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Thread: What I would do...

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    What I would do...

    He's a few things that, if I had any say, I would do to AO:

    1. Clean up the database. There is WAY too much trash loot. get rid of all the junk shopfood weps and armor that noone uses and were never intended as anything but shopfood. The "Take me to the shop" items were a much more elegant way of shopfood type items dropping from mobs; and even a complete noob will look at most of the weapons and most of the armor in the shops and think they are crap.

    2. Remove level locks on a lot of old rk loot. Servants of Eight armor, DeCranum's Corona armor, Toothpicker, Fleshchopper, Hellspinner, Hellfury, Ect, Ect, ad infintium, ad nauseum. The level locks are ridiculous these days, when even froob toons have much better options by the time they get to the level that they can equip the gear.

    3. Do a SoM style revamp on Temple of Three Winds, Cyborg Barracks, Smuggler's Den and possibly Inner Sanctum. cyborg barracks in particular is in desperate, desperate need of an update. Soup up cyborg armor and make it drop more than once a week, make severus's smg's viable leveling weapons, make bastion of deimos into a big brother of guardian tank armor, update the damage on hellspinner/hellfury so that neutrino flash wont stomp all over them in damage, and so on. All these dungeons need their loot updated to modern game standards. I would also like to see more non prof locked ranged weapons drop in dungeons. There are tons of mobs with shotguns in totw, why isn't there a baby maw? (crypt of home isn't on this list, beacuse, honestly most of the stuff in it is still either great gear or upgradable to be so.)

    4. Put ICE back in S10. There's no logical reason for it not to drop.

    5. More tank armor, less robes. If I want robes I'll play a fantasy game. This is sci-fi, and tank armor by god looks sci-fi.

    6. a crapload of other stuff i don't have time to type right now. :P

    /flameshield on
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    Note: Calling me an "incompetant ass-monkey", while admitedly is extremely amusing, does nothing to quantify what exactly, if anything, you would like to see changed in your/someone else's nanos.

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    Bump. RK needs love. No more end-game dungeons for us to exhaust in 3 weeks. Just upgrade/expand this old crap that's sitting around.
    Waiting for a cure.

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