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Thread: Modified Wishlist Discussion: All Parts

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    Modified Wishlist Discussion: All Parts

    1. Rifles:
    • We'd very much like better rifles. Our damage is poor, even when compared to support professions.
      • Better crit damage on rifles to take advantage of our crit buffs. Our critrate is high, but does little.
    • Alternative PvP rifle options which are independently viable with pros and cons. For example:
      • Give HloA a damage upgrade, keep the dodge buff, and keep the short swap time.
      • Give Razorback Gargantua a damage upgrade and keep proj damage.
      • Give Cobra Mk 6 a massive crit.
      • Give Silenced Kyr'Ozch Type 3 a +100 aao Glory proc.
      • Give the Rebuilt Perennium Sniper a root proc or something.
      • Give the Longshot a damage boost and let it check 70% dodge.
      • And so forth
    • Enough damage that the De-taunt Nano Formulas become useful.
    • Alternative choices to the Perennium Rifle and Special Edition Kyr'Ozch Rifle for lower levels.
    • Lower weapon attack/recharge time on some of the older weapons, e.g. the Joy of the Hunt/Race.
    • Option to diversify weapons using Ranged Energy and Bow, among others.

    2. Benefits to not FPing
    • We should be able to be assassins, but it's extremely difficult to perform this role. Poor damage, low AR, and slow perks each contribute.
    • Please give us the option to do massive damage with minimal defenses. This could be done by modifying existing buffs to check whether we're Mimiced, and offer additional boosts if not.

    3. Perks
    • Please remove Stun requirement from Death Strike, and reduce or remove the 15% HP requirement on Death Strike/Assassinate to make them more useful.
    • Allow The Shot to be used without a fighting target like most other AI perk specials. Could use a boost to the debuff too.
    • Almost all our perks are slow, many are poor damage, and some are useless. We'd love some speed increases. I've included a list of the worst offenders. Our only profession-specific fast DD perks are concussive shot and pinpoint strike.
      • 3 second execute:
        • Armor Piercing Shot
        • Find the Flaw
        • Silent Plague
      • 5 second execute:
        • Assassinate
        • Death Strike
        • Snipe Shot 1
        • Snipe Shot 2
        • The Shot
        • Pinpoint Strike (with the chain required for reasonable damage)
        • Shadow Killer
      • 6 second execute
        • Called Shot
        • Shadow Bullet
      • 8 second execute
        • Night Killer
    • Our perk Attack Rating lags behind most professions, both artillery and support. Bullseye helps, but isn't usable much outside duels. As a pure Artillery profession, we would like a boost, please.
    • Increased Range on perks, preferably to work based on current Weapon range, being required to stand closer to mobs (people) due to perks is annoying and makes us vulnerable to AoE effects (and dying).
    • Please tweak Sharpshooter and Shadowsneak perk lines to make them viable. We lose vital perks and attack rating by deperking Assassin, Black Ops, or Infantry.
      • More critical increase and aimed shot in Sharpshooter
      • Raise the damage of Snipe Shot 1 and 2
      • More concealment and rifle in Shadowsneak
      • Raise the damage of Night Killer and Shadow Bullet
    • More passive defence against regular damage and against the multitude of crippling de-buffs, preferably through profession specific defenses, e.g. Bail nanos.
    • Emergency Defence to help survive multiple opponents for a short duration (possibly a Perk Special), such as absorbs or reflects.
    • Access to Pistol Mastery SL-Group Perkline.
    • Access to full Ranged Energy SL-Group Perkline.
    • Don't require us to wield a rifle to use our damage perks. At the minimum, let us use our damage perks with other ranged weapons. Give us more options, please.
    • More stuns/snares on Perks.
    • An upgrade (or new) of earlier perk lines with some sort of resistances against roots/DoTs/debuffs

