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Thread: [NEUTRAL] The Independent Rubikans are now recruiting

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    [NEUTRAL] The Independent Rubikans are now recruiting

    Welcome to information on the Independant Rubikans

    The IR is the oldest surviving neutral organisation on Rubi-ka. Founded on December 1st 29476 (2001), we've been around for quiet sometime. If somethings occured, someone from the IR will of been there to put forth the neutral point of view. We have a broad range of characters from the combat hardened veteren on the Battlestations, to the peaceful merchant making thier own mark on this world without the need for death and destruction.

    Are we political? Yes. If we can. We've been actively involved in many major political elements of the game since release (including arguing for the ability of neutrals to be allowed to form organisations...which as you may guess, are now allowed). We've also been part of the Rubi-kan Peace discussions, Neutral Council, Newland City Council, and are members of the NDI (Neutral Defence Initiative), to name just a few of the things we do.

    Politics isn't a necessary element everyone has to take part in. But it is there should you wise to partake. We have a wide range of play styles, and as such have something to offer most people.

    Do we have any towers? No. We did once but those were sacrificed to keep our neutrality. We will defend, but hostile action is an act of war, and as such is non-neutral. Due to this we do not get involved with tower fights unless its in a defensive role. That isn't to say we don't like a good fight as many will tell you of our battles over the years. But to actively be a hostile element on the planet is not us.

    We don't do taxes. Never have, never will. We don't tax members as such actions we find to be deplorable and unfair. Direct taxation you will not find here.

    We have a city which can be located outside Newland (on other side of lake when leaving town) at 563, 261 if you wish to have a look around. The organisation takes a small 5% commission on sales from the organisation shop, but thats used to keep the city running smoothly.

    Democracy. We are at heart a democratic organisation. Advisors and higher ranks get voted in by members. Even our President is elected into the position. We are informal, and everyone has a voice. We aren't some dictatorship, we're all friends and work together. Just have a word with an Advisor if you have any problems and they'll find a solution to pretty much anything usually....the Mid with the blind trox and the rollerats covered in Plumbo Jelly is an exception, but we did get the trox cleaned up eventually :P

    Roleplayers? Are very welcome. Not all members RP, but some do. As mentioned earlier we have a wide range of play styles, and as such you will find some members will RP more than others. But we don't have a over riding set direction for everyone. We're all free to do our own goals and projects. We just ask that those who don't wish to RP will let those who are playing a role to have the freedom they need for that....Or I'll toast ya backside into the middle o' next week

    Many members can usually be located outside BY5 (backyard 5) on the Borealis Market Square (opposite the Newland whompa by the mission terminals) if you would like to drop around, and have a chat sometime. We're a friendly bunch, and usually pretty informal. And remember, pie is usually a good opener if you see a hungry looking 'trox there

    We welcome meeting new neutrals to the community and are happy to tell you about the long and exciting history of the neutral population on Rubi-ka. After all, who better to ask about the past than those who have been part of it and helped shape neutrality!

    If you with to view our forums Click Here
    Or if you wish to sign up, give a tell to either our President Cecille, or one of the Advisors: Cheery, Ashumot0, Destractor, Redhanded, Cubira, or Valshada when they are around. Or simply ask at BY5 when you see someone
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    Also providing free punch bag in the shape of a 'trox named Ashumoto...knock three shades o' out of him and win a pie!
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
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    bumpage for Neuts
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    The pie offer is still available
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    Bumb for pie err I mean IR

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    Available in a mix of fillings....leet, bronto, chirop, mini bull, and also cream...and also "non descript" meat filling but thats got nothing to do with the missing traders honest.
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    Well ok...maybe some of the missing traders. But no MP's in there...honest!
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    Bumb for more recruits

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    oo Pie and great neuts too!
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    LOTS of pie, many flavors too! Enquire with Ashumot0 today...if he ain't already eaten it all.
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    bump for Pie
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    You spelt my name wrong, it was two posts above and you still spelt it wrong!

    Thanks for the kind bumbs all

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    Bump for a Classic Neutral Guild. Like a Fine wine they only improve with time. NEutrals Forever!

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    bump for the aristocracy of neutrality!
    Emma "Pyromanche" Peele, Neutral Kingpin RK1
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    Bump for a great bunch of people
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    Bumb for even MORE pie and some cake

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    Bump for an awesome neutral guild.

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    The Independent Rubikans are recruiting !

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    bump for neuts
    Nothing beats a Macfluffy!
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