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Thread: OVERVIEW: The Hacking Storyline Thus Far

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    OVERVIEW: The Hacking Storyline Thus Far

    I've been told that some sort of brief overview of the current and ongoing hacking storyline would be helpful to some other people than just myself, so I put one together and I'll keep updating this post as new things happen.

    Missing from this overview is most private chats and email correspondences taking place unless critical to the story and advancing it. This is just meant to give some sort of idea of the broader strokes!

    If I've forgot something important on here, please let me know and I'll try to amend it.

    The Hacking Storyline Thus Far:

    YEAR 29491

    * Previous CoT gridsite is hacked
    * Council clerk Zagadka sets up a more secure one
    Much information is lost and is suspected to be compromised

    * The matter is brought before the CoT at the standard meeting
    There is not much to go on. Omni-Pol not offering any explanation.
    The Dust Brigade is mentioned as a potential organisation to blame.
    * Some logs can be replaced by emergency audio logs from Kittiefixie

    * Kittiefixie reaches out to someone she knows within OT, Grahamatic, who promises to try to help find out what is going on.
    * Standard CoT meeting, with improved building security

    * Standard CoT meeting, attended by Commander Silverstone and Knight Solis
    The question was raised of whether or not an OT informant would be welcome at the CoT meeting for information exchange and if their safety could be guaranteed.
    The answer was no.
    * A meeting with one of the OT informants was planned to take place on neutral ground instead.
    * Meeting in Newland is held. OT informant Gumiho shares information with CoT member Kittiefixie. Attending is also Minister Chan of Newland.
    It is shared that OT has been hit by the hackers too, but won't talk about it.
    The hackers have used infected grid TV terminals on at least Sunrise space station for the processing power and distribution, and is able to use relays located in the shadowlands.
    * Meeting is held between OT Gumiho and OT Grahamatic
    A plan is made that Grahamatic will attempt to infiltrate the Sunrise space station in order to gain access to one of the infected terminals.

    * The meeting on neutral ground with one of the OT informants is held.
    The informant never shows up. No contact can be established.
    * Some information can still be shared with the CoT via proxy: That OT gridsites have been hit too but won't talk of it is amongst the most important.

    * A well attended CoT meeting, first one in a while where the minutes were not just partially redacted but entirely missing due to safety concerns.
    * Commander Silverstone is attending again, as is Knight Solis, a member of the Eco Warriors, Mr Jacobi, and a Mr Kahn
    * Contact is made by CoT member Kittiefixie with a group of known hackers based on a lead gotten after the CoT meeting.
    * Grahamatic still missing. Missing person posters are put up in an attempt to find him.

    * * *

    I hope this is of use to someone!
    Be safe out there!
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