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    Post Enforcer Wishlist & Concernlist

    This is a list as of October 2006 which should accurately represent the key wishes of the enforcer profession for LE and the future as well as our main concerns at this time. The general order of the wishlist reflects the priorities given by a quick poll thread, and this thread aims to give a succicnt explanation of our main wishes. The older enforcer wishlist has more detailed explanations of many of our wishes.

    There is an open discussion thread giving further information, and suggestions for many of our wishes.


    The Wish List:

    1) Nanolines
    1. Weaponline
    2. Fear
    3. Taunts (mid level)
    4. Enforcer elements
    5. New brawl nanoline

    2) Perk Fixes and Improvements
    1. 1hb Perks
    2. Troll Form Animation
    3. Manners of Mongo
    4. 2hb Perks
    5. Form of Troll
    6. Melee Energy & Piercing perklines

    3) Implants/Symbiants
    4) Heal Delta
    5) Team Detaunt Aura
    6) New Weapons
    7) New Special Attack
    8) Defensive Toolset Enhancement
    9) Increased AR
    10) Team Versions of buffs
    11) Improvements to Sneak attack
    12) Melee Scopes
    13) 1h and 2h blunt and edged buffs
    14) Melee Energy & Piercing Personal Research
    15) An Enforcer specific brawl template


    1) Extensions of Nanolines:

    In the recent prioritisation poll, the wish for an overall improvement of our nanolines was rated very highly, alongside specific whishes for improvements. The main gripe with enforcers was that, while we have an very good toolset, with SL all the extensions of our nanolines were purely for PvM uses, and several of our core lines, such as mongo, layers, rage and challenger have been left as-is, or even slightly nerfed over time.

    a) Weaponlines:
    These days lots of health and aad is added to the game. New items and buffs are the cause of this. Enforcers have a very hard time perking people and an extension to the weaponlines would be most welcome. Stuns are an important part of the enforcer toolset, however most of the stuns require the brawling skill as their attack modifier. It would be very nice if a brawl boost could be added to the extension of the weaponlines. It would be awesome to have a composite melee buff.. with +200 to all melee weaponskills!

    Status - In Wishlist

    b) Fear:
    This is a piece of our toolset that has sadly limites applications, although it is very valuable in the situations where it can be used. We would like to see an extension of this nanoline, as well as a way to use it in pvp, either as some form of debuff, or working on pets.

    Status - There are plans to add this in the 18.0 patch

    c) Taunts (mid lvl):
    Enforcers around lvl 180-215 have a very hard time getting and keeping agro from characters pushing damage. We would like to see taunts added to our agro-toolset so the somewhat lower enforcers can keep agro aswell. Suggestions: A new mongo.. between the RK mongo and the improved mongo or a large (25k?) single taunt.

    Status - In Wishlist

    d) Enforcer elements:
    Enforcers need their alpha to take out their opponents fast. When you are using different weapons (1he+1hb) you have 3 different damage types; Chemical, Fire and Melee. Only an element line with "Melee Damage" would be usefull in this situation. There are no enforcers using this element line and it is a shame. My suggestion is to change all damage types to melee and adjust the duration of the nano's. Many professions use absorbs so having many different damage types is a large disadvantage.

    Status - In Wishlist

    e) New brawl nanoline:
    With the extra added defence over the last few patches has made landing brawl checking perks a very hard thing to do for enforcers in pvp. We would like to see weapon buffs having more brawling attached. Another option would be creating the composite weaponline buff mentioned in point a. and add a nice brawl bonus to it.

    Status - In Wishlist

    2) Perk Fixes and Improvements:

    In general enforcers have a good perk toolset, however there are a few changes we would like to see.

    a) 1hb Perks:
    At the moment, landing the perk "Devastating Blow" in PvM is very hard since it requires the target to be stunned by the stun from "Bring the Pain". The problem is, due to the high number of stun resistant, or stun-immune mobs, actually landing the stun is hard enough. It would be good if either the requirement could be changed to "affected by bring the pain", or if we could use devastating blow off any stun. There is also the further issue that Devastating Blow recharges faster than Bring the Pain, the perk it requires in order to execute. Lowering the recharge on Bring the Pain to the same as Devastating Blow would rectify this

    Status - In Wishlist

    b) Form Of Troll Graphic:
    The graphic effect associated with the perk "Troll Form" is the most obvious graphic in the game, we would like to see it toned down a little.