    4. Extension/Modification/Addition of Nano Formulas
    We have several nano formula lines which aren't used and/or need a scaling fix.
    • Our DoTs are poor damage and high nanocost, so rarely used. They could use a damage boost, and perhaps have a debuff added.
    • Our main damage buffing line gives +19 damage for 43 NCU. Please make it worthwhile, and maybe merge it with the Executioner line.
    • Merge the deroot/desnare lines.
    • The Waves/Blast and Shock nanolines would like a couple adjustments
      • They have slow cast/recharge times.
      • They have very high nanoskill requirement, making them a large IP sink. If they could be lowered that would help a lot.
      • Also, the Blast line only detaunts, and doesn't do a very good job at it. Could we get a pvm-oriented proc, or a stun or something?
    • SL evac nano formulas:
      • Could use longer duration, reduced requirements, and better scaling. The top nanos aren't much better than the bottom ones, and require heavy IP investment.
      • Could have fear resist added to them, with the same reasoning as the current root/snare/stun resist.
      • Have them remove debuffs when used.
      • Reduce or remove the crippling penalties when used.
      • Maybe have them refreshable at a large nanocost.
      • Could possibly make a matching offensive version, giving us a window to kill or be killed. Could even combine the offensive and defensive effects.
    • A passive-aggressive aura debuffing things like critdecrease and perception, so we can have some effect while sneaking.
    • Team auras buffing agenty things like concealment and critical chance.
    • Improved Death's Gaze with lower NR check and faster recharge.
    • We offer minimal benefit to teams. Allow our profession-specific buffs (+damage, +crit, etc) to affect our team so we can be useful for teams.
    • Extension of our Rifle buff line past Unexpected Attack, with self-only modifiers.
    • The Ruse of Taren toolset would like to see an extension with added mods
      other than conceal, particularly AAD on Ruse 1-3 and an increase in the AAD on Ruse 4, around +100 AAD for Ruse 1, going up to +400 AAD for Ruse 4, addition of perception would also be nice.
    • More access to the un-castable buffs which are set (such as the NCU line of a fixer, and Motivation Speech Lines of Bureaucrats).
    • Extension to the Team Concealment buffs, with the addition of perception.
    • Change True Professions Nano Skill requirements:
      • so it is usable from level 100, it is a time saving tool, not an end game powerful war tool.
      • to around 1257 BM, 1257 PM, 1257 SI (that's 1397 BM, 1397 PM, 1397 SI in Mimic), more in-line with other Agent Dust Brigade nano formula rewards.
      • Make it terminate when entering the Battle Station. When an Agent enters, he has all his buffs wiped but can't recast because the True Profession lockout stays.
    • Sureshot line being modified to a long term buff instead of a short term buff, possibly an Aura that affects the agent's team to a lesser extent.
    • Remove nanorecharge from Sureshot Line.
    • The Agility/Sense buffs are still outdated and would like a twink to it for higher levels, the (Lesser/Greater) Predator Buffs helped, but more extension would be nice.
    • The de-taunt nano formulas currently have a 12 meter range. Could they be raised to for example 25 meters? That way they are still useful to us as a ranged profession, and we can use items to get it to 40 meters if desired.
    • Lower Nano Skill requirements on the Detaunt Nanos so they can be of use at lower levels where there's more need for them.
    • Extension to the AoE Snare Nano Formulas to be useful in both PvM and PvP. The current top one rarely lands.
    • A Skill Lock Modifier Buff.
    • A -%healmod debuff.
    • Allow Agents to use Mutate Form to equip breed-locked armor and items.
    • Access to buffing nanos for which there's no reason to restrict access to, like Engineer tradeskill buffs, or Enforcer Weaponskill buffs.
    • Nano Formula disguises that help mobs not aggro Agents.

