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Thread: Anyone Making Implants? Ql.125

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    Anyone Making Implants? Ql.125

    Orikx here, LvL 79m Agent, RK1

    I have seen people advertise making of QL.200 imps but haven't seen anyone doing Ql.125's. Basically I am to lazy and don't feel like spending the time running around finding cluster's to make them myself. I was wondering if anyone on RK! sever offers a service for this. I will supply the info on which clusters where. Just need someone to find and make them for me. If anyone is interested please send me a tell ingame or reply here.


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    if they can make ql200 implants then they can do any ql of implants below 200 so that means they can make ql1 implant dunno why though but they could.

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    I know that.......but

    I know that they CAN make Ql.125 if they can make Ql.200. But for example some people are charging 18 Mil per implant. They stated that they will make Ql. near that if needed. I don't want to pay 18 Mil for implants taht I could make myself for under 3 Mil and I was thinking they probably don't want to waste their time with QL.125.

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    That's bizarre

    Don't be silly.

    No one charges 18M to make an implant, or even a full set.

    Personally I accept donations for nanoprogramming which tend to be around the 100k to 200k per implant level at QL 200, though of course I have gotten more occasionally from high level players and twinks. In general I accept any amount for implant building for just one or two or a few at a time, and give back any attempted donations from low level players who can't possibly offer me any worthwhile amount of money. Of course I am not always available to make full sets of implants, since it is a pain to do all that clicking and trading, but I am almost always available to make a few when I am around town.

    When I was low level, unguilded, and without my 1k token board, I never had any trouble finding nanoprogrammers who would build implants for what I could afford, or even for free at times.

    There may be fewer players now, but there still seem to be plenty of NPs around, since token boards are now so easy to get. I would say that about half the time I am logged in I see people advertising high level NP skill on the shopping forum.

    Oh, and by the way Orikx, no NP is going to go shopping for your clusters. That's your job. It should take you a good 30 minutes to find a full set of QL 125+ clusters in the various superior shops in trade and ent. You should also have all the implants and clusters fully sorted, offering them one at a time for construction. No one likes to play a massive game of concentration on some set of backpacks randomly stuffed with clusters and implants.
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