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Thread: Current MP Wishlist

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    Current MP Wishlist

    Shadowgod and myself are currently in the process of revamping the wishlist. As MP's in general have changed as of late, many things that have been address will be dropped from the current wishlist, and new items will be added.

    Anyway, others have said it better than I, so without further adieu...

    Quote Originally Posted by XtremTech View Post
    To all Wishlist visitors:

    The idea of the wishlist is to propose new ideas for the MP profession. While we've tried to balance some of the proposals in regard to other professions, there are also some very different ideas that - if implemented with no other changes to other professions - would be horribly unbalancing to the game.

    If you come across such an idea, please try to be constructive in your response. Instead of saying "No what a terrible idea" try to think "If they got that, then what would my profession need to balance out its effect?". These "out there" ideas are as much designed to inspire new ideas for other professions as they are meant to inspire designers in terms of future MP changes.

    If you feel that there would be nothing to balance out the impact of such a new toy for the MPs then post that response and why to the corresponding thread. If you think of a very cool balancing nano, then you might want to post that idea to your profession thread and get your own idea kicked around. If you do this, please post a pointer to your profession forum thread, so that we can come by and watch the discussion to input ideas there too.

    Ideas are always good. Even if they only spawn other new and better ideas.


    Quote Originally Posted by Trilic View Post
    Process for adding a Wish to the Wishlist.

    This thread will be a listing of all of the ideas discussed at length already in MP board threads that would improve the Meta-Physicist Profession. It's a closed thread so that it cannot be posted to. Instead, the professionals watch out for new and good ideas that come up in the MP board that have been well discussed and found support by many. When a new idea comes up it is added to the MP wishlist by the professionals.

    The reason that this will be a closed list edited by the Professionals is that we'd like to have a resource for the Community Team, the Design Team and the Dev Team to access, where they won't have to read through pages and pages of discussion and argument. Instead, they can get a quick and easy overview of ideas for improvement to MPs.

    If you'd like to see something added to the MP wishlist, start a thread named MP WISHLIST: <Idea here>. Please just put the one idea in each thread so that the discussion is as focussed as it can be.

    In that thread people should discuss the idea in some depth, trying to think about :
    - the effects that such a change would have on the overall game,
    - how well it would balance against other professions,
    - how realistic the idea would be to implement
    - what sort of nanos or item stats would be involved
    - etc

    The goal is to try to refine the idea to its best possible implementation so that the design team could essentially just pick the idea up and use it.

    So an "MP WISHLIST: Creation Bow" thread would talk in depth about :
    - what reqs would be required on the nanos?
    - how many different bows would we like?
    - what init skill should the bow use?
    - what ammo would the bow use?
    - what would the attack/recharge timing be?
    - would the bow have stat buffs?
    - would the bow have specials?
    - would you include special arrows?
    - at what levels should the MP be able to cast the bow?
    - what requirements should the bow have?
    - what sort of damage should the bow do to be useful but not overpowered?
    - what range should the bow have?
    - how fast should the equip time be for the bow?
    - etc

    I'll try to bring all of this together into an entry for the wishlist and post it into the thread for approval. If most people seem OK with the entry, I'll put it into the wishlist. Where people have been unable to come to agreement about how something might be best implemented, I'll try to capture the different options too.

    Each "wish" will be put into its own posting in this thread and I'll maintain an index in the very first post with links to each index item so you can just find the subject you are interested in and click to get to the right wish description.

    I look forward to seeing the MP WISHLIST: threads get started and hope for a really good in depth discussion of the ideas brought up.

    Previous MP wishlists

    Wishlist by Trilic
    Posted: Feb 27th, 2004
    Udpated: Jun 20th, 2006

    Wishlist by Xtremetech
    Posted: Dec 11th, 2002
    Updated: Aug 26th, 2003
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    1. Creation Nanos:
      All of Creation Weapons/shields really needs a revamp/update to them. And possibly a new Creation Line of Nanos for buffing. And to make it more wanted/needed at higher levels, when the MP becomes more reliant on weapon damage.

      Creations to improve pet performance:
      - Improve Attack pet. Eg. higher AR, more dmg.
      - Improve Heal pet. Eg. better heals, area heals.
      - Improved Mezz pet. Eg. higher AR, area mezz.
      - Improved root/snare/mezz/charm resistance for PvP.
      - Pet Init.
      - Pet heal delta.
      - Combo of above.
      The main purpose of these are to move the focus back on the pets and away from the MP. Should be like the NT cyberdeck, kind of, no fighting, only nano casting possble.
      If there are both right and left hand versions, it will be possible to make combos or double the effect on one pet.
      The most important part is the the gain on pet(s) is big enough to be better/equal to current setup with pets+normal weapons.
      General buffs from these for the MP could be:
      - Add.All.Def.
      - Nano dmg multiplier.
      - Nano init.

      Discussion here

    2. Nano line to change attack pet dmg type:
      Be able to change the default melee dmg type to something else. Probably all types except projectile (Chem, Energy, Poison, Rad, Fire,Cold). And let it scale, on how many can be used, from low lvl to lvl 220.

    3. Extension of Mezz pet line:
      Other types of the mezz pets which can cast other nanos than mezzes, meant to be used on players, not mobs/opponents. Like:
      - Temp Special absorb shield
      - Temp Damage absorb shield
      - Temp Add.all.def buff
      This will give MPs alternatives to the mezz pet, especially in the high-end gameplay where the mezz pets have limited use in many situations.
      For more info click here.

    4. Direct damage nano line extensions:
      Extentions of the two direct damage nano lines we have (Mind and Cold lines).
      - Each line should probably extended with 2-3 nukes.
      - Prefereable just a nanoskill requirement, and no lvl req, so they scale in the future, and stay useful, just as the original nukes have done.
      - With the addition of the Improved Glacial Lance and Improved Mind Quake, mid-range levels are largely covered. The addition of a cold/energy nuke geared towards 200+ would be welcome.

    5. Extended timer on top SL/AI attack pets:
      Increase of the timer on the top SL/AI pets (just like mortificant has). Eg. make Zhok 1 hour and Rihwen 2 hour, can maybe include Ettu as well.

    6. Revamp of Pet Window
      -XML configurable like existing windows.
      -Resizable window.
      -Target the pet is fighting/healing.
      -Pet timer (could be color coded HP bar or a nano in the Pet NCU as an alternative to a timer).
      -Pet terminate button.
      -Also Because of the new chat GUI having a right click menu couldent we just have all the pet commands on a dropdown menu like that instead of having them big buttons.
      -Nano bar for heal pet
      -Option for no buttons
      -Option for icons instead of names
      -Option for small style hp bars

      Original thread here
      Newer discussion here

    7. /pet guard <target>:
      Atm /pet guard only has the pet(s) guard the MP. But in some situations it will be far more usefull to be able to apply a <target>. Like at raids and in Pandemonium.

      This functionality can be somewhat duplicated by putting the healpet on a target. If the healpet takes aggro, sometimes the attack/mezz pet will leap to defend it.

    8. Most MP nanos, buyable in SL gardens/sancts, should be moved down a playfield:
      At the current state, Most of the new SL MP nanos have to be bought by other players. Even though we aquire the skill to use them way before we have access to them. And even have the nanos drop in the same zone.

    9. Rihwen idle sound file:
      When Rihwen is idle it sounds like a farm with a sheep and a rooster from time to time (like every 30 sec).

      Is this still occuring?
    10. Root/Snare/Calm/Mezz:
      There are currently no effective de-root/snare/calm/mezz available under level 75.
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