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Thread: Alternating Bs Gameplay

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    Alternating Bs Gameplay

    I was making a suggestion post and i decided this one deserved a post of its own.

    The Bs atm is CAp kill cap kill. get more points ect its only in the battle station.

    What if radomly a diffrent type of gameplay was selected each time to ****e things up.

    Here our My ideas

    Capture the Flag(A.K.A CTF)

    NOt much explaining needed, u go to the other teams base and Steel there flag, take it back to yours and score.
    No turrets can be spawnd next to flag cause that would be stupid

    King of the Hill
    Stay on the hill the longest.
    NO Turrets aloud.
    need at least a certain ammount of people to keep the hill, and u get point per few secs like in BS.

    Fight to the end!
    To teams fight when u die u stay dead. untill the rest of your team dies, when a whole team dies the other team gains a few points and the match goes on.

    there are others i dont remeber what they are though

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    King of the hill mode seems fun.

    Not sure about a capture the flag: some professions could probably grab it and run back to start too easily, while being unrootable... although if the flagg gave you a -1k rs it may be doable... the flagg should also unsneak it's "owner" every 30 secs.

    Could be fun with some mobs running around too, but they could probably be trained to the other side spawn point.

    But yah, another bs mod or maps could be fun.

    I still think pets should spawn back to res room, with all hostiles removed.
    Better paths for pets would be great too, but I'm afraid it's a big logical problem that's stopping it to be resolved.
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    You mean there's another way of playing BS besides...

    1) Zone to dcon
    2) Quickly buff
    3) Rush to M
    4) Cap M
    5) Setup defenses in M
    6) Cap the halls
    7) Let the score run up from total capture by kiting clans in circles*
    8) Win the match in less then 1.5 minutes

    * notes that this is very easy to do, as clans care more about ganking omni players then stopping the score from total capture.
    Just be sure not to attack/kill them or they'll /afk out.
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