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Thread: 2 Handed Blunt Weapon needs...

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    2 Handed Blunt Weapon needs...

    2hb is still a competitior in todays melee weapon and ranged weapon bracket. It has not been left behind like flamethrowers or grenades and still has some pretty good support, but we need a fourth attack to keep up with the damage of everyone else. Im stuck with 2 specials on my dreadlock bear and a 30 min recharge dimach that hardly comes close to its possible damage because enfos don't specialize in dimach. I am lagging behind other professions damage wise in pvp due to the fact that their 15-10 sec capped specials (aim shot, full auto, and sneack attack) are completely murdering players hp wise. 2hb is 2k perk damage under every professions weapon line yet we all have the same amount of attack perks. the only area I can OD a profession damage wise is in fact base damage where its possible (with a dreadlock bear) to OD just about every weapon (besides fist cus of crazy crits from MA lol) by 200-300 damage. 2hb needs a fourth attack that caps atleast 15% hp or that does 5% hp but has a 30-50% stun/int debuff around 700ish.

    I was thinking the fourth attack could be based on 50% brawl skill and 50% fast attack skill along with 100% add all off to measure its accuracy and damage output. possibly making the 4th attack skill cap at 3-4k combined skill maybe (add all off+fast attack+brawl), or making it hit for 0 evades like sneack attack but having the damage based on the above mentioned stats, and have it recycle cap at 15-10 seconds like eveyrone else with the recyle capping at that 3-4k skill rating (the starting recycle time will be up to you as i don't know how recycle time is calced with skill points and different weapon). As far as geting the attack, if its to hard to program all the released 2hb weapon with the new attack then maybe construct a quest(level sclaed that can be redone several times) that unlocks an upgrade kit of different qls that we must earn to use the 4th attack. I have no problem earning the 4th attack and im sure 2hb users of every level would be up to the challenge to get the 4th attack that we need so desperately.

    Perk wise we could use a damage scale up on perks to make them hit a little harder maybe by 1-2k, or we could in fact have another HUGE damage perk such as a 500-1k damage add that last 30-40secs like hammer and anvil( stacks with this perk of course) but with no ar (damage add possibly based on how much 2hb skill you currently have also having it along the lines of the 7th or 9th perk), but with a cool down of about 50 sec to 1min so that it may be refreshed constantly.(possible names: Juggernaut, Unchecked Tyrant,. possible descript: You are currently effected by <insert name here>. Your are a forced to be reckoned with.)

    If the damage buff doesnt fly maybe giving the 2hb attacks other effects to aide them such as making pulverize have a scaling ac debuff that goes up in level( im thinking an ac debuff that starts at 500 and sclaes up 500 more for each 2hb perk added (15-30 sec duration)( there after) making damage our foes a little easier and helping 2hb users make the best of our higher average damage instead of perk damage(ac debuffed status could be known as pulverize, possible descrip:"You seemed a little banged up from that last blow. Your defence needs time to recouperate"). overwhelming might could have a 1k int debuff(15-20 secs), 4 sec stun( like blunt mastery level 8 perk) or a possible 1kish dot that ticks maybe 5 times making it a nice source of damage pvm wise and a actually useful pvp dot that ticks for 500 damage each(possible status: Overwhelmed, possible descript: You are feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Your opponents strength was more then you realized).

    Another note is on Seismic smash. Please make it insta use. It's beena real pain timeing the hammer and anvil gracious but taxing alpha wise 7-9sec perk window to cast seismic smash. as far as I know all other profession have instant final moves I cant see why seismic smash can't be the same. It would be much more useful timing wise for pvp and pvm this way. It is also the lowest hitting final move melee profession wise seeing as it will usally hit min in sl or pvp taking its 6-8k damage potential and gimping it to around 3k. If the damage is not to be scaled up slightly on all perk attacks maybe just scale up the min and max on this move to balance it out with everyone elses final perk. If no perk damage scaling is to be done a possible 10-15k or complete AC wipe that ac debuffs to 0 could also be useful with a duration of about 30 secs to be effective would also be a nice addition making 2hb users once again capitalize not on perk damage but our high base damage.(possible status Seismic Smashed, possible descrip: "Your defence has been rendered completly useless. You can't stop shaking from the hellish impact"). Also taking away the need for hammer and anvil to be used before using seismic smash would actual cut down on the perk wait. It's a little frustrating to wait 2 mins on hammer and anvil when seismic smash only takes 1 min and 30 secs to recharge.

