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Thread: Annoying small things everyone knows about yet have not been fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by eroz_c View Post
    Area change not initiated on server issues.
    There are several zones which exhibit this symptom. Most notably:
    • Between Galway Shire and Galway

    Status: Remains broken. Could use example coordinates and extended location info where zoning is not working.
    Make this the whole zone border. Zoning ONLY works in close proximity to the two roads, and even there if you zone running on the bridge, chances are very high that you end up in the water below the bridge on the other side.

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    Oh, wait, GMS...

    GMS column order configuration and the "sort by" column selection is not persistent, they always reset back to some arbitrary default value every time you close and reopen the window.
    Furthermore, if you turn the visibility of some columns off, for some of them only the column header is removed, but the values of the given column are still displayed, only they are horizontally pushed into, and thus overlap, the column to the left of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartekO View Post
    Yep I get that too.

    I have found as a workaround to "resize" the window slightly makes that top part jump back to the way it should be. I jusat need to "resize" a pixel or two.
    Yupp.. thats the "fix" i use myself as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adjuster View Post
    Zoning messes up NCU Window!

    When using the default "icon view mode" of the NCU window to show currently running programs, all programs are reshuffled after zone. You have to close/reopen the window to have the default sorting back (sorted by remaining time). Not sure if this issue is also there in "list view mode". This issue has bugged me for YEARS!
    It's also there in list mode, but if you have "Remain" dragged to the front (so that you can see it) you can just click it to have it sorted again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyphos View Post
    Speaking of GMS, and IDK if I'm the only one...

    Exiting a player shop building and pressing W to run ahead makes your character take 1 step foward then come to a dead stop. you have to release W and press it again to make your character move.
    Status: broken
    That may have something to do with where you end up when you zone out.

    Taking one step then puts you on the actual stairs, like so, and interrupts your movement.

    It seems like a lot of zoning spots with differing elevations are borked. I'm curious as to why.

    Edit: Same problem with the city Grid Exit. Zone into the floor, one step, stopped. The org HQ has a similar problem, as well. It'll put you underneath the top set of stairs, but not all the way onto the ground. Not sure if this is because it wants to but can only shove you through one solid when you zone or whether the height's just off. Or some crazy third thing.
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    /stuck on noob island.

    Warps you in the southwest corner of the PF, far far away from land. Sure, you can /terminate without consequences but it's still annoying sometimes.
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    - When in grid trying to go to Old Athen, and some other locations too maybe, You get a constant spam saying your comp lit skill is not high enough. It takes a while untill you finaly zone.
    - When saving in garden sometimes the Saving animation does not start, what means you will remain frozen in the same place for a while. Just standing doing nothing.
    - When exiting a player shop you have to press forward twice to actualy move.
    - when gaining over 1000ncu or 100m credits you are unable to see your ncu/credits completly (not important at all but little annoying).
    - when you have been blinded when having fog turned off: the fog will return on, while in the f10 menu your fog is still turned off. (fixable by turning fog on/off again)
    - Some le procs are still vissible in the hostile ncu window. I have reported this many times, and still not fixed.

    (sorry if any of these have been mentioned yet in these 5 pages )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocene View Post
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    Wearing the Photon Embedded Cloak in Social tab (either neck or back) while wearing the Perfected Alien Tank Armour in Clothing tab makes the tank only show like shoulder pads.

    It doesn't bug like this with the cloak in the clothing tab (neck slot).

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    Nice work on this thread

    Items in Inventory Screen Blanks
    When you resize your inventory screen to a size that doesn't fit nicely into 24 (i.e. not 2,3,4 or 8) it will leave blank slots in the bottom right corner of the screen. A graphical bug allows you to place items in these spaces making it appear that you have inventory space, even when it is full.
    Status: Remains broken.

    Double Spaced Backpacks
    If you stack your backpacks so that they appear in the same window, it will sometimes happen that a bag will open with icons double spaced (a big grey gap between rows). This can usually be fixed by closing everything else that shares the window and reopening the bag.
    Status: Remains broken.

    Quote Originally Posted by eroz_c View Post
    Pit Lizard + Cold Blooded camera bug.
    The camera is attached to the wrong point in an advy in Pit Lizard form who used the Cold Blooded shrink nano. The camera actually attaches into the point where the head of the full size Pit Lizard used to be, causing problems with walls.
    Status: Remains broken.
    Along similar lines to this;

    The camera position in the Wolf Morph is positioned between the two heads, however the collision detection is further back. This means that if you run into a wall, it is possible for your head, and hence the camera lock point in 3rd Person, to go through the wall resulting in very nauseating camera jumps.

    Quote Originally Posted by EdtaatdE View Post
    Tells do not always go to all windows where they are subscribed
    If you have multiple windows and send or receive a tell, they don't always show to all windows where they should. See this recent topic for more info.
    Status: Remains broken
    Just to add some more information to this one, if you send a tell message from a window that is subscribed to tell messages, then all future tells from this person will only appear in that window and no others, even if the other windows are subscribed to tells.

    The way to fix this is either to send them a tell from an unsubscribed window, or to open a tell window to the person and send one from there.
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    When outside:
    Turning camera one direction you have light, when turning it another way it's semi-dark.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocene View Post
    Einstein said, there's two things that are infinite.. the universe and human stupidity... and I'm not sure about the universe.

