Patch Date: Feb 13, 2015

Perk Changes
  • Nanomage Secondary Genome
    • Notum Shield: Correctly blocks 10% damage, does not have chance to break
    • Pen: Correctly debuffs the target

  • Opifex Primary Genome
    • Derivate: Fixed typo in description

  • Atrox Secondary Genome
    • Wit of the Atrox: Adds 120 Evades, 50 AAD, and 120 damage

  • The Call (Adv)
    • Beckoning: Added new morphs to requirements
    • Awakening: Does not change damage; adds 200 damage to each type

  • Cybernetic (Street) Samurai
    • Honoring of the Ancients: This perk is now a scaling damage perk
    • Increased Def. check on hostile perk actions

  • Shotgun Mastery
    • Added level 10 perk: Point Blank (the cooldown is currently missing)

  • Holy Mark (Keep)
    • Increased Def. check on hostile perk actions

Profession Changes

  • Adventurer
    • Poisonous Bite: Lower requirements
    • Growling Predator should no longer be overwritten by Eye of the Predator

  • Agent
    • Escape nanos have a slightly faster execution time

  • Bureaucrat
    • Improved Red Tape will lower the target's Evade by 6%

  • Engineer
    • Master's Repairs has a 10 second cooldown
    • Pet Cleanse has a 3 minute cooldown

  • Nano Technician
    • Added "Nanobot Guard" to VP nano shop
    • Stripped Nanodecks (from the VP shop) have had their damage lowered
    • Garuk's Improved Viral Assault lowered defensive check and no longer requires a DoT

  • Meta Physicist
    • Biazu the Vile can be spawned at level 150

  • Soldier
    • AMS V has the correct cooldown

Misc. Changes
  • The Watchdog pocketboss patterns will drop more frequently