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Thread: New Graphics Engine NOW available on Testlive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkwest21 View Post
    You don't need to do the duplicator just run the installer from the forum post install to a different directory run and patch and play Done that's all i did
    Yes, it worked perfectly now, didn't need duplicator

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    Quote Originally Posted by irontusk View Post
    Yes, it worked perfectly now, didn't need duplicator
    Glad to know that! Yeah, I meant to use the installer provided by Michi rather than the old duplicator. They do work quite differently.

    Enjoy and see ya there!
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    Part two of checking out the new engine on TESTLIVE, visiting a few other areas.
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    got it working
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    Can anyone points me in the direction of a post which states the minimum req for the New enginen?

    Or if anyone know if I still can use my second laptop with intell graphics 4000 (
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    Nothing posted but you can use AoC as a baseline (since same core engine now) and assume a bit lower requirements perhaps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackScholes View Post
    Are all textures done already? I feel that like 50% have to be redone yet :/
    Some places already look really good tho, can't wait so see it hit live .

    It is highly appreciated, that you guys are doing something about the game.
    Since the new patch, the population has grown (its even hard to get a spot on bs from time to time.. ) and i really hope that those (effective) efforts will help you guys to turn it around.
    Keep up the good work!
    The textures are a seperate thing from the engine, they never said they were replacing all the textures. Best we can hope for is that FC starts trickling in new textures after the launch, and I expect that any work in that area will depend hugely on the population increasing to some degree.
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    Dx9 brings Sweetfx and steam compatibility... those two things alone are major. New textures for Hecklers and other mobs would be nice though.

    I'm loving the new lighting.
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    someone finally open the chest in COH! and Whamo the new graphics engine! all these years it was just sitting in there tho whole time
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    I love it. Resubbed my account to take a peek and it was worth it and im keeping my subscription going. It really feels to me as some of the magic i felt 13 years ago is back. Offcourse it still looks dated but no way around that. Good job guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackScholes View Post
    Are all textures done already? I feel that like 50% have to be redone yet :/
    Some places already look really good tho, can't wait so see it hit live .
    As far as I know, no new textures or updated models are included in the current engine test. It's all the same stuff as on Live.

    I wonder if we'll ever see the updated characters, buildings and textures we saw a few years back make their way here. But hey, it's on Test now so maybe they can start throwing more of this in there.
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    Must admit I was disappointed to see that character & building textures that Masta mentioned weren't included, but with the amount of work being addressed by Michi, I feel confident we may see some of this stuff sooner rather than later!

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    Except ICC most zones run great for me, I personally think it looks amazing. Logging onto live server is such a lowdown now. Now I just need a new cpu and memory *sigh*
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    Second attempt, nothing but instant crashes. I will mess with this at some other time.

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    Looks good for me. So far I had no crashes and the game runs smoothly.

    New ICC took some seconds to load all assets (mostly the buildings) when entered the first time / after a while.
    I also noticed some of the mentioned glitches, but nothing game-breaking.

    Good to go :P
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    I'll give this a try :-)

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    Some Chinese company did head textures at one point. They do exist somewhere I imagine even though I remember them being quite plain looking. Some cyberpunk themed red/pink/blue/green hairstyles would be nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tradeofer View Post
    cant be true
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    Tried to patch it, getting the usual error message:
    error checksumming file patches V18-8-0-9_EP2-V18-8-0-13_EP2.RES the checksum does not match

    can I download these manually, if yes, link plx Vhab!
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    read this topic - Vhab posted manual download
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