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Thread: New Rk dungiens

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    New Rk dungiens

    Atm the only Good Dungiens are.
    COH - can solo
    The one with tara in.
    Steps of madness - For robe only.
    Smugglers den - VTE and Queen blade.

    maby theres others but they arent very good.

    Right well Why dont u add more!
    I have some IDeas:

    The Mutant Hive

    Location: A small cave entrance in Mutant domain surrounded by mutants.
    Level range: 130 - 160
    Effects: No warp
    Loots: Cool Mutant Weapons such as the Eye laser ( An Improved version )
    Claws (Good for Ma) and Shade.
    Mutant armor:
    Ql 150 Third Eye
    Slot: Head
    Mod: Perception 100
    (some more mods that would make it wanted.)
    Other Loots would include: An arm extention in the form of sleeves.
    looks like a Flesh armguard.
    A Flesh Wen wen with Mesh of Eye.
    A Variety of eye mutant Ranged Energy weapons. (eye lasers)
    Mutant Implants.
    Tradeskill items that can be made into things such as:
    Mutant Costumes
    Extra limbs (Useless but Smexy )

    And A description of this Dungien is:
    It is All part of one massive organism so it is allive much like the alien mothership.
    THe kinda mobs you fight include. eye mutants, Claw mutants (strong Big ones) not like the weaklings you get in the wild.
    The soundeffects of things inside have to be disgusting as you are inside a very deformed living mutant body. make it like kinda so players might look at something and say "Oh, that looks like its Lungs". But not shapped like a human body. Its like a Living Hideout, and it makes noices but it.
    Make a Boss for each mutant Mesh. But like massive versions.
    And the Final boss Who would be like level 200 or something is<.
    A really big super Deformed Super Human With lots of Extra limbs and Lots of eyes!.
    HE is very strong Cant be soloed(By anyone who can get in) and Very Resistant To Chemical, Discease dmg.

    Next one.

    j/k for now il be quiet :P

    Anyway. the last idea is a fit far Spread

    The bottum line is
    Rk needs more love
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    Quote Originally Posted by digidevil4 View Post
    A sword with Full Auto and burst.
    Well, that would make me feel less stupid when I keep trying to reload my keeper's sword. I always through a Gunblade would be fun

    Bump for more RK Static Content ... even if the suggestion is a bit odd .. 0_o
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    Quote Originally Posted by crattey View Post

    hai alex
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    Umm... what about Inner Sanctum?
    Betos 220/23 Solitus Engineer
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    Quote Originally Posted by digidevil4 View Post

    I was going to brutally bash you but then you said Smexy, now I love you.

    Who doesn't love someone who says smexy?!

    Anyway a new dungeon would be nice but I think FC has this idea that revamping biomare [i.e. clipping some of the walls and changing all the mobs] constitutes as a brand-spanking new creation... so it's not too likely to happen soon.

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    Another bump for another thread asking for what we all want - real dungeons.
    And by real, I don´t mean a 1 big room with 1 big boss and thats it. Go back to where you came from, give us stuff like Foreman´s, Totw and Subway, or good ols SD.
    I happen to know that there is a nice, shiny castle in PM that would love to serve as a location for a huge, non-linear maze of joy

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    Lolz i think i took the End of existence idea to far because it was something i was thinking of on the Spot. but new highie dungeons would be great.
    The mutant Hive has been an idea for so long. I like the idea of the mutant being around due to all these experiments but theres not telling where there still coming from.
    And they are like an ethnic minority, they deserve there own dungien.

    and still trying to thing of more good ideas

    The idea of the mutants came from the fact that i was thinking where they were coming from.
    I saw mutant domain
    and the alien motherships seem alive and thats awsome.

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    I removed the Whole second part of this thread seeing as it sounds stupid in Hind-Sight. Ye and im writing this just to keep the thread alive...

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