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Thread: offical giant image thread

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    offical giant image thread

    must respond in less than one sentence with an image larger than 40 megapixels.

    bonus points if its horridly boring.
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    can I use my moon picture from the other thread in which you blatantly stole the idea from??

    Shoulda got a copyright, so fairgame.
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    Dirty Underpants of Bungerman
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    These befouled undergarments are painfully confining having previously belonged to a detail-oriented individual with much smaller genitals. Walking is difficult...running is impossible. Stains of a dubious nature adorn both the front and back of these "tighty-whities". Noxious fumes make your eyes burn and your nose run while wearing these. One can only imagine what you are doing wearing them.

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    I have seen some bad ideas of thread-topic but this one takes the cake

    I even had a hard time finding the text-box to reply to this thread because it was so far to the right
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    Electronite: FFA also destroyed Clan hegemony when it comes to tower wars. Ironically the downfall was started by the most active pvpers. Another ironic thing is that the downfall happened due to pvm conflict. Silirrion: (We have pretty good anti-troll filters by now though) Means: Thong-wearing troxes will always be a part of this game and a point of AO pride. Keldros: Obviously reall trolls don't use conditioner Marlark: If this forum was Swedish in it's language .. id pawn you any day. 220 NT: tl7 is a joke most of the time. 90% of the people are double double dead. some are worth debuffing tho. Mastablasta: you guys are right and I'm wrong. Ebag: No. You alpha me'd due to the stat bug. More Ebag: I don't have any twinks currently, nor do I participate much in mass TL7 PvP (though I do go occasionally, usually just to watch). Questra: an MP in sneak eNSDed me and did about 20k damage in 10-12 seconds

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    LOL. Just lol.
    Don't be lonely anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrangeline View Post
    I have seen some bad ideas of thread-topic but this one takes the cake

    I even had a hard time finding the text-box to reply to this thread because it was so far to the right
    Quote Originally Posted by Kinkstaah View Post
    LOL. Just lol.
    hey this guy thought it would be funny

    if you don't like to swim, stay out of the pool!
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    No. And to which I add, absolutely not.
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