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    The Constrained Gridspace Waveform locks the skill needed to use GMS for four hours.

    When you set your NCU window to sort by time remaining, it often bugs out and places buffs with hours remaining ahead of some about to expire.

    After using 3rd person lock for kitty form, sitting down for a long time or logging out/in, your camera will be shifted off to one side for a while afterward.

    If you have your skill window open when you zone, your zoning will take ages if it works at all.

    After using mouse-look and zoom and mouse-turn while in a yalm, sometimes the Numpad 5 key will "centre" you lower and lower. If you spam it, it becomes apparent, and if you hold it you'll be swung underneath the yalm for a strange camera angle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xatgunner View Post
    When outside:
    Turning camera one direction you have light, when turning it another way it's semi-dark.
    The rain in Omni1 Entertainment can work like that too

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    Oh, I thought of another. There are two borg "camps" in PW (a north one labeled "Cyborg Hideout" on my CSP map and a south one labeled "Liberty Omni Mine") connected by a little highway of sorts.

    The opening from the highway into the north camp has some strange invisible offset geometry such that you only have a tiny sliver along the east edge of the opening to run through. Attempting to run through any other part of the opening results in hitting an invisible wall, giving your enormous pull of borgs a good opportunity to pwn you.

    It makes pulling from the western half of the cyborg hideout a bit more exciting and separates the noob pullers from the experienced ones, but its annoying when I forget and the borgs get free pot shots at me.
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    In the interests of consolidating information:

    • Pen patterns have same loot table spot as fragments of the source, so pattern drop rate is really, really low.
    • Player sometimes has to zone after trading an item. It's been around forever, and some patch notes a year or so ago said it was fixed, but it's not.
    • Team invites can result in broken teams. If player A sends an invite to player B, then player B sends an invite to player A, then player B accepts A's invite, they'll be in team, but player A still has the invite from B. If you accept that, behavior is odd. Sometimes you show up in team twice. Sometimes the team looks normal until you try to leave team and it won't let you leave. Only way to fix is relog.
    • Team invites fail if a player is zoning. If the player sending an invite or the player receiving the invite zones before accepting it, the player almost never ends up in the team. Not a big deal, just minor and annoying.
    • Teams don't end up in the same Inner Sanctum instance. It happens sometimes in other places also, but almost always in Inner Sanctum, or did 6 months or so ago.
    • Enforcers can't see where they're going 90% of the time in RK missions or AI ships because their heads are in the ceiling.
    • Grafts don't check against nano resist. Why should a nano cast by some noob with a graft be more powerful than a nano cast by an expert?
    • In the inferno mission room that is has doors on two sides, with a lot of Xan machinery and a lava area below, there is a spot near the corner of the path where you can fall and not be able to get out or sit and /stuck.
    • First mob in the quest for the key to Lord Galahad's sanctuary is on a significantly longer timer than all other mobs in the quest. (3 hours for him, ~10-15 minutes for others)
    • When using the raid interface, if you're moved from team to team, sometimes the bars you've pulled out disappear (not just that people shift, but if you have all 36 bars out, and you get moved a lot, you almost always lose a handfull and have to pull them out again)
    • There's a ridge on the floor in mitaar a bit away from the various platforms, and if you stand there, you get the "Can't XXX while falling". It doesn't look like it should be an edge, and it's really frustrating in such a high paced instance.
    • Mezz's don't always break on attack. Especially happens a lot in inferno missions, where a crat mezzes a mob, then the team switches to that mob but even when taking damage, the mezz doesn't go away, so the mob gets out-of-combat heal delta. Really, really annoying.

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    Guarding the source quest (to kill beast for professional star) given by Ergo of Inferno has unannounced stipulations to it that can cause most people to fail getting their mission update from Beast.

    Everything about the quest talks of killing the beast, but in fact you have to target him, and not with assist or tab but lclick and it has to be done while RIGHT by beast.

    If you fail to get the update before beast dies Number Nine will not continue the quest and you will not get your prof star. And you will have to do beast again and do it "the proper way" (which is never openly announced!)
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    HP bar discrepencies in team window; a teammate's HP bar will sometimes seem permanently full until they're inspected with T, in which case their HP bar "fixes' back to the real value. Perhaps related to max health amounts being decreased with buffs terminating.

    A bug that's been in existence since 2001.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raggy View Post
    There is literally nothing wrong with {Shutdown Skills} in it's current incarnation. What should be being looked at is the reason why it's needed so much. E.g, the incredible amount of Alpha being thrown around and the fickleness of Evade profs.
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    I walk in to BS... could not perk people... with 3704 AR and 300 AAD drain... NT facerolled me, shade instagibbed me, after a few minutes I just decided not gonna bother.

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    New annoyance, from recent patch:

    Getting disconnected too often
    If you are not AFK but idle your character for 5 or more minutes,
    (example: waiting around for team member or whoever to arrive at your location)
    you will be disconnected from the server the moment you start moving again or interact with said person.
    this makes trading and tradeskilling very difficult, as the person will panic and send offline hate tells when you get logged out.
    Status: Broken
    Temp Solution: have your looping dance script active. yes, you'll look retarded while in combat but at least you'll stay logged in.
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    Heyas Xyphos,

    never happened to me. Some timeout on your side, perhaps?

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    I never had that either

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    Anyone else had a problem where you get booted from AO when trying to zone?

    Happens to me alot :/
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