    5. Assorted Wishes
    • Our Rifle, Aimed Shot, and Fling Shot skills are blue, blue, and dark blue, even though they're our main weapon skills. Please consider changing these to make them easier on our IP. Also, it would be nice if we could raise Fling more per level.
    • Our Sneak Attack is light green, please give us something useful for it. Maybe add an attack on our rifle that uses it.
    • Root/Snare Removal Procs could do with a significantly increased execution chance, since they're an instant effect as opposed to a long-term buff.
    • Increase the Quality Levels available for the Agent Undercover kit so level 201+ Agents can use them.
    • Drop the Psychology requirement on the Repressor and give it a much larger detaunt, so that it's worthwhile. Perhaps consider making it a Special QL item?
    • Virus scanners removing other hostile debuffs. The new kits help a lot with this, but neglect the crat tapes and doc de-init procs.
    • Add Full Auto, Sneak attack, Dimach, and Iggy's Triple to the Cobra, that my enemies may be no more.

    6. False/Assume/Mimic line:
    • Increased access to nano formulas available through mimic, access to more RK nano formulas and access to some SL nano formulas, allowing for any Mimic to be a viable option in teams.
    • Remove the Affected by True Profession nano from our NCU when entering the Battlestation. All our other buffs are cleared, and the only way for us to fully buff is to terminate to remove this lockout.
    • Addition of Mimic Profession: Keeper & Mimic Profession: Shade.
    • Addition of Visual Profession tag on items in game to save the need to cross reference with Auno or AOmainframe when selecting Items.
    • Profession specific benefits for individual Mimics, e.g. additional AAD on Mimic Fixer, addition heal effeciency for Mimic Doctor etc.
    • Ability to completely redo Quests to gain other professions Nano Formulas.
    • Composite False/Assume/Mimic profession, to allow the use of multiple other professions at once, e.g. False Support Profession, False Artillery Profession, False Control Profession.

    7. Nano Support (Cost/Range/Delta/Init/Skillz/NCU.)
    • More Nano Init. is a must!
    • Because we spend a lot of time in mimic, we tend to be low on nanoskills. It would be great to get some lowered reqs and/or more nanoskill support from equipment. Access to the Nano Controller Unit would be nice.
    • Some NR buffing would be very welcome. Agents are very vulnerable to hostile nanos, and perking NR kills our nanoskills (see previous point).
    • More Nano Delta would be nice.
    • Agents often suffer from lack of NCU due to number of buffs we access and lack of NCU support in our toolset, so more NCU.

    8. Aimed Shot:
    • Everyone has Aimed Shot now. Please give us something unique, like a secondary attack or increased damage cap.
    • Reducing the ability by other professions to execute high or successful Aimed Shots, possibly using a combination of Concealment and AS as an attack skill against a perception defence check, including the removal of the requirement to be hidden in PvM to use it.
    • The availability of Aimed Shot in PvM through repetition without concealment, or at least a similar attack.
    • An increase to the current 13k cap.
    • A small chance of instantly killing a monster (not a boss) with an Aimed Shot.

    9. Conceal
    • Increased Sneak speed, walk speed is painfully slow, a faster speed for higher concealment would be nice.
    • Maybe making the Cloaking device a regular buffing item, allowing fighting for agents while wearing it.
    • It's what we do best, why not do it again!
    • Suggested Mechanism
      1. When trying to reconceal in combat, your concealment skill is temporarily reduced by 250 points.
      2. Then your concealment skill is checked against the perception of anybody fighting you.
      3. If all checks are successful, you are taken out of combat and get hidden.

      • Concealment would recover with similar speed as skills recover after dying.

    10. Symbiants
    • Access to more Symbiants:
      • Access to the Support or Extermination Symbiants.
      • Possibly making all Symbiants wearable with False/Assume/Mimic Profession
    • Changes to some of the Artillery Symbiants, especially the Left-Arm. Additions of AAD, NR and HP in appropriate places would be nice.

    11. Graphicals
    • Alternative looks for the Perennium Rifle aka Dildo.
    • PvP titles change based on our current Mimiced Profession (similar to our Title Level titles).
    • An option to decide whether you want Size modifiers to effect your look (allowing the user to decide whether they want to shrink with Ruse of Taren, grow with Challenger or not).
    • New/Different traces on our rifles.
    • Fix the Cloaking device so other people will see us Semi transparent when using it.
    • Ruse/Meld Nano Formula Line giving the same effects as a Cloaking device, making us semi transparent.
    • An option to remove the Night Vision effect from items like The HSR Detective because my eyes bleed.

