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Thread: Sector 10 Tanking

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    Sector 10 Tanking

    Well it is not so much an enforcer issue but what is needed in a team to take on everything in S10?

    Having issues with the first Cha boss, I assume he needs to be NSD'd to stop the larva things spawning and stunning the doc.

    Or are soldiers and a heavy DD teams to kill before he gets a chance to spawn stuff the solution?
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    Essentially, you only need a 3 person team made up of one Crat, one Doc, and one Soldier. For the first boss, you just need to have lots of cages, just have them in your hotbar and spam tab and the cage should be able to get all of them pretty fast.

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    Fixers are also really usefull there, 1 area snare when the stuff spawns and it doesnt even get to move
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    Do snares still work on Larvae?

    Haven't been to s10 for a while but a 2 - 3 (3 needed for middle) man fixer team could solo everything before.

    I think it's changed since then though.
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    Basically when the balls pop the crat has to aoe snare the boss. Prevents them from going all over. They still bomb from time to time though. Just watch out for a green flash near you. It flashes three times before bombing. Just move away from the flash if you see it .

    Oh and when the larvaes pop, the crat should cast an aoe calm on the boss. This calms the larvs and you can cage whenever you like =p

    So if you have a decent crat, a good doc and a tank you can do all of s10 pretty easily =p.

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    Talking the secret

    I'll tell you how to kill everything in S10:
    - Doc
    - Crat
    - Soldier

    All team member must have good damage! I would recomend
    Crat: Jame Blaster and nanobots (has more dmg than the soldier)
    Doctor: Jame Blaster (must have good hp, and evades would help)
    Soldier: Superior Perennium Blaster (must have a lot of hp!)

    Middle Boss:
    Crat must have the Stun procs turned on! and dont use nanobots on this boss to be ready for the nuke balls spawn, and when they spawn quickly use the best area snare a 150 crat can use on the boss before the balls move so you'll snare all of them around. when the Larvaes spawn if they spawn with nuke balls snare balls first and then calm all the larvaes and encage them! Can use the initiatives debuff nano crat has too.

    Soldier must have as much HP as possible! and not go with TMS on to the boss, only turn TMS on when doc say so (cuz he can be in a nano program recharge). Soldier must do max dmg he can and be close to the boss so doc won't get aggro!

    Doctor must Focus only on Healing and keep attacking the boss. Warn soldier for TMS when you have no chance of healing him in time!

    East Boss: Rush it its much easy! same rules of Middle.

    Nano drain boss:
    DOC CAN'T ATTACK! only heal the soldier!
    Crat get Vectors as pets and fire at will!
    Soldier go with TMS on since u'll have no nano later...
    the rest are the same rules as before...

    Fire Boss:
    Obviously all get away from the fire! and rest just apply the same rules you used on the other bosses!

    And if ur lucky u got some good bots and phatz...
    GL on it

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