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Thread: Lost Eden: Frequently Asked Questions

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    Funcom employee Lost Eden: Frequently Asked Questions

    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 1 - Using the New Research System and GUI

    1. how do I access the new research system?

    The Research Window is opened by clicking the Character button on the left-hand menu then the Research sub option. (keyboard shortcut ‘shift + O’)

    2. What types of research is there?

    Personal Research
    The Personal Research lines are unique for your chosen profession. Any research that is done here will only affect your own character. Primarily the research will increase your skills allowing you to become more powerful. Secondarily it will unlock new special abilities that can be utilized during combat.

    Global Research
    The Global Research is large research projects that require the cooperation of everyone from your side of the conflict. Finishing these projects will either unlock vehicles or upgrade existing vehicles for everyone on your side.

    3. How do I use the research GUI?

    The Research Window contains three tabs:

    Allocate Research

    This window allows you to determine how much of your gained XP will be allocated to either personal research or global research. This is determined by moving the two sliders to the intended position. The combined value of the slider can not exceed 100%.

    The system will not allow the research to progress more than 5% from one kill. Any XP gained above this level will go into your regular XP.

    Second part of the page provides information about the progress of your current research projects. ‘Started Personal Research’ will display all research projects you have allocated research to. ‘Started Global Research’ will only display the research project you are currently working on.

    Available Research

    This page displays all personal and global research projects that are available to you. Deciding where you want to put your efforts is done through clicking off the radial options next to the research project. You may only work on one personal and one global research project at one time.

    As you complete research projects new projects will be made available to you.

    You can inspect entire research lines and the benefits they provide by clicking the research project categories under ‘Personal Research Progress’. The selected research line will be displayed under ‘Selected Research line’. Information about the individual research projects in the selected line will be displayed in the category ‘Info’ if you move your mouse over the research projects.

    Note: Research projects are level dependent and might not be made available to you until you have reached the intended level.

    Finished Research

    This page allows you to review all the personal and global research projects that have been completed.

    Select the research line you want to review by selecting it from the ‘completed personal/global research projects’. The entire line will be displayed in the category ‘Selected Research Line’ and detailed information on the individual research projects can be reviewed in the ‘Info’ window.

    4. What happens if I have research set on the slider but forget to set a project?

    You will get text feedback in the chat window informing you of this, and the exp will just go to your normal xp total required as usual.

    5. Can I split my research across several personal projects?

    No, only one project can be worked on at a time, but you can switch between them at will, you do not have to finish one to switch to another.
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 2 - Global Research and How it Works

    1. How do I set global research?

    You can find instructions for setting research here.

    2. How does global research work?

    The Global Research is large research projects that require the cooperation of everyone from your side of the conflict. Finishing these projects will either unlock vehicles or upgrade existing vehicles for everyone on your side.

    The Global Research projects will update every 12 hours. When this happens the servers see how much exp has been dedicated to the research and progress the research appropriately.

    3. How much does it take to complete the projects?

    That depends on how many players set exp towards global research! We expect the first basic version will probably be available within a couple of the 12 hour cycles, maybe more, depending on how many dedicate global research exp.

    4. What happens if not enough exp is dedicated to global research?

    The units and upgrades will come along much more slowly!

    5. So no mechs on launch day?

    Afraid not! The goodies will have to be researched!

    5. Not even the pre-order one?

    Nope, that does have a low research value attached though so the basic version should be the quickest thing to research.

    6. Is global research the same for all sides?

    No, each side is tracked and updated independently
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 3 - Battlestations!

    1. How do I get to the battlestation?

    Players can access the Battle Station sign-up terminal by visiting it at the Unicorn Landing pad in Andromeda (just north of the ICC headquarters).

    2. How do I get use the sign up terminal?

    Clicking on the terminal will bring up the sign-up GUI

    You have several options from this screen:

    · Sign up This option allows you to enter the queue alone

    · Leave Queue This options removes you from the current queue to join the battlestation

    3. What if I am neutral?

    Neutral Players will be given an option as to which side they wish to fight for in the Battle Station. The conflict on the battle stations is strictly between the Clans and Omni-Tek so neutrals must choose a side before joining

    4. What happens when you sign upl?

    When you sign up for going to the station you will be informed about how many people are ahead of them in the queue. If there is no queue you will immediately be moved to the space station if there is an active battle.

    If you are signing up as a team the system start to allocate slots until everyone in the team has an available slot, then teleport the team in together.

    When you have signed up to go to the station and your turn comes around you will receive a popup message asking if you are ready to be teleported to the station. If you accept you will immediately be teleported in.

    If you decline you will be removed from the list and will remain where you are. If you do not answer within 30 seconds you will be assumed to be afk and you will be removed from the list and remain where you are.

    When you have signed up for a battle, but the current battle session ends before you enter the station you will be notified about this, but in this case you will remain on the list for the next round of combat.

    5. What happens when I get there?

    The battle station fights revolve around control of four control points, one in the centre of the battlestation and one at each of the three wings.

    6. How do we capture a point?

    Each control point has a console that must be hacked for your side to gain control of it. A player who wishes to try and capture the point must click on it to start the hacking process. This takes a short period of time during which the hacker is stunned and cannot perform any other actions. Opposing players in melee range can attempt to interrupt the person hacking the console.