    What would you like removed, added, or changed in priority?
    If you have suggestions for the priority ordering of the section or within the sections, please mention those.
    Last, if I've missed something you wanted, please remind me.
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    I would like more nanoskills support, either from buffs (lower the -nano on mimic) or through armor/equipment.

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    RE support would be awesome.KEC3 agent setup a to take advantage of the fast dd perks would be awesome in pvp. Could make rifle a Pvm option with high crit numbers and allow agents to use perks with rifle/re equipped and make it check attack rating/aimed shot instead if rifle. Give us some RE support via nanos and research and we'd have a serious worth in PVP again.
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    "Marinekeep" - 215/18/4x Atrox Keeper
    Quote Originally Posted by CuisinartBlade View Post
    to be fair, 2.8k ar is enough to perk anyone except fixers, mas, advs, shades, nt's that blinded you, shield mps, bow mps that landed dazzle, def docs, crats, or marinesold

    so all in all it's a fairly viable setup

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    Dot-damage should be trippled.

    Currently it actually does no damage at all on a 220 player. At end the hp is full

    Quote Originally Posted by srompu View Post
    2. Benefits to not FPing
    Could make our unique nano-repetoir more effective (without turning it into a casterclass thank you) and then disable it when FP'd. Also, AS-cap could go from 13k to 18k and be reusable in pvm.

    If CH had 20sec cooldown we could get more assassin-power, but one thing is the mathemathical values, another thing they should work on is mob-behavior and geometry (the physical world) to enable subterfuge-combat and sniping.

    1. New Rifles:
    Or better damagebuffs. Both long-term and those cool short-term ones

    What would you like removed, added, or changed in priority?

    /flameshield on

    Detaunts should work in practice, regardles of damagedisparity. They don't.

    Repressor should be 1 (one) ql and work all the time, same w nano. Remove the fetaure from buffs. Kthx.
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    Also...evac nanos. Loose the penalty (cooldown is enough) and fix the low QL ones. Alternatively; Lower the requirements on 'Disappear' and remove the rest of the nanos from this line.

    Desnare and deroot-nanos could be merged.
    SL damage-buffs could be merged.
    ...Of the Executioner and Assassins Grin-line could be merged.

    The init-debuff on the shot could be buffed up since the effect last so short. Make it stealthfriendly yeah.

    Would <3 healmod debuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leetlover View Post
    Also...evac nanos. Loose the penalty (cooldown is enough) and fix the low QL ones. Alternatively; Lower the requirements on 'Disappear' and remove the rest of the nanos from this line.

    Desnare and deroot-nanos could be merged.
    SL damage-buffs could be merged.
    ...Of the Executioner and Assassins Grin-line could be merged.

    The init-debuff on the shot could be buffed up since the effect last so short. Make it stealthfriendly yeah.

    Would <3 healmod debuff.
    +1 on removing penalties from evac nanos.

    +1 on merging desnare/root nanos

    +1 on giving a refresher on init debuff on The Shot
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    Why does it have to be an escape line while the Enfo's get it to be a nice buff in the form of Rage..? Turn the escape line into a minor Rage buff with an insta remove/resist/snare/root stun etc. and a longer add resist bonus @ high cost. Don't put it on a longish lock out but make the nanocost its limiting factor..

    Why is there just one DoT for agents and not a second and/or third that emplifies each other?

    That cloaking device (Hud) should work with attacking. (now you can't etc).

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    To make sure I understand:
    Quote Originally Posted by leetlover View Post
    Detaunts should work in practice, regardles of damagedisparity. They don't.

