Thread: I'm tired of reused Inventory Graphics..

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    Crossing fingers that it is only a "delay in contacting due to lots of work" and not a "we liked it but the boss said no because he already promised the job to his cousin" case.

    P.S.- No im not refering to any of the developers.
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    still that would be the dumbest thing to ignore and let what you did here unused ...

    FC show some reaction ! seems like we all want the game alive so don't run to the left !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Docaholic View Post
    P.S. Thanks for making this the most popular thread on the AO forums, let's see if we can push the popularity even further after this contract. I love AO and want it to be even better, anything I can do to help is a pleasure.
    I think so many people feel this way, help me encourage FC to do more crowd sourcing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siahanor View Post
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    This thread deserves another bump.

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    let the next bump be from FC (IF they are still interested.),.. if they aren't let it slide.. my patience is almost run out. I'll use the graphics I did to make a 'RingDrop' game similar to gem drop, collapse, bejeweled etc.

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    Good Luck, Doc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Docaholic View Post
    let the next bump be from FC (IF they are still interested.),.. if they aren't let it slide.. my patience is almost run out. I'll use the graphics I did to make a 'RingDrop' game similar to gem drop, collapse, bejeweled etc.

    i for one would welcome this, i didn't know Funcom had a limited database to items in game... i just thought it might of been laziness since LE armours were bland and plain etc...
    Originally Posted by Qualinas
    You're kinda slow, aren't you, Mr. Nov09?

    Well, its not everyday when I google for funcom or access
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    once again casting wake up call on FC
    u guys got perma ubt running or wut ?
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    Funcom employee

    Quote Originally Posted by Docaholic View Post
    Hi All,

    I've been playing for close to 5 years now, and one thing that has always rubbed me the wrong way about AO is the reuse of the same inventory graphic and simply renaming it.. Look I found a Juggler's treat, errm wait it's an OT ring, no,.. it's an augmented OT ring, nooo, it's a Notum ring.. hmm they all look the same.. grrrrrrrr

    I did some serious searching and found that there are only 29 unique 'Ring Graphics' in the game but several hundred different named rings in the game. I'm a gaming artist and it always bugged me that the little details like this get pushed aside and claims of it would take too long to fill in the blank Inventory item slots for 'reused graphics'. I say that's Horse Hockey! Today I decided to see how long it would take me to make 29 new rings for use as inventory graphics (matching the current number of rings graphics in the game).. just making rings off and on through the day, an estimated 6-7 hours of actual work and I got 29 new rings made.

    AO rings on the left and the new rings I made on the right. (I included 2 larger renderings of rings so you can see the quality of the work)

    I'd estimate that about a single week would be needed, and only one artist to finally put the reused graphics 'bug' to sleep once and for all. no more repetitive use of the same graphic in your inventory, no more accidently scraping your Biocomm processing what you thought was a monster part but actually was a half digested body part...

    Funcon, please take care of the age old eyesore. fill in the holes in your items database.. for the love of AO, do it now!

    Ok, I'm done venting, but seriously, you guys give us game artists a bad name. you either have the laziest artists in the industry, or all your artists have lost interest in the Anarchy Online Franchise.

    Did I say I'm done venting? I am now.. Cheers!
    Great work. Your icons have been mentioned many many times in the office. No question about that. Finding the time to catch up with you and actually do something about it is the hard part. PM me your phone number so we can talk in the "free" time I have when I walk from the office to my house.

    Again..great looking work
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    Thumbs up

    There ya go
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    Excellent work. I await the day each ring has a unique icon and my lvl 50's don't have mob parts on their shoulder slots.

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    Yey finally got an FC bump!!
    Still waiting for Ultimate Ofab Armor!

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    yay for all of us , win win situation we get new colourful icons, and Funcom gets happy customers and doc gets to do something with purpose hehe j/k
    Originally Posted by Qualinas
    You're kinda slow, aren't you, Mr. Nov09?

    Well, its not everyday when I google for funcom or access
    Oh noes j00 want me to bring my "Join date: 2004" main to pwn yo? lols @ forum pvp

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    id love to see doc try rendering some of the Rubi-Ka monsters if he has time
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    Nice looking rings you got there

    Also nice to see some reaction from FC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grayfox211 View Post
    if this is all it takes to get hired by FC, get everyone all jazzed up and excited and thinking its the next best thing since sliced not impressed. it makes me feel FC is extraordinarily lazy or untalented, dont get me wrong, its good work, its just not mindblowing. i could do this in Gimp, it wouldnt be too hard. that being said, if FC is really thinking about using this type of art-work, i would gladly contribute my time and donate art like this. i just presumed FC wouldnt be open to the idea because no one had mentioned it. i could do 3d art and texturing as well. i have several years experience doing it.

    i really appreciate the starter of this thread going through the effort and showing FC what the community has to offer. FC can hire me anytime

    Please get off your troll throne, If you are so great, then show us some of your mind blowing artwork or renders instead of telling us how much experiance you got and dogging someone elses skills.

    IF AO does decide to hire him, it is not based on talent alone, but more so how he approached AO about the issue with repeating graphics. "Hey AO, you are good but could be great, these are some examples you can use as a reference..." While you on the other hand, "You suck, i can do better i got more exp than j00" was the highlight of your post.

    Also do note, the number of years experience does not account for much, it may mean you are really talented or that you had to spend longer to learn something compared to others due to a handicap....

    ---- Back on Topic ----


    You have my respect and appreciation. You came in to this thread in a professional manner with a claim and had the goods/research/information to back that claim up. It takes balls to come in here and say im good, it takes cohones grandes to be able to say that and prove it.

    Regardless on if FC/AO staff utilizes you or your work, I along with many other members of this community respect your approach, work, time, and talent in this ordeal.

    ^^ Rep


    -- Ani
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    I really appreciate all the kind comments, and the suggestions & critiques are awesomeness multiplied. (how else would I get better at what I do.)

    I am a Troll friendly Artist. Trolls help keep my ego in check. Trolls often make valid points, but sometimes lack the literary skills to properly express what they see as a 'wrong'. When reading any posts by Trolls, please remember to read between the lines, and put a positive spin on what they are saying. More often than not Trolls are trying to say something good. Trolls are easily confused, words like 'Lazy and Busy' seem to have the same meaning to a Troll, it's a 50/50 chance they'll pick the right one. With those kinds of odds, life as a Troll must be a rough deal.

    When you see a Toll, don't be too harsh, practice some Trollerance. (aka 'tolerance' to most people)

    -------------/end of lecture

    Now, back to the subject at hand, I'm currently finishing up a small art contract, I'll be back to making more icons shortly.

    Please, post any suggestions you have for 'INVENTORY' graphics. (or post item names that you know have wrong or misleading icons in-game.) My Heckler textures was just me being eclectic and getting sidetracked. I should stick to the INVENTORY Graphics, because that is and should remain my primary goal throughout this project. once that is done, perhaps nano icons and other stuff that are not tied to models/meshes. I'm mainly a 2D Artist, and an Old school one at that.

    Keep the comments, suggestions and feedback rolling in. I'll be posting more stuff soon(tm)

    Cheers, Have Fun, I am!
    --Being Neutral IS a choice, not a failure to make one!--
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