    Once the hack is complete the hackers has five seconds to click the console again and then it is owned by their side and will start to contribute points to their score.

    7. What about my buffs when I die? Rebuffing normally takes some time!

    Whilst in the safe zone area where you re-spawn you get unlimited nano and a big nano init boost so that buffing can be done quicker

    8. What happens at the end?

    Both sides receive some victory points, although the winners obviously get more points!

    9. Do I need to wait in Andromeda for the invite?

    No, you are free to move around the gameworld and will be warped to the battlestation when your place in the queue is reached.
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 4 - Victory Points

    1. What are victory points?

    The Lost Eden content allows players to earn a special currency called Victory Points. These points are earned from both PVP encounters in the battlestations and from loot drops amongst the aliens in the alien Mothership missions.

    2. What are victory points used for?

    All the items in Lost Eden can be purchased for these victory points. This includes armor, new nano formulas and weapons.

    3. How do I know how many Victory Points I have?

    You can see your victory points total in your character info screen (Press T when you have yourself targeted in game)

    4. Where can I spend my victory points?

    There is a special shop that houses all the Victory Point Vendors that can be found in the Tower Shops. The vendors in this shop only accept Victory Points as currency and are used like any other vendor. The prices displayed are in Victory Points. Spent points are then deducted from your Victory Points Total.

    5. What is the fastest way to get victory points?

    The battlestations provide more reward victory point wise then then the alien missions, but it will be perfectly possible to save enough VP for items from alien missions alone if you prefer to not PVP. If you do just alien missions though it will though go slower proportionality then someone who pvps for the same amount of time in the battlestations.
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 5 - Personal Research Actions

    1. What are personal research actions?

    When you complete certain personal research projects a new special ability is made available to you. You can see these in the research GUI.

    2. How do I access personal research actions once I have them?

    They can be accessed through your perk actions menu (and dragged to hotbar slots as you wish)

    3. How do they work?

    There are two lines of actions, type 1 and type 2, you can see them as the different colors of icon for the action (yellow or blue) or by shift clicking to see the text description. At any one time you can have one type 1 and one type 2 action running.

    You cast the action like any other and it appears in your NCU, once active it then provides a chance to proc a special ability when you are in combat.

    3. How do the procs work?

    There are two different categories of procs

    Offensive procs
    These require you to be fighting a mob and causing attacks, each successful attack has a 5% chance of firing off a proc on you or your target depending on whether it is damage/debuff or a buff.

    The text description of the proc will show whether it requires that you are using a ranged, melee or fist weapon

    Defensive procs
    These require that you are being hit by a mob, each time a mob hits you there is a 5% chance the proc will go off and provide you with a buff. For example all the NTs actions fall into this category since they are usually never attacking with any form of weapon.
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 6 - Alien Mothership Missions

    1. How do we take these alien mothership missions?

    You will converse with a Unicorn NPC in the outlands staging area to get a mission to attack the mothership. One of the unicorn shuttles will then transport you and your team to the alien mothership.

    2. Are the missions level locked?

    No, there are no level locks on the missions

    3. Are there single player missions or do you have to be in a team?

    The Alien missions will be team missions yes, the alien motherships will not be somewhere to go too alone!

    4. Are there any restrictions to when we can do mothership missions (like CRU missions etc

    No, there are no restrictions to doing alien mothership missions.

    5. will it be possible to loot AI armor bots as we see off of generals and admirals today?

    No, the existing loot items from alien invasion will stay as they are so you wont see AI items dropping in the alien mothership missions

    6. Are there new aliens in the missions?

    Yes there will be new alien types and visual models in the motherships (as well as all your old friends!).

    7. Do the alien mothership missions have a boss mob?

    Yes, the mothership missions bring you up against a boss room. There are a number of boss encounters in the expansion and each mission will provide you with a randomly chosen alien boss to battle.

    What will the rewards be for the alien mothership missions?

    Well aside from getting some on demand axp, these missions will also bring the chance to earn some victory points outside of the battlestation. You will also be able to acquire special alien materials that can be used to upgrade the new armor and weapons that are coming with the expansion.
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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    Funcom employee

    Lost Eden FAQ 7 - Notum Wars Additions

    1. So how do we get bombing raids and orbital strikes?

    These are available to organisations and require the purchase of a laser tag and for the org to own a city plot so they have a HQ building.

    2. So where do we buy the laser tag?

    These are available in the victory point vendors in the Tower Shops

    3. So how do we use them?

    Someone in the org must place the laser tag in a valid land control area. Then a ranking officer in the guild can use the new terminals in the organisation HQ room to call up the GUI that lists all available tags. They can then choose the tag and fire at that location.

    A huge area attack will be launched at that location.

    4. Wont the enemy see the laser tag?

    No its invisible to others so they wont know where you placed it.

    5. What about the SAM batteries?

    These are available in the premade towers vendor in the Tower Shops. These can be placed in your land control area and once active give you a 50% to shoot down any enemy bombing craft that might attempt to launch a raid.

    6. Are the attacks powerful?

    Very! don't expect to live if you get caught in one!

    7. Won't these be overpowered?

    They require careful co-ordination between two people, and there is a 15 minute lockout timer on the organisation so they cannot be spammed, timing them correctly will be vital.
    Brad L. McAtee / Kintaii
    Former Senior AO Designer & Jack of All Trades
    (2007 - 2012)
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