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Thread: MP Wishlist, Revised

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    MP Wishlist, Revised

    THE Meta-Physical Wish List 4.0!

    This list will be a central location of the best ideas we, as MPs, have thought out to expand and/or improve our characters. And increase our chances at Rubi-Ka/ShadowLands Domination.

    This thread shall remain locked from being posted in, so the next question i'm sure every has is, "how do i request something to be put into the list!?!?". simple! just create a new thread here in the mp forums. and in the title prefix it with something that at least contains "Wishlist". then we'll let everyone debate the idea and if enough people agree it to be a valid idea, we'll put it in the list.

    The list will not be in any particular oder, and mainly arranged in the order they were mentioned.

    The previous lists (for archive purposes only):
    1st: Dec 2002 - By Xtrem
    2nd: Feb 2004 - By Tril & Meta
    3rd: Sep 2007 - By Ebag & SG
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    Pet Related
    Changing Attack Pet Damage Type
    Via nano would be most prefered method of changing the damage dealt by the pet to better suit different situations

    More flexability with Pet Window
    Pet Window needs additional information, such as Pet Timers, Pet's Nano (for Heal and Mez), and the backend of the UI should allow us to change the buttons or even remove the buttons as needed via the XML markup. Also option for making a smaller (maybe just resizable) window as well.

    Default Pet State on-cast/zone
    Include a new /pet command to let use define what the default mode a pet should be in when they're cast/rezone. such as /pet "Name" default guard
    to default the pet for guarding.

    Add Target to /pet guard command
    ability to have the pet guard other targets, which would allow the attack pet to protect/help say, the healer or doc in team. as such: /pet "Name" guard %t

    Nanos Buyable in SL Gardens/Sancts
    Many of these nanos needs to be shifted-down to lower gardens/sancts, due to the fact MPs have more than enough of the requirements to use the nanos, but instead have to get others to buy the nanos for them.
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    In this post, i'm going to post what has been changed in ways that were originally requested in our Wish List.

    after skimming over the past 3 wish lists, i've found a decent sized list of things that were in our lists, and eventually implimented.

    • Pet Window
    • Compiste Buffs
    • Keyboard shortcuts to pets
    • Extended Evocation Durations
    • Pet Messages as their own option (many of them were with 'other hit other')
    • New Odins
    • New Mind & Ice Nukes
    • SL Debuff taunt reduction
    • Additional Mez Pet
    • Pet Duration Extended

    so, as people can see... the ideas in the wishlist can very well end up in-game. though of course, never as-exact as we may request. but the ideas are used.
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