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Thread: Rewards for Reporting Bugs & Exploits

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    Funcom employee Rewards for Reporting Bugs & Exploits

    As part of the Report a Bug and Report an Exploit forums, we are proud to introduce the Bug and Exploit Reporting Incentives Program (aka BERIP)!

    While the Report a Bug forums are the preferred way to report bugs, you may also report Bugs to We will keep track of them just the same as above towards this system. Please note we track these differently than the forums and can not link emails to forums posts for this system. Please do NOT send exploits to this email address. If you can not post them on the forums, please go to, select exploit from the drop down box and include all relevant details.

    As you report bugs and/or exploits in the Bug/Exploit forums or by the email provided above, the ARK Bug Hunters will track your reports for accuracy, quality, information provided, and overall usefulness. Once we see that you have contributed well to the bug/exploit finding effort, one of us will contact you via forum PM or by email and let you know that you are eligible for a reward, and how to obtain it.

    Unlike previous systems, you can obtain the reward on any server, on any character. The rewards are all social items, and have no impact on gameplay (but they do look pretty nifty!).

    Not all rewards are immediately available. Some of them, like the Bug Exterminator Suit, are reserved for those of you who consistently help us identify and track down bugs!

    In addition, we are also providing new ways to earn these rewards via Testlive Tokens. These Testlive Tokens can be earned by assisting as needed with testing. Tokens may sometimes be given for other reasons, however in either case asking for them to be given will not result in getting a Token.

    Once you have these token(s), they can be redeemed with most Bug Hunters on the Testlive Dimension in ICC. Not all rewards will be redeemable this way. When looking for a Bug Hunter to redeem these, please do NOT send them /tells asking to redeem with them if they are not in ICC. What can be redeemed for each number of tokens is described in the next post.

    The "small print":
    • Rewards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
    • If you have lost a reward, please /petition ingame.
    • Rewards will arrive via the ingame mail, but may take up to a week. Rewards never taken from the mail are still considered claimed, and may not be reimbursable via /petition.
    • You will be informed of eligibility for reward items via forum PM OR in an email to the email address used to send bugs to the email. Please note that PMs from BERIP are valid, but PMs from any other person are not valid and may be an attempt to obtain your account information. Past PMs have been from Thymbel, Pentaflake and Nirvelle. All Emails regarding this program will come from bhet-management [ at ]!
    • Please do not PM a Bug Hunter, Forums Moderation Team Member, or Funcom employee asking for these items. We will contact you via forum PM when you are eligible.
    • Emails from the Bug Hunters regarding claims will only ever ask for a Character Name of which you are looking to have the item sent to, what item you are looking for, and what Dimension the character is on. As above, e-mails or PMs asking for more information may be an attempt at getting your account information.
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    1 Token
    • Painting of Andromeda
    • TL Nanospray - Black
    • TL Nanospray - White
    • TL Nanospray - Red
    • TL Nanospray - Blue
    • TL Nanospray - Yellow
    • TL Nanospray - Green
    • Eponyx's Glowing Flare
    • Tester Placard - Set 1
    • Tester Placard - Set 2
    • Tester Placard - Testlive Logo
    • The MMOATP Shirt
    • Safety Not Guaranteed Shirt
    • Bug Shirt (Finder)
    • Testlive T-Shirt

    2 Tokens
    • Pentaflake's Phosphorescent Pillars
    • Mechpuppy Pet
    • Tester Placard - Set 3
    • Tester Placard - Set 4
    • Bug Shirt (Tracker)
    • Uriel's Sword

    3 Tokens
    • Tester Placard - Set 5
    • Sabrekitty Pet

    4 Tokens
    • Nirvelle's Sparkling Surprise

    6 Tokens
    • Michizure's Shining Thought
    • The Overcompensator
    Assistant Director Pentaflake
    Bug Hunter Department

    ARK - Forums Guidelines

    Got info on a potential Exploit? Please go to and select Exploit from the drop down box, petition ingame and classify as Exploit, or make a new thread in the Report an Exploit forum.

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