    Repressor should be 1 (one) ql and work all the time, same w nano. Remove the fetaure from buffs. Kthx.
    For making detaunts work, do you mean making the effect large enough to almost guarantee aggro removal? Reverse Mongo in a sense?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aimzor View Post
    Why does it have to be an escape line while the Enfo's get it to be a nice buff in the form of Rage..? Turn the escape line into a minor Rage buff with an insta remove/resist/snare/root stun etc. and a longer add resist bonus @ high cost. Don't put it on a longish lock out but make the nanocost its limiting factor..
    I'm not sure whether giving agents a rage nano would make sense.
    This could be interesting for a type of active defense, though. How were you imagining it affecting things?

    Also, on merging deroot/desnare, what's the reasoning?
    This may be a hard sell since other professions have them separated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srompu View Post
    To make sure I understand:

    I'm not sure whether giving agents a rage nano would make sense.
    This could be interesting for a type of active defense, though. How were you imagining it affecting things?
    Well there is some overlap in the rage-line and disappear-line:

    My main problem is that you use the agent nano now (10 sec) after that and with every one keeping up these days you are a sitting duck! (see stats of the disappearing line). This combined version should scare the crap out of your opponent and give you the ability to flee.

    Current nano’s:
    -) Infernal Rage (36 sec): low skill needed and 333 nanocost // minor DoT on self
    -) Disappear (10 sec): High skills needed and 2k+ nanocost // huge nerf in NR, aoo, aad (all 3 set to value 1!!!) and no use of stims and kits (28 sec) and a 4 min cool down lockout. atm if you are already snared or rooted this line doesnt change anything just that adds resistance for which it's already to late :P So you should first deroot,desnare yourself then cast this. (Nice going in a thight sitiuation).

    The overlap is that both nano’s enable the user to resist CC tool sets and run if needed (mostly run for the agents. ). Either by removing CC hostile tools or gaining a high resist towards them. I consider removal stronger then a 95% resist chance and overall the rage line is/would be to powerful.

    Combination of the a.m.:
    Finishing-hit and run-line! (Huge short offensive and Huge medium short defensive/escape line)

    Consists of two parts average nanoskills needed (in line with the nerve crash line) and huge nanocost (make it 3 to 4k nano need or perhaps make it a 35% of the persons nano). Total duration about 12 to 20 sec (lvl etc depending). NO LOCK OUT (cooldown 12-20 sec).

    This first part enables the agent to crank out some sure Huge DD while preparing for an escape
    First the offensive part (HIT). (duration 3 to 5 sec) so 1 to 3 hits)
    1) The remove part of Rage (Self Remove Combat nanos <= 99 NCU 20 times ) (prepare to escape)
    2) some add dam (make it count, scary part)
    3) 200% crit chance of the old agent line (increase scary part)
    4) increase: range-init and nano-init. (to make sure you get your 1 to 3 hits of even debuffed)
    (after the removal part bullet (1) CC tools can still be used on us so it’s not a sure mains of a get away)

    Second after ending the offensive part comes the defensive part (RUN). (duration 9 to 15 sec)
    (CC tools can still land and CC tools casted on us between the offensive part (1) and the defensive part will not be removed by this defensive part)
    -) AAO, AAD (or reduced) and NR untouched
    -) RS + 750ish (or at least enough in respect of the rebalancing to get away properly)
    -) User Resistance Snare 95%
    -) User Resistance Root 95%
    -) User Resistance Calm 95%
    Now the part that makes agents use it for the right purpose.
    -) Crit decrease -50% (>50% if the nerve crash line gets altered: see below) so it makes others crit on use more easy. Therefor We should RUN.

    Nerve crash and this line should go hand in hand. So for each Nerve crash nano there is an equal Finishing-hit and run QL. (// obselete see below:The nerve crash and the defensive part should have the same duration (this will end up giving the nerve crash line a 15 sec duration for the top version).

    In PvM you can use this very nicely in teams. All in all you might be able to get this 3 to 4 time casted in PvM in team with stims (// obselete see below: no nerve crash casting needed since you should have a proper tank, but do warn him if you use it )

    Solo will get you hit hard by the mob if it’s not dead before the defensive part kicks in (plan it right). Castable once, highly twice in solo PvM (if the mob didn’t kill you already).

