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Thread: Just bang your head against the keyboard and post!

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    Lightbulb Just bang your head against the keyboard and post!

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    This is automated message from planet Zulu Gula in Lelul Polem system. Do not regulate your receivers. We come in peace. Prepare cookies.

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    Funcom employee

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    Funcom employee nmhjunhjyuhjyu

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    Isn't that what you usually do anyway, Graft?

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    87huy655r6yku bnh r5ft
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    (my keyboard does not approve of that many keys pressed at once )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graftmage View Post
    bmkvjvjh i cj 234jlSDbnw sdbnsadf xSNLvj gj v dfhykb i gu fh m m mbmhkyykbhbhykbhykbhyukbhjyuyk'p[
    ]n7ighm m,klxbg vgy',klp
    Nice PVP skillz there
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    hnjby gbvt njuhmkll j numhløp-å
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrys View Post
    Nice PVP skillz there
    Either that or really impressive forehead.

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    I love how no other thread has ever gotten this many replies from FC officials, this fast..

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    gh mn jkfrp-[;0u78

    Judging from that, rolling your face across the keyboard is not a valid soldier PvP strategy.
    Quote Originally Posted by kesh View Post
    I heard black troxes have a huge nothing.
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    Also, Means posted within two minutes of Kintaii...

    I'm trying to imagine an office in Oslo where an adult man is sitting at his desk, when his colleague walks in, and says 'hey man, you should roll your face on the keyboard'..

    Odd.. so very.. odd..

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    bang your head against the monitor is more fun!

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    d hnj.;lkjhnfgftbguyjhnujhujhujhujhujhujhyntgbfvr
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    Anarrina is just doing her job. Way nicer in IRC.|| High aptitudes in some things != social skills.
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    m jnjmjmnh lfrfrtrfg

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