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Thread: Cluster shopping.

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    Cluster shopping.

    This has probably been suggested hundreds of times already, but here is another one to add to the list.
    How often are you trying to make ql200 implants and you have to go to every damned superior store on rubika to find the right clusters above ql 170? I for one am sick of running laps through bor, newland, newland desert, rome green, rome red and omni trade (as an omni) and still needing half of the clusters i'm after. The amount of times a superior store doesn't even have a higher than ql100 stocked is absurd. It's a superior store.
    Now, I'm not suggesting superior stores should always stock above ql 170, but perhaps if it was more likely to. My idea is along the lines of this: Each shop stocks 2 ql's of every cluster (most of the time), so what if, in a superior store, one of those was always in the range of 100-150 and the other always in the range of 150-200. Better chance of finding what you want in the first two shops at least, or even getting everything first try; yet still not guaranteed, making it too easy. Keeping the same routine for lower stores, advanced could do 50-75 and 75-100, and basic <25 and 25-50. Frankly I don't care so much about those stores because anyone with the ability to make a couple million credits is likely to just go to the superior store for lower implants to guarantee the higher ql cluster needed. I just don't want to have to do 10 laps of the aforementioned stores to collect all the clusters I need.

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    On a related note, maybe the jobe clusters should also be found in multiple shops (if you want to keep them SL-exclusive, maybe in IPS shops)? Doing those 10 laps you mentioned takes 10-15 minutes and you're almost guaranteed to find all your clusters if you go to all the shops. That, in my opinion, isn't too bad. With jobes, you're stuck waiting for at least 20 minutes if your cluster is of a bad QL.

    Had a froob ask me to buy jobe clusters for him yesterday. Poor guy had to wait nearly 2 hours for his last cluster because the vendor loved to generate low QLs of it each time.
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    B.U.M.P Hate cluster hunting.
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    Yea, this drives me mad! Bore ->newland -> newland desert -> hope -> SWB then to sided shops! really annoying...

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    I didn't wanna read through the entire text, but yes.. Bump for more availability on the clusters.. It's VERY annoying to hunt those little fu**ers

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    Implant building is such a pain in the ass. I fully support any change that makes it less annoying.

    IMO shops should have implant labs where you can just pick the clusters from a list and have it spit out an implant. It would still require the same skills/money, and clusters you can't purchase wouldn't be available (you'd have to make refined implants and such the old fashioned way), but it would greatly cut down on the grunt work involved in making multiple implant sets for a new character.
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    Qualities of implants in superior shops have been bugged for a while. I have tried sending petitions but since its impossible to have actual proof (its not like i store daily screenshots of shop contents going back 8 years ) they propably didnt even bother checking and it'll stay this way forever.

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    well make it easy, basic shops for fixed ql's 0-50 clusters, advanced for 50-125 and superior for 125-200, or something like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slynn View Post
    well make it easy, basic shops for fixed ql's 0-50 clusters, advanced for 50-125 and superior for 125-200, or something like that.
    Yes! I am all for this, reduce the number of ql's for clusters to 5, with the top two being refined.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slynn View Post
    well make it easy, basic shops for fixed ql's 0-50 clusters, advanced for 50-125 and superior for 125-200, or something like that.
    I would probably go with Basic: 1-75 Advanced: 75-150 Superior: 150-200 ranges for all trade-skill booths. They can do this and it would fix also the other TS issues. Only persons slightly hurt would be some lowbies trying to make custom implant sets. On other hand there is larger amount of basic shops atleast for Omnis so general availability shouldn't lower too much...

    Currently it's Basic: 1-50 Advanced: 30-90 Superior 70-200

    Which is crazy when you think how top heavy the game is today. For non-ts shop items those do make sense as top is only 125.

    Change shops QL ranges from:
    1-50 -> 1-75,
    30-90 -> 75-150,
    70-200 -> 150-200
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    and added link to the new suggestion summary
    Garden keys can be bought from the key locked garden vendor in case you have deleted your key.

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