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Thread: Move Phasefront to Borealis

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    Move Phasefront to Borealis

    Lost the orginal thread, can't find it on a search even.

    Quote Originally Posted by damon7 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jenshai View Post

    I like the bikes and boards, they are pretty but I will never buy one because I don't like:

    • The placement of the ugly shop.
    • The method of obtaining them.
    fug uglly shops....and way too much space was used...the whole lake? imo not needed as built...
    Simply, it is aesthetically unappealling and should be placed somewhere as tacky, where it will fit with its surroundings.

    Borealius works for access. Which is probably the only valid arguement against this. It also has water.
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    More Barbie instead of GI Joe game content, please!
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    Phasefront can go jump in the ... oh wait it is already there!
    (Since openning, I have used the West Gate, Battle Station or NL grid point, twice).
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    (Jeez, not again)
    Debump debump debump debump.
    Leave Phasefront alone. Is the best thing that happened to that ugly Newland lake.
    If it makes you lag, tough. Try playing AO on a computer that wasn't obsolete in 1602 A.D.

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    Personally I think it looks amazing.
    Way better than just another lake
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    How many lakes near large cities go undeveloped?

    Realistically there should be player cities all around newland lake, and have Phasefront in the damn middle of it.
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    Besides air what is the most valuable substance to us? Water.

    Yet, we fill our toilets with drinking water, put hunks of concrete and oil leaking shops into it?

    In a desert, offered gold or water when dying of thirst, let me guess you would go for the gold right?

    Self destructive, race, get it over with already and just die.

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    For starters it's a game. Our toons don't need air or water.

    Secondly human existence on this planet is not as invasive as you make it sound. Yes we build and take over, we spread and deplete what resources we want. But if there is one thing we do the best that is take care of our own desires. Engineers have been preserving our water for many years. There was a documentary on exploring ancient tunnels and subterranean living dating back a couple thousand years and these people had wet and dry wells and sterilized rooms (not to todays standards, but they did what they could) when storing food and water. Continued to this day we have plants that help keep us sustained. Talking as in things like desalinization plants that multiply our available water source 10 fold.

    When the taps in your house run dry then you can say that we waste it. Until then there is no proof that water supply is dwindling or being wasted. It is in fact rising and eroding away the earth. I'd be more worried about having a place on land to live before I worry about running out of water.

    I think Phasefront has the right idea. Build on top of the water. One day it will be the only place left to us be the landmass gone to erosion or filled with people.
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    You speak like you dont consider yourself a human jenshai, so i have to ask ... AM U CATZ?
    .. ps why drag rl **** into a game suggestion forum???
    Quote Originally Posted by Klod View Post
    The point is, playing an agent needs more skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyninja
    You speak like you dont consider yourself a human jenshai, so i have to ask ... AM U CATZ?
    .. ps why drag rl **** into a game suggestion forum???
    Maybe because he wants to be some sort of hero? Just check this post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jenshai
    If you are so driven to be the best I feel you have serious real life issues and have a list of complexes. Needing to be a "hero" so bad is a phychological disorder from not being able to cope with reality and this fix relieves your depression but does nothing to improve your life that is driving you to play it and vent your frustrations by "killing" your fellow sufferers because you are too fat / weak to go out and challenge a gym bunny and feel some real pain.
    Is just me or is Jenshai talking about himself? That would explain a lot of his suggestions. Mweh.

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    It would make sense, seen as he's paying for a game that he hates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeyninja View Post
    You speak like you dont consider yourself a human jenshai, so i have to ask ... AM U CATZ?
    .. ps why drag rl **** into a game suggestion forum???
    This is Jenshai's real life
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    Some people have issues
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    lol ><
    Quote Originally Posted by Klod View Post
    The point is, playing an agent needs more skill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrys View Post
    Some people have issues
    Thanks Chrys, I never did figure out which one I was.

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    Are you seriously getting stupid again?

    debump about Phasefront. It's perfect. It's awesome and it should stay right where it's at because it annoys Jenshai so much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenshai View Post
    Besides air what is the most valuable substance to us? Water.
    Don't forget the notum
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    They have nano bot back on earth, they just don't work as well. Sure, they are missing reclaim also.

    Although ... when was the last time you drank anything or topped up your oil? (In game).

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    It doesn't give me a big lag issue but put the shop in a shopping center (mall) not in the middle of a lake. Theres enough built up areas in game WTB Newland lake as a nature reserve or somewhere to go relax.

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    *few moments of silence.*

    "Why thank you kind sir for lending me some support on this."

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    Move Phasefront to Borealis, near the radar dish or something. It matches the buildings better.

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