    Status - In Wishlist

    c) Manners of Mongo:
    This perkline is undeniably good for holding aggro, but only once you hit level 215 or so, by which time aggro management isn't so much of a problem. Additionally the mods on the line are very weak, and enforcers have no means to get over 2K psychology to get the higher levels of taunts. If FC want psychology to be a more integral part of the enforcer's PvM toolset, improving Manners of mongo so that it adds more Psychology, and more HP would be a big help.

    One aspect of enforcer perks that is so often overlooked is that, although we have a good choice of perklines, all our weaponlines are more-or-less mutually exclusive; for instance, perks in reaver are useless to a 1hb enforcer, whereas other classes have perks which at least offer universal benefits. So whilst there is a choice of weapons, there is very little variety and choice for enforcers in terms of distributions of perks. It would be nice if Manners of Mongo was more appealing than many of the shared perklines, and a perkline that offered more to all enforcers.

    Status - In Wishlist

    d) 2hb Perks:
    Many enforcers feel that they should be blunt-users, however with 2hb weapons already being slow, having 2hb perks which are a lot less powerful than the 2he perks doesn't help the appeal of the weapon line, and doesn't make up for the aesthetic bonuses.

    Within the 2hb line there are only 3 DD perks; the fourth perk (Hammer and Anvil) offers only a small increase in damage; however as 2hb weapons are the slowest in the game, they benefit the least from +dmg. When compared to perks like Energise (does more damage with fewer perks invested, and is useable with any ranged weapon) and Reinforce Slugs (A similiar perk, but one which offers much more +dmg, which fast dual-wielded weapons like SMGs benefit from a lot more) the perk just feels out of place. We feel that the weapons should be powerful of their own accord, and that Hammer and Anvil would benefit either to have the buffs scaled up hugely, or to be outright replaced as part of a comprehensive re-design of the Bone Crusher perks. Aside from Hammer and Anvil, the 2hb perks have much lower DD/debuff potential than any of their other melee equivalents.

    Overall Bone Crusher is probably the weakest weapon-perkline in the game. It only adds to 2hb, with no buffs to secondary weapon skills; adding a small buff (50 points or so) to brawl as part of this line would seem appropriate. Furthermore a +dmg perk is out of place in a line for big slow weapons, either scale the size of the buffs up by quite a bit, or replace the perk with a true dd perks. Lastly the other DD perks simply cannot match the DD perks from other lines; for comparison at 2000 points of skill Seismic Smash (90s recharge) does approximately 3K damage, Ribbon Flesh (50s recharge) does 3.5K damage, and Slice and Dice (80s Recharge) does 5K damage. Over time, the fact that the weapons are slow, the perks recharge slower and do less damage really means that 2hb cannot come close to matching the damage potential of 2he. Even 1hb with the end-perks which are more-or-less unuseable in PvM does more damage just through hitting faster and more often.

    Status - In Wishlist

    e) Form of Troll Perk Actions:
    Currently whilst Form of Troll is a decent perkline, the perks Troll Form and Disable Natural Healing are fairly useless. Troll Form gives us a hefty snare in return for a temporary AC buff. Since ACs are effectively meaningless at endgame, this perk doesn't offer any real form of defense, and is reduced to a snare that we have to suffer in order to launch two of our slowest stuns. Current suggestions to improve troll form would include changing the perk to add special and/or regular hit blockers, to add reflects or to add a big temporary healdelta buff. Alternatively the line as a whole could be buffed by removing the chain requirement on the stuns Stone Fist and Avalanche. The other problem lies with DNH, which has only two incredibly obscure and situational uses in PvM, and due to enforcer's poor brawl AR, isn't easily landable in PvP. Lowering the defense check to <75% would be a welcome buff to this perk.

    Status - In Wishlist

    f) Melee Energy & Piercing perklines:
    Enforcers are the masters of melee weapons but we have no perk support for these weapon types. Please consider adding perklines to make those weaponchoices viable.

