that she's an MP and has access to the Odin's Missing Eye buff (+40 INT/PSY) is easily offset by you being nanomage and having access to e.g. Shades of Lucubration.

    Getting the Rings of Computing for TL5 is a major undertaking though. It took me 2 days of straight camping the Scheol Catacombs on my advy to obtain the best qls that can be worn at TL5. But I'm pretty sure you can get away with some +10ish rings since you have the nanomage advantage.

    All in all, it should be a piece of cake to get 750 INT/PSY on your nanomage, provided you have the credits and/or the time to get ahold of the main buffing items.

    WoW ftw.

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    I'm glad to know that I don't have to go after those rings of computing. Camping that long is not worth it for me. I got the ql190 head symbiant. Now I just need the shades and ql200 ear symb and I will have 767 int/psy.

    Time to blitz more team missions!

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