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Thread: The official Enforcer sticky thread

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    The official Enforcer sticky thread


    {Edit by Akarah: Please note, this thread is very old. A lot of the information in it is outdated or flat-out wrong. This thread will, however, remain "rooted" for sentimental/nostalgic reasons. If you seek information about the Enforcer profession, i recommend this thread.}
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    Arrow Semi-official Enforcer FAQ

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    What about a wishlist for Enforcer.

    I will start with:

    - New weapons, especially 2HB
    - Remove penalties from tank armor
    - Increase our tanking capability (Soldiers TMS is much better then any Enforcer)

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    I would say read the forum.
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    Good, thanks Cosmik, we thought we'd scared you off

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    gratz enforcers!
    now you've got it, what are you going to put in it?

    hey cos, it just goes to show that you do read the boards and are in touch with the common gamer
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    I think you know the answer to that one ReelBigFish...

    We've got our sticky thread, Gummi has posted links to all the important stuff at the beginning of it, now I guess we'll just spam hell out of it to see who can keep their name at the top.

    My money is on Gummi, with Yazule a close second.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks Cosmik, it was sorely needed.

    Really great post Gummi!
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    hahahahaha, hehe. Man, who knew funcom employies could actually have a sense of humor . And thanks for all the links Gummi, those are a great help .

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    Red face eheheh

    lol .... enforcers .... ,)

    but dang, to be honest i'm impressed by this thread (all the links and stuff) .....

    arg, almost gettin jealous a bit ehehehe ,)
    tradeskillz ?

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    nice how we manage (well Gummi manages, but we will all take credit for it because it is good work and we wanna be recognized) to get a load of useful information in the sticky thread, and yet we still manage to give it the enforcer seal of approval with all of our unique, though unrelated, replies.

    Like, we're not as organized as some forums, but we get all the good info in, and still have time for crumpets and tea....err....tacos and beer as the case may be.


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    How dare you make such a comprehensive and helpful post!
    You are giving away our secret!

    Peepul iz knot gunna thinck wee ams dum no mor.
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    Umm.. fixes

    i would like more weapons than just a beam and hammer. Something ENF only not just ATROX. or maybe a fire or radiation type of damage beam that only ENF's can use.

    It seems like MPS are just like ENF except they got 3 pets, and can cast hostile nanos. Give the ENF something "unique" to them as in damage.

    Also fix the bug about "rage" not breaking roots when u have an absorbtion shield on. or was this intended.

    - id like to see us have something "new" too. We have been the same ol' boring hammer/beam/(sometimes)1hb dueling tankers. We haven't had much "new" stuff. Maybe our own special type of tank armor that doesn't give negatives, or once again new weapons that give out different types of damage ie/ radiation,fire,chemical

    Breaku 72 apprentice ENF

    heh.. i know that the ENF threads are all humorous and such, but i think we should try to keep things more serious on this thread. Considering that its sticky, and that cosmik/cz will probably be reading this one the most out of anything else.

    Otherwise they are never gonna add anything to our profession, and we will remain untouched while every other class dominates slowly (ie/ mps and engineers are)

    But I like the comedy

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    oh another thing...

    i wish that u could allow us... maybe not just the ENF profession but almost give this option to everyone (maybe go along with the ip reset), a chance to change my size ie/ hieght. Im Soo dam big in missions. my head is constantly going walls and i can barely see the puny mobs. I thought when i created a enf that beign taller would help my hp. Silly me.

    Is this something that could be possible. Missions are complicated enough with mobs teleporting. I just wish i could choose teh smallest size possible enf. I don't feel like re-rolling. Too much time waisted already. i have 6 characters. i don't want to start a 7th.

    Please a reply on this would be greatly appreciated.

    p.s. Bracers of shrinking flesh don't help either, once u cast essence, mongo, and challenger. YOur still dam huge. I need to be SMAll Small small

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    Originally posted by Obitus
    How dare you make such a comprehensive and helpful post!
    You are giving away our secret!
    Well I was kinda hoping a donut.
    And some links go to p0rn site too.
    "Donner à des millions une connaissance de l'anglais, c'est les rendre esclaves". (Hind Swarâj, ch. 18)

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    I feel an urge to post in the sticky thread, and since post counts a goal I figure its allright.

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    Hmm, was that necessary?
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    bugs - more

    RAGE is supposed to break/cancel/destroy all hostile nanos that u currently have on.

    It only breaks roots.

    i've listed a few points. Any moderators have any answers?

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    i thought this board was unmoderated.


    i've broken down and will put links here to the constantly asked questions.

    I'm too lazy to scroll down a few threads to read the other conversations about nanomage enfs:

    Nenomage enf advice
    THE REAL post about Nano v.s. Atrox Thread
    Nanomage vs Atrox
    Nano Breed Enf Help..
    2hb not green
    i 'read' the sticky but didn't make it down to this thread as asked about nano enfs again: [used to be something here]
    ramblings of a 200 nano Enf: Tips on a nanomage enf?

    i know i could do a search but i'd rather have you tell me what the heck FOB is:

    on jayde's DB FOB
    on auno's DB FOB

    LOL just used FoB for the first time!
    Fluury of Blows and Agg Enhancer question
    Atrox 2HB & FoB ? IP cost / Advantages
    exlanation embedded in Nerfing of the QB Some questions

    enfs are supposed to be tanks you say?

    Lot of questions...
    Is tanking possible after lvl 100 ?
    A fledgling guide to Teaming
    Makin mobs hate us
    Just some noob enforcer questions...
    ack, here is one fix that needs to be adressed
    Any suggestions on how to tank uber bosses?
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