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Thread: Social UTIL items

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    Social UTIL items

    I looked at my signature of items to bump and I saw that the thread on social utility items was in essence "locked" because it is in an inactive forum now (note to the forum patrol ... that thread itself wasn't locked for doing anything wrong, its just in a dead forum even though the subject is still valid).

    That just won't do. So lets open things up again.

    The original thread.

    The concept: We want the ability to put certain items like Wen-Wens, Lightbars, Vet point items (devils, angels, etc), in a social tab.

    Yes, the current social tab is full, so we'll need a "Social 2" tab for it OR just the ability to place these items in an existing (but often unused) tab. For instance I'd suggest the following map (uses proportional fonts and coloring, sorry if you use a different browser theme than the default):

    ....[Neck OR UTIL1] [Head] .[Back]
    ......[R. Shoulder] [Chest] [L. Shoulder]
    ...........[R. Arm] [Hands] [L. Arm]
    [R. Wrist OR UTIL2] [Legs] .[L. Wrist OR UTIL3]
    ..........[R. Hand] [Feet] .[L. Hand]

    The reasons for this mapping:

    1) It seems like all the social items (that I can think of) are UTILs, not HUDs.

    2) I picked slots that people almost NEVER use on the social tab (neck, wrists) because of exactly that reason, they are never used. Who has a VISIBLE social neck or wrist item? Maybe they exist BUT they're insanely uncommon if they do.

    In fact if coding 2 types of item into a single slot is too hard then these 3 slots could be just converted over. Or give us an option in F10 to change these 3 slots to UTILs

    F10 -> Visual -> Misc -> Social Tab Option:
    [ ] Enable UTILs instead of Neck and Wrists

    Just like all other social items these slots would not provide any buffs to your toon. However lightbars would still cast light (light from light UTILs in this game are purely client-side visual effects that help illuminate otherwise insanely dark areas ... it doesn't affect your ability to hit/target others nor does it affect mobs/others being able to perceive you).

    AO has WAAAAAAAY more -really- useful UTIL items now than it ever did when the lightbar and wen-wens were common in the UTIL slots. Let us use the social items we have ... socially ... in the social tab.


    (bump this thread
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    An additional request that was made, but that goes slightly beyond the pure social nature, was this:

    Let us equip garden keys in a social slot so we can use that for warp designations without unequipping our, often more useful, HUD1 slot

    What this means is ... let us have a slot where we can put a SL garden key, without getting any buffs, and if there is a key there IT is used instead of HUD1 to determine our warp destination.

    Some folks put stuff (like Yatamuchy Movement Predictors, some Zod items, etc) in HUD1 and can't hotswap them. So using HUD1 as a warp designator is a pretty ugly hassle.

    Perhaps allow keys to go in the Social tab's Neck slot (or Neck and Wrists), ie designate them not just UTIL1-3 but also HUD1 and use that, if exists, as a warp designation first.

    This would, imo, take more coding ... but be extremely useful.
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    Yeah what he said.

    What's the point in having social util items when you can't use them in social tab? It's the most obvious oversight in social tab imo, so please fix it.

    Edit: For the 2nd post, just making it sufficient to have garden key in inventory to cast the MP/fixer garden nano would be an easier solution imo.
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    Bump for this!

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    Bump! I would love to put a light on in social and have it work.

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    Bump for this too definitely

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    as if we don't have enough tabs, bars, slots, etc...

    then again, it's good thing social can be used as a secondary inventory.
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    Bump, I want some light without swapping out whatever hud/utils item I have in
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    Bump, but if bracers of shrinking/growing flesh ever become usable in social then the wrist slots will be used for something.
    Probably won't happen, but just a thought.
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    bump for using util/hud social items in social. Theres hardly anything more for the visual thing than the demon/angel etc. you can buy with vet points and we can't even use them in social!

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    i know it's nice to think about, but there is a big reason why this will never happen:
    social hud/util/wrist slots are useful, and this goes against the very point of the social tab: looking good.

    if they wanted you to have more hud/util/wrist slots, they'd have put them in the wear tab. using the social tab for extra inventory space is one thing, but allowing use of it for a more gameplay-affecting purpose will never happen.

    thus, it's like the nanodeck: top-tier nanos vs good stats.*

    so it's your choice: light source vs garden key vs buffing item vs vehicle
    same goes for wrists: useful mods vs not being easily seen

    (*of course, this is assuming that all nanodeck-requiring nanos are worth the long equip time, which is clearly not the case. but that's a separate issue)
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    Social Wrist slots

    Just a note. My Social Wrist slots don't go unused.

    I put things like hacked grafts into them then hotbar them. Very nice to be able to pop a Engie damage shield when there's no Engie around. Or to cast some other class specific effect I don't otherwise have access to without cluttering my inventory with rarely used yet useful items.

    Likewise the Social finger slots are very nice places to keep ToTW special rings, also hotbar'd. I've never grasped why I could only equip (pre-social) two rings when, presumably, I have ten fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorgir View Post
    Just a note. My Social Wrist slots don't go unused.

    I put things like hacked grafts into them then hotbar them. Very nice to be able to pop a Engie damage shield when there's no Engie around. Or to cast some other class specific effect I don't otherwise have access to without cluttering my inventory with rarely used yet useful items.

    Likewise the Social finger slots are very nice places to keep ToTW special rings, also hotbar'd. I've never grasped why I could only equip (pre-social) two rings when, presumably, I have ten fingers.
    Aww I only have 8 fingers

    Bump for a good idea

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    Bump for this because for the few RP couples in AO that got married, and have actual rings it's nice to be able to wear them now! What does drive me nuts though is the lack of what the OP is saying.. I would love to be able to use a light bar or one of my little shoulder/util lights again (all 3 spots taken up as well as HUDs so I'm usually eating wall in the dark) - again no buff benefits gained from using them, except the ability to see!

    Like with the Tertium Quid for example.. you would have a light source and be able to wear it whenever you like without hogging up one of your far to precious Util/HUD spots, without getting the beneficial buffs from it, just a cool little light so you don't have to go blind straining to see in the total 0% light penetrable areas in AO
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    Bump ^^ i would like a torch to light my way without using my vital spots
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    are there any visible bracers ingame?

    if so, can make it right bracer or util 1, left bracer or util 1.

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    Gimmeh !


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    a more useful and less complicated solution to the whole hud items garden key thing is just expand it to use util slots....i dont know of any setup that would require huge twinking for those slots, or all 3. im pretty sure at any given time you can swap at least one util, or heck, make it even a deck 1 slot position as well so whatever one is equiped gets warped. each garden key is ncu to begin with anyway.

    i know there would be an imediate problem with "how do u handle if you have more than one equiped?"

    the same way hhab was handled, just use that same function call and apply it to the garden key items....simple as that, should take like an hours worth of time. lol idk how long it would take, lol but i wouldnt suppose it would take very much time since they already coded it for hhab.

    as far as the social util items in complete amazed that it got posted today about it...i was thinking that exact same thing earlier today, howd i like to have my little angel light mounted, except for the fact that im using utility slots all the time. i wouldnt suppose that would be too hard to put in either would it? could u just throw that in on the side in the next patch? pleeeease? lol

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