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Thread: 17.9 Release Notes

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    17.9 Release Notes

    New Content and Major additions

    • - New explosive encounter for those standing over the remains of Tarasque.

    Steps of Madness Changes
    • A new NPC can be found in Newland that can provide transport to the dungeon.
    • Spawn rates on mobs in the dungeon have been changed considerably.
    • More mobs have been placed out in the dungeon.
    • The health levels of the mobs have been amended to more sane levels.
    • New items avalailable for the dungeon.
    • Several of the old items have been revamped.
    • Drop rates improved on all the items in the dungeon.

    The Escaped Prisoners
    • New high level encounters to seek out escaped prisoners that have recently managed to break out of the Rubi-Ka jails.
    • Players can seek out the new Prison Warden NPCs for details.

    Dust Brigade – Locating the threat
    • The Dust Brigade questline has been extended for those players who have already completed the exitsing parts of the quest.
    • Added additional content to the end of the existing 17.7 Dust Bridage Questline to tie the new quest extention to the previous content.

    Perk Changes
    • The way Shade perk chains work has been changed. The perks will be changed to now check against the user rather than the target if they have recently activated the previous step in the chain. This means that shades will be able to carry chains forward from one target to another.
    • Shade Piercing Mastery perk chains should now only require "behind target" to execute the first step in the chain
    • The perk effect 'Incapacitate' should now be visible to players again.
    • Added Splinter Preservation proc to the Bio Cocoon stacking line so it cant proc while Bio Cocoon is running.

    Nano Changes
    • New nano formula available for most professions from the new Dust Brigade quest (some professions have recieved an item rather than a nano)

    Item Changes
    • Reduced the tradeskill requirements for the Infused Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol.
    • Items found in the new content can be used to upgrade the Engineer's master pistol even further.
    • Fixed the missing transparency on three djellaba social clothing robes.
    • Added icon to the Joker's Glyph, the Insignia of the Faithful and the Insignia of the Chosen.
    • Shades that complete the new Dust Brigade quests can finally enter the computer age with a spirit that has a degree of computer literacy!

    World and NPC Changes
    • Reduced the spawn times on many of the following Rubi-Ka unique mobs.
    • Torrith the Ancient
    • Daria Marie Walzer
    • Commander Kelly Frederickson
    • R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit
    • Professor van Horn
    • Marcus Robicheaux, Poet Laureate
    • Colonel Frank Kaehler
    • Mick "Nugget" McMullet
    • The Iron Reet
    • The Escaped Gargantula
    • Elian Zuwadza
    • These mobs will now have a random chance to spawn every so often. The rates of the spawn will mean they appear much more often than before, but not as predictably.
    • Reduced the spawn times of the boss mobs in the new player starting area.
    • Some city-dwelling NPCs have realized their dresses were more like tightfitting cat suits and have corrected the problem.
    • Changed dialog where Commander Kend Ash was incorrectly addressed as a man.
    • Updated Kelly Fredrickson's chat to be more relevant and up to date.
    • New NPCs can be found around the game world that provide simple quests that point players in the direction of existing points of interest like dungeons.
    • Cerubin should now be much more manageable for a team of the intended level for his location in the Crypt of Home.
    • Increase drop-rate of Pit Demon Heart and Necromancer Cloak in Crypt of Home.

    System Changes
    • New /rp command for roleplayers. This command will add visible characters to your name tag so that other players can see that you are currently ‘in character’.
    • Loot channels will now report when a player deletes an item from a corpse as well as when they loot an item.
    • MP Pets should no longer get disconnected from their master at the battlestation teleporters.
    • It should no longer be possible to have 'phantom' pets on the battlestation.
    • Pets will now always follow their master to the decontamination room.
    • Players should no longer get warped back by the decontamination buff in the battlestation.
    • Players should no longer get the deserter flag when ending the round in the decontamination room.
    • Players should no longer die from DoT effects after a duel ends.
    • Players must now be above 25% health to complete planting PVP attack beacons.
    • Neutral players should now be able to be buffed correctly by their chosen side on the battlestation.
    • Resolved an issue with heal delta not being taken into account on team mates healthbars, client sync on other team members health should be improved.
    • Large characters should no longer get stuck in a warping loop around the teleporters in the battlestation.
    • Conceal vs Perception checks should now correctly use buffed values.
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