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    AO Universe
    AO Universe is one of the most actively maintained and updated fan sites for Anarchy Online. Founded in 2005, it has an incredibly proactive team of volunteers working continually on providing a fantastic resource for the AO Community.

    What is available via AOU?

    Whether you are searching for guides on how to complete a quest you have picked up, need help figuring out how to combine your trade skill components to make some new armor, or you perhaps want a new look to your GUI or computer desktop -- AO Universe is certain to have what you are looking for or will be able to point you in the direction of someone else that does!

    AO Universe Knowledge Base
    AO Universe has game play guides on almost everything. The guides that we don't have in our guide listing are almost certainly on our to-do list!! You will find guides that cover the following areas:

    AOU GUI Mod

    Tired of using the default GUI? Fancy a change? Then maybe the AOU GUI is for you! You can download it and other tools via the following link:

    AOU Features
    If you have an event you would like to let people know about, why not make use of our calendar. The calendar has an XML feed and is used as a plug-in to the popular Channel42 bot on Atlantean.

    AO Universe also has an extensive gallery that is home to lots of screenshots and wallpapers! If you would like your own AO Universe themed wallpaper for your desktop, be sure to check them out...

    AOU Tools
    The site also has a good range of tools developed by the AOU team, modified by the team or as links to other developers among the community. As an example, the following tools can be found in our AOU Tools or Downloads Section.

    AOU Partnerships

    AoRK and AoSL

    The AO Universe team works with Onack via our forums to give suggestions for updates and we also happily provide data we collect while researching our guides.

    If you are interested in getting involved with AO Universe and contributing your time voluntarily, please send an email to with information on what you'd like to bring to the team!

    Keep an eye out for some fantastic upcoming changes! 2012 is going to be a great year!

    If you haven't checked out the site recently, there's been a complete overhaul with fixes to guide searching to make life easier for all players, and much more
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