    Finally I understand that theres always new things coming out in this game and there might not be time now to fix all the things we gamers need but please take a read, take a read and provide critism, and maybe help me figure out these these numbers to make the effects and damage balnced and effective. I tried my best to find a way to even (not unbalance) the damage given for my profession in a hope that we may be equal with all other profession/weapon types damage wise. On the positive Funcom has provided the 2hb group with excellent Attack rating(possbily the highest posible attack rating weapon class in the game if your an enforcer) and base damage and I am very happy with it. Sadly our perk damage is 2k under every one elses(and a perk with weird timing) and we have no hp cap attack( all im askin for is 15% not everyone elses 30). I hope you consider, or I hope you atleast listen to some of my argument.

    side note: names for the 4th attack on 2hb( Clonk, Impact, Smash, Ground pound, Crush, Pound, Jab, poke, revenge, bludgeon, flatten, Power hit, thunderous blow) if people have any more ideas on names or the topic in genral dont forget to share :P
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    I would like to see the true enf profession go back to its more fundamental roots in wpn lines... 2HB specifically is ENF... it is in our profession toolset yet I have to say Dictan, you are the only 2hb user I have ever met (and met you for the first time on my enf last night in BS... thnx for the pounding )

    (~ though I am 1hb ~) I would garner to say the vast majority of enfs are 2he.. admittingly 2he DOES provide the better DMG... and ENFs do have choices on wpns to use... BUT, FC has not allowed for the ENF to play on its targeted strengths... unless it sees enfs as a 2he prof?

    From the FC playing guide pg. 35

    As an Enforcer you will normally be using a blunt melee weapon in combat.
    Depending on the size of the weapon (look at what skill it uses for attacking)
    you should increase the skill 1 Hand Blunt Weapons or the skill 2 Hand Blunt
    Weapons (Melee), plus Brawl (Body) and Melee Initiative (Speed).

    2nd Dictan's suggestion (us blunt users pick blunt as our roles in gameplay... allow us to shine... err... as bright as a candle )

    Names: Crunch; Armor Smash; Pounding Hammer; Stripping Blow; Seismic Ram; Bashing Tremor; (for 2hb specifically) Dance with the Sledgehammer
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    and i umm also think that we should have a special nano that u can only cast on froobs,that turns them into lil monkeys and forces their char to work the APF elavator!

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    Well, if nothing, 2hb and 1hb weapons should all have small chance to stun and/or perform knockback.

    And that's all.
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    You won.
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    The only thing really wrong with 2hb is the perks. lack of damage on perks compared to say, 2he is pathetic. The dreadloch bear is a pretty bad ass weapon, the proc is very nice as well. 2hb enforcers are not bad off weaponwise.

    Just fix the perks, and kill some of the retarded chains that the perks rely on.

    (and glad to see you finally got something better than that support beam, dictan)
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    ...Ranged professions enjoy a significant advantage everywhere and more so against pet professions...
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    Note: Calling me an "incompetant ass-monkey", while admitedly is extremely amusing, does nothing to quantify what exactly, if anything, you would like to see changed in your/someone else's nanos.

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    Ok, I would like to say a couple things about 2hb first I have used 2hb since creation weapon wise nothing is really wrong with 2hb yes at tl5 we dont have an alpha like every one else unless we have dimach up but fixing the perks should fix that

    The only things that makes 2hb less than any other choice is the fact that the perks damage blows giant ones and the fact that hammer and anvil doesn't gray out like it should and since it is part of a chain makes it a pain

    Note: we don't need a new attack, we don't need a new weapon, we don't need a faster weapon, we just need the freak'n perks fixed

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    even with perk damage fixed we'd be a little behind ranged professions pvp and pvm wise. it shouldn't be that a sold can solo something in half the time and enf can. I'm still pulling for a fourth attack just to even the playfeild with orther profs damage wise. enforcers can capitalize in tanking easy but dd is a little harder. Since funcom gave us such huge damage potential why shouldnt all of our weapon classes be able to capitalize on it. I'd much rather be able to make a dd enf then a tank enf and have a solid array of options to let me do so. Do you guys lean more towards higher damage buff procs and ac wipes or just pure perk damage boost and effects?
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    In my own personal opinion, good 2HB weapons should be as follows

    - High damage
    - Slow attack/recharge speed
    - Brawl-like stun chance
    - Gain some bonus, possibly linked to the above, for high strength values

    Why? well the support beam and sledgehammers are the defining 2hb weapons, and now try to imaging being hit with one or just waving one about...

