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    Funcom employee Testlive Patch Notes:

    Patch Date: February 25, 2015

    Profession Changes
    • Adventurer:
      • Relation to Cerberus will not be so easily overridden
      • Added a snare to perk "Shadow Killer"
      • Shadow Stab can be executed from any side of the target
      • Added +30 1HE skill to the Shadowstalker perkline
      • Ferocity of Nature perks should be possible to be executed from any morphed form
      • Gutting Blow will not require Freak Strength perks to be running

    • Agent:
      • Escape nanos are half as effective if used while under the effect of a False Profession
      • Night Killer and Shadow Bullet should have correct cooldown and execution times
      • Lowered the Repressor's Psychology requirement
      • Two Left Feet should be available in the VP nano shop
      • Increased Assassin's Grin damage
    • Bureaucrat:
      • Added two lines of initiative debuffs:
      • "Wasteful" nanos reduce a single initiative by 450
      • "Inefficient" nanos reduce a single initiative by 200
      • Only 1 nano from each line can run on a target
    • Doctor:
      • Lowered casting times of DoT nanos
      • Removed casting caps for DoT nanos
    • Engineer:
      • Lowered amount of Team Spec. Blocker auras
      • Increased amount of Spec Blocks for solo auras
      • Lowered requirements on some high-end buffs
      • Increased duration of some high-end pet buffs
    • Keeper:
      • Added Melee Energy to OFAB armor
    • Meta Physicist:
      • Increased duration of Animas, Evocations, Instills, and Anticipation of Retaliation to 4 hours
      • Metaing's Improved Glacial Lance will correctly do *more* damage when the target has a Quake debuff running

    General Changes
    • Fixed "Wit of the Atrox" icon
    • Lowered Darren Plush's bribe cost and requirement to start the quest
    • Added a new composite for Glance/Riposte/Sharp Objects
    • Skull of the Ancient and Keeper's Vitality should be more willing to drop
    • Fixed some oddities with The Gauntlet
    • Added Pre-Made implant room to the Fair Trade shops
    • Removed Profession locks from general store shops
    • Updated weapon shops in ICC general stores
    • Added a Boosted Graft vendor, deep within a wretched Den of Smuggling and villainy
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