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Thread: OOC: I want to submit an article, how do I go about it?

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    OOC: I want to submit an article, how do I go about it?

    If you have an article to send to any of the editors (OTPC, FJRK or IRRK) then you may email them to

    The email should follow this format:


    Subject: <Editor> Freelance Article from <Reporter name>


    Reporter Name (this will be who the article is said to be from)
    Dimension your on
    Editor its to be sent to (OTPC, IRRK, FJRK)
    Main Character Name (should we need to contact you in game)

    Article Title

    Article Body


    Bear in mind that once edited the article will be sent back to the email you sent it with for you to check over and make any comments/changes, so please ensure the address you send with is one your happy to receive with.

    What do I do if I don't get an instant reply?
    Ordinarily you should see a near on instant automated reply come back to you to confirm your article has been received.

    However if this email does not arrive within 24 hours, please forward your article to or and one of us will personally formulate a reply to you and get your article published as soon as reasonably possible.
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    Hi everyone, please note we have a new email address for article submissions.

    This means that articles will be separately filed away from general feedback/enquiries with the Events Team, which means we'll be able to process them faster!

    Thank you for your time.

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