    Status - In Wishlist

    3) Implants/Symbiants:

    Enforcers are restricted to infantry symbiants, which lack many important clusters most people see as very important to an enforcer. We would like to see new implant/symbiant options for us that allow us access to some of the skill-buffs we are currently missing.

    a) Missing buffs in infantry symbiants:
    As enforcers are restricted to just infantry symbiants, and the only infantry class who suffers this restriction, there are several noticable missing buffs. Whilst it is clear that we cant have everything, the complete lack of psychology, and the lack of any sort of Nanodelta/Max Nano/Nano Pool buffs is quite a nuisance. Enforcers have ended up as a non-stop casting class, so the loss of these is quite a problem. In particular the lack of psychology effectively prevents enforcers from getting the most they can out of taunt tools and the Manners of Mongo taunt perks (see point 2c.).

    Status - There are plans to upgrade symbiants/spirits in the 18.0 patch

    b) An infantry equivalent of the Exterminator Occular:
    All ranged classes have the option to forego their eye implant or symbiant to use the Exterminator Occular Enhancement. Adding a similiar implant for enforcers would be welcomed, as it would give enforcers an option to build their toon in a different and new way.

    Status - In Wishlist

    4) Heal Delta:

    Currently almost all enforcer healing is based around regeneration, rather than big single heals. We would like to see this extended through either perks, gear or nanos which buff our healdelta

    Status - In Wishlist

    5) Team Detaunt Aura:

    We would like some for of team detaunt aura, which establishes a 2-3min nano in teammate's NCUs which causes them to proc a detaunt on every hit. Ideally this nano would come available in one or two forms of increasing power, from around early TL5 so as to be available for us when we hit the serious aggro management problems of TL6.

    Status - In Wishlist

    6) New Weapons:

    Enforcers are fortunate that we have 6 decent weapon options. We would like to see more variety of weapons though. Classes like Soldier and Agent often have "Weapon Rack" threads, where people list the various different weapons they have for different situations, whereas for an enforcer it's more or less a QL300 Kyr'Ozch weapon or nothing else at endgame. A wider variety of viable weapon options within all our weapon classes (1hb, 1he, 2hb, 2he, Melee Energy and Piercing) would be most welcome.

    In the past there were a number of much-loved weapons that were enforcer-only. The Edge of the Tarasque, Blood Bat and Blood Mace, the Punishment Rod, Cleavers, Corpse Cutters and The Argument are some examples. Adding new one-off weapons such as these, as opposed to generic weapons which come in all QLs from 1-300, would be a really nice addition. As it stands there is next to no choice for enforcers other than OFAB weapons, adding some diversity of choice and functionality would be most welcome.

    Status - 17.2 has added a couple of new and unique 1hb and 2hb weapons, whilst this is a welcome step forward, enforcers are still mostly using weapons that are part of a series of very similiar weapons, rather than unique and interesting one-offs. These are steps forward, but we would still like to see more development in this area. Patch 17.9 added an extra encounter in the tarasque dungeon. This encounter drops an upgrade for the famous EoT, this is a most welcome change. But especially 1hb and 2hb could use some more attention.

    7) New Special Attack:

    In the same manner that shades and adventurers got Backstab, a special based off sneak-attack. We would like to see a new Brawl-based special that is either enforcer, or enforcer/MA only. Some people would like more of a stun/debuff type of special, others would prefer a high dd special with no chance to stun, either works for me, though a debuff would be more useful for us in pvp, whereas a high dd special would be very nice in pvm where at the moment grabbing aggro off a solder/shade with a 20K+ specials alpha is really hard for enforcers.

    Status - In Wishlist
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    8) Defensive Toolset Improvements:

    We would like to see general improvements to our ability to mitigate and return damage through enhanced layers, damage shields, heal delta and the rage nanoline in general.

    a) High HP:
    Although enforcers can get very high HP, this doesn't actualyl confer a benefit in pvp. Due to the abundance of high-damage special attacks, and the snare on the Shadowlands essence nanos, actually getting significantly more HP than other classes is neither doable nor sensible. Also an enforcer who sets themselves up for HP has to sacrifice a large portion of their offensive skills to get a defense that serves little benefit. We would love to see high-HP confer a benefit in pvp, wither by removing the snare effect from the shadowlands essence, or imposing some form of smaller hardcap on the high-damage specