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Thread: 17.5 Update Release notes (Updated)

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    17.5 Update Release notes (Updated)

    17.5 Release Notes

    Content Updates

    - New Penumbra Content

    o New quest lines added to Penumbra spanning over forty new quests.

    o Earn great new profession specific rewards for completing the quests.

    o New single team instance playfield called Alappaa. The old man of Alappaa has a series of task for those brave enough to enter.

    o Many ancient items have been frozen in the wastes of Alappaa and can now be found and defrosted!

    o Defeat mini-boss and boss encounters to gain great new upgradeable shoulder pads.

    - New Dustbrigade Encounter

    o New single team instanced encounter designed for high level players.

    o Track down the location of the Dust Brigade's secret dig site on Rubi-Ka.

    o Ground Chief Mikkelsen is not to be taken lightly but offers some great new armor and NCU rewards if defeated.

    - New Rubi-Ka Armors

    o Many mob types between levels 50 and 200 on Rubi-Ka have had their loot tables updated with new armor and items.

    o Medussa, Cyborg, Mantis, Aquann, Anvian and Drill have all received the updated loot tables

    o There are five new sets of armor available from amongst these mobs. Note that some of the above mob types may drop some, all, or only specific versions of the new armors.

    o Some of the mob types also now drop additional items and rings.

    o Please note: Not all possible variants of the above mob types have the updated loot tables (for example those mobs used in quests or static dungeons) but for example those found in Rubi-Ka missions do.

    Battlestation / PVP Updates

    - The VP gain for lower level battlestations has been adjusted upwards to offer better rewards.

    - New items added to the OFAB vendors in the shape of new nanos that allow pet users to actively free their pets from calms, roots and snares

    - Drain Debuffs should no longer remain on players after death in the Battlestation.

    - The faction stats should no longer change while inside of a mech.

    World Updates

    - Male and Female Guards in Andromeda should no longer spawn without their armor!

    - The Unicorn's have installed cell scanners and reclaim points in their staging area.

    - You can no longer summon mechs in Sector 10.

    - Removed some trees from near alien city spawn points across Rubi-Ka to decrease alien pathing issues.

    - It should no longer be possible to get stuck in a zoning loop when exiting certain shops in a yalm.

    Gameplay Updates

    - It should no longer be possible to pick up 'observe' mission objective items before the mission updates. This means that you should no longer 'fail' these missions by accidentally picking up the target item.

    - New option on the planet map to upload a custom co-ordinate to your map while on any non-instanced playfield.

    - Players should no longer turn to face their fighting target while running.

    - Resolved some issues with tabbing when two targets were very close to each other.

    Item Updates

    - The Jobe Implant Clusters of NFRange are now labelled correctly.

    - The Jobe Implant Clusters of RangeInc are now labelled correctly.

    - The Jobe Implant Clusters of Nano Point Cost Modifier are now labelled correctly.

    - Bracelet of Pacifism no longer restrict players from fighting or modifies agg/def.

    - The Ice of Albtraum arrows should now be working correctly.

    - Whispering Soul Stone, Howling Soul Stone, Laughing Soul Stone and Chimera Metal Bone Pipe now correctly instruct you to shift right click rather then left click in their description.

    - Corrected stats on Alien Reflex Modifier

    - Splintered Mantis Predator Blade now has a correct icon.

    - The enforcer starter weapon in the shuttleport has had its multi melee requirements lowered.

    - Holograms of mossy rocks should work again.

    - Fixed stat errors in Penultimate OFAB soldier body armor.

    - Fixed a crash bug when trying to equip the Charred Abaddon Chassis while polymorphed. You should no longer be able to equip the Chassis while polymorphed.

    - Added Title Level 2 requirement to QL 41+ Krys knives.

    - JOBE Modified Unlearning Device should now give feedback when used.

    - Ofab Adventurer Boots and Improved Ofab Adventurer Boots should now only modify the Adventuring skill once.

    - Adventure Shields Requirements should now be enforced correctly.

    - Clan Mission Tokens now give an additional point at level 50 instead of level 51 to match the Omni version

    - Neck Eye is no longer considered social armor.

    - Revised all Shuttleport startup weapons initiatives so they are appropriate for the weapon.

    - Advanced Scent Sensor should now be modifying the sense ability correctly

    - Corrected the amount of 1he added by OFAB adventurer body armor at low QLs.

    - Sanguisugent Body Armor should now lock perception and prevent any issues with sneaking.

    - The Advanced Salesman's Hat can no longer be upgraded if you do not meet the requirements to wear the upgraded version.

    - Bacchante's Hanging Lanterns now have a more appropriate value.

    - The Bigot armor no longer has the social armor flag.

    - The item Sub-Dermal Vengeance Screen is now correctly labelled as a Right hand implant.

    - Aggressive-defensive trimmers now check to see that you have enough nanopoints before using them.

    - Fixed various typos and description errors.

    Nano and Perk Changes

    - Changed the "reset perk" GUI functionality. The "reset perk" button now resets the last perk in the currently selected line, instead of changing the mouse cursor and requiring the player to click on the perk to reset. The "Reset perk" button is now greyed out immediately when a perk is reset, so there is now way to produce the popup box with the "LDB intern" error.

    - Bureaucrat's Shadowland's calms will now fully calm mobs when landed. The durations have been increased to be in line with the relative durations of the other profession's calming abilities.

    - Bureaucrat's Personal Research stun procs can no longer overwrite themselves or each other and have been placed in special nano lines. Some boss encounters in future may also have resistances to these lines.

    - Added Grenade, Ranged Energy and Heavy Weapons to the composite ranged expertise nanos.

    - The Clan Shadowbreed effects should now cleanse the root and snare effects from the Omni versions.

    - Shadowbreed effects should fire on the correct targets now.

    - Shadowbreed 'Morning' should now correctly buff valid targets.

    - Shadowbreed 'Path of Light' should now correctly buff valid targets.

    - Removed Profession and Skill zoning requirements from quantum wings so it should now persist past zoning (as long as flight is valid in the zone being entered of course!)

    - Changed the modifiers on Power Burst and The Power of Three to increase projectile damage modifier instead of projectile AC.

    - Changed spec requirement to spec 2 for Isochronal Sloughing Protective Barrier.

    - Perk Chemical Blindness now has the correct icons in the target's NCU.

    - Soldier perk Triangulate Target now has the correct icons in the target's NCU.

    - Shade perk Consume the Soul now gives the correct feedback.

    - Shade perk Spirit Dissolution now lists the correct requirements.

    - Sneaking Terror has been updated to correctly reflect its position in the bureaucrat fear line.

    - Fixed various typos and description errors.

    Visual Updates

    - The flame effect after an air raid should persist for the intended time period again.

    - Engineer Tier 3 Back item should now display properly on nanomage females.

    - Faithful Doctor Helmet should now appear correctly for Opifex male characters.

    - Several additional older helmets which did not display correctly according to breed or sex have been fixed.

    - The Enmity Personification pets have visited the beauty salon and freshened up its colors.

    Option Updates

    - New options dialogue has been implemented in the launcher so that all the launcher options are in one place.

    - The save password option has been removed from the launcher for security reasons.

    - The bounding box targeting system is now optional and may be toggled on and off through your F10 options menu.
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