    In PvP a nice ganking tool but be aware that you’re an easy target if you didn’t get away. Or twice, (// obselete see below: if you dare not to cast nerve crash). Or very much usable just for running.

    Might be to powerful or not and only usable in true proffession. Alter away

    Misinterpretation of the nerve crash line: (Hit and run is "self" cast // nerv crash if casted on "other" (my bad)
    (130% you ask: well it stacks with the decrease debuff (Nerve Crash: Supreme is still +80%?) we are getting so negative gain will be a -50% total or in other words: others gaining 50% crit increase). You better start using that nerve crash line

    However if the nerve line would get altered from "+decrease crit" (makes the chance of a mob getting critted higher) into "-crit increase" (lowers the chance a mob can crit on "target") on the target it would work that way. But then you'd have to cast nerve crash on every one that is attacking you :S However I did propose the following alteration on the nerve line in this post:
    o Nerve Crash alteration: Offensive (large)area nanoline reducing Crit and Perception skill by X (won’t break sneak if the agent is hiding etc.) won’t blind but adds fog to the affected people (Halloween effect but which can’t be disabled or something with F10 :P)

    Then it would all work out realy well
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    The main reason I proposed this hit and run line is that, DD can be a defensive tool in some cases. Giving a crazy boost for a short time either kills your opponent and/or gives you ability to run if that didn't work. If the Nerve line gets a minor ajustment this hit/run and that nerve line could work together and have a nice interaction with each other. All at the cost of nano and durations that wont last to long so they do not become to powerful. This should be a true proffession only line because in combination with the realy Rage for instance it would get redonkulous.

    An addition -AAD might be an option so the "Run" part gets more manditory and also a lock-out to use FP in the time the buff lasts should be present.

    Forgot to post the thought/ reasoning behind this idea :P crazy, I know :P
    Last edited by Aimzor; Mar 28th, 2013 at 14:15:52.

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    My wish is for a voucher to replace my current agent with a viable fully geared profession that isn't a total shame to play and actually gets invited to teams or should I say begged to be teamed and not the other way round this is how it is now...

    Joking aside every point made is valid I can't really add anything not already mentioned all I can really do is add my personal opinions. I am just ashamed to have an agent as my main at this point with the lame lousy low dd and slow kill perks. Not being able to reuse AS our prime attack skill multiple times in pvm as Full auto gets spammed by soldiers. I understand why I can never get teams as an agent its a third class toon no ability to deal decent DD no auras worth teaming for. What purpose do we have to even exist in ao these days? We can ubt pand adds... The developers must hate us with a passion.

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    agents get nice love in balance thou. just boring that this balance never ever comes :P so yes i vote for the suggestions becose.. i want changes now not in 2 more years of waiting.

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    2 years you are giving way too much credit. Rebalance is eternal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le-Quack View Post
    agents get nice love in balance thou.
    please explain.

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    How about an "emergency extraction buff"
    So when you are a different profession and you get rooted/drained/whatever you cast this nano and it instantly purges you of hostile nano's along with the mimic/false profession buff. Leaving you as the agent without any CH or TMS or whatever but with the ability to fit this role of the shadow stalker who slides out of combat when the odds are against them allowing them to extract.

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    that doesnt make any sense. first, there is such a nano for fixers. secondly as an agent, you'd die.

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    The xan/beast-weapons and pereniums looks horrible btw
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    Nice work Sromp!

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    wow dude, thumbs up.

    Enough damage that we need to use the De-taunt Nano Formulas and similar items.
    this is a single opinion (leetah) and i very much disapprove it. having to use detauts means you'll die if you don't even when raiding with even crappier dd profs. that statement just doesnt make sense. i know leetah wants to use his detaunt stuff, but its only him that this has any importance for. at least move it like way down the list. (now called leetlover i believe)

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    Ok, I've reworded it to make the request without overemphasizing it. Any thoughts?
    Also, anything else that needs rephrasing/reordering? A couple poorly worded points have come up already.

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