    Sure theres light weight 2hb weapons, like wooden twigs and boat oars, but theyre just not the same
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    lol boat oars. nice ideas keepem comin

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    Bump.. 1hb also needs attention tho
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    <-- 2HB Enfo (in case anyone doubted we still existed! )

    Bump for looking at our blunt perks please

    The blunt weaps are fine (but 2he are finer ) imo. Some new weaps with tweeked stats & a very cool look (equiv of EOT, but big ugly & crushy) would be nice, but not essential.

    I don't think we need more ganking power though... I used to think Slice n Dice was OP, but in light of tripples it looks quite fine imo.

    Dictan, if you want more specials, then compromise & go 1HE+1HB or pure 1HE. Quite a few pvp enfs do & do it quite successfully too.

    My only real gripe with blunt are the weak perklines. Remodelling one perk in each line to make it as strong as SnD & dropping the chaining (we're not shades!) & ofc fixing the visual bug of Hammer n Anvil not appearing locked. That's all that's necessary imo.
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    (sneak attack doesn't have a 10-15 sec recharge)

    From what I gather.. it seems that the perks are the main issue.
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    Means should go to the local butcher shop and buy a large roast. Put his pc's microphone next to the meat. Get a large, heavy mallet - grip it with both hands - and smash the meat. Use this as the sound for the dread bear.

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    I got this far..

    Quote Originally Posted by Dictan View Post
    2hb is still a competitior in todays melee weapon and ranged weapon bracket. It has not been left behind like flamethrowers or grenades and still has some pretty good support,
    Excuse me? 2hb is competitive in the ranged weapon bracket?

    I rick roll your thread. Seriously.

    As much as enforcer's are getting their much needed perklines refixed there are other threads for that. Take a moment and use the 'search' function. OR, you could always try the 'enforcer forums'. I hear thats where these people called 'enforcer's go.
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    Damage 440-501 (440) - Melee AC

    Dreadloch Enhanced Bear
    Damage 440-578 (450) - Melee AC

    Kinda insulting isn't it

    Issues that the testers probly look at when deciding what to "fix"
    Well enforcers can perk the full 2hb and 2he lines and use perks from both so we can't make 2hb any better or enforcer damage would be too good. We could give those 2hb enfoes a nice 520-650 (450) wep but then they would all swap 2he for perks then go back to 2hb and damage would be too high again (they could give it a 5sec equip time or something but then guess what, no AS hotswap and no sneak hotswap for 2hb enfs, not an improvement). We could give them a stun proc 2hb wep like the keepers have but then the 2he enfs could hotswap again or if we increase the equip time then the stun proc is useless cause 2hb enfs lack sneak and perk damage to kill while the opponent is stunned.

    atm 2hb is already used by some enfs to hotswap for an AR boost and a no miss perk attack in pvp and i'm sure FC knows that. The only way a fix will happen is if something is made that only the 2hb enfoes could utilize, and the same thing goes for the 1hb enfs as well.

    Honestly though, considering the damage output from every prof, even support profs, that want to make sacrifices in other areas to increase damage, why not just allow enfs to do it as well with any type of wep setup. Even if 2hb perks did the same damage as 2he or 1he, its not like they would ever OD MA's shades and soldiers anyways. It still wouldnt compare to the advantage of AS or FA in pvp and enfs would lose out on a full perk line or more just for a few damage perks. My damage as a 2he 1he enforcer is nice, but its not easy, it takes sacrifices and can be easily messed up with nanos and procs. Boosting the blunt lines will not overpower enforcers as FC probly fears it will.

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    well any of the suggestions I put on there I think would help close the gap. as far as hotswapping I didn't think it was actually a good idea to swap a 2hb weapon mid alpha. From my experience it takes way to long to swap a dread bear and if I wind up swapping it at all my damage and alpha is pretty much screwed. im thinking if they can't give use a new attack to even the playfeild and they cant put us on par with our other weapon perklines maybe they could atleast give us the damage boost necessary to excell in base damage to cover our other flaws. Personally i'm starting to like the ac wipe + damage up perk ideasmore then the rest when I think about it because it would give our line debuffs a unique twist to all the other moves and enforcers weapon line has to offer.

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