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Thread: Lost Eden FAQ 3 - Battlestations!

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    Lost Eden FAQ 3 - Battlestations!

    1. How do I get to the battlestation?

    Players can access the Battle Station sign-up terminal by visiting it at the Unicorn Landing pad in Andromeda (just north of the ICC headquarters).

    2. How do I get use the sign up terminal?

    Clicking on the terminal will bring up the sign-up GUI

    You have several options from this screen:

    · Sign up This option allows you to enter the queue alone

    · Leave Queue This options removes you from the current queue to join the battlestation

    3. What if I am neutral?

    Neutral Players will be given an option as to which side they wish to fight for in the Battle Station. The conflict on the battle stations is strictly between the Clans and Omni-Tek so neutrals must choose a side before joining

    4. What happens when you sign upl?

    When you sign up for going to the station you will be informed about how many people are ahead of them in the queue. If there is no queue you will immediately be moved to the space station if there is an active battle.

    If you are signing up as a team the system start to allocate slots until everyone in the team has an available slot, then teleport the team in together.

    When you have signed up to go to the station and your turn comes around you will receive a popup message asking if you are ready to be teleported to the station. If you accept you will immediately be teleported in.

    If you decline you will be removed from the list and will remain where you are. If you do not answer within 30 seconds you will be assumed to be afk and you will be removed from the list and remain where you are.

    When you have signed up for a battle, but the current battle session ends before you enter the station you will be notified about this, but in this case you will remain on the list for the next round of combat.

    5. What happens when I get there?

    The battle station fights revolve around control of four control points, one in the centre of the battlestation and one at each of the three wings.

    6. How do we capture a point?

    Each control point has a console that must be hacked for your side to gain control of it. A player who wishes to try and capture the point must click on it to start the hacking process. This takes a short period of time during which the hacker is stunned and cannot perform any other actions. Opposing players in melee range can attempt to interrupt the person hacking the console.

    Once the hack is complete the hackers has five seconds to click the console again and then it is owned by their side and will start to contribute points to their score.

    7. What about my buffs when I die? Rebuffing normally takes some time!

    Whilst in the safe zone area where you re-spawn you get unlimited nano and a big nano init boost so that buffing can be done quicker

    8. What happens at the end?

    Both sides receive some victory points, although the winners obviously get more points!

    9. Do I need to wait in Andromeda for the invite?

    No, you are free to move around the gameworld and will be warped to the battlestation when your place in the queue is reached.
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