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Thread: Requests: Several other small requests together

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    Bugs-Requests: Several other small bugs and requests together

    Bugs-Requests: Several other small bugs and requests together

    * Make it possible to name bags. This helps keeping them from each other in the bank for instance

    * Make it possible to drag an item from the bank and put it in the chat bar. It's very annoying I have to take an item from the bank, and then be able to show it to others.

    * Fix the Health bar problem in the team window when zoning

    * Some level rooms have items that gets monsters and pets stuck behind. Please change those rooms to not have NPC's stuck anymore.

    * Make the spam barrier for messages a bit larger. I'm getting pretty annoyed that I have to wait for 5 seconds after each 5 items I post (like from boss loot for instance)

    * Make a solution to fix the large number of missend tells.
    I've even seen GM's send mistells, which should say enough that it's not working properly. My suggestion... Separate chat windows for each private person you chat with.

    * Instruction discs: tell in the info window, which profession the nano crystal it produces is for.

    * Help tips... the first time a new player gets a trade skill item from somewhere, there should be a tip explaining that trade skill items are partial items to a construction of something, so that they can't use that item directly for something.

    * Lifts: change how the lifts work... A small button to be clicked upon is a terrible system especially since it can be removed from sight by players and monsters standing over it.

    * (Boss) loot droppings: If you shift click a monster remains, you get a list of all the loot it dropped. Same for chests (after opened).
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    Wery interesting, especially about boss loot, lifts. But hey if they do all that, probably it ends up in one more expansion pack, solving all that stuff will lead to completely new game - bugless and customers friendly. It's Funcom, they can't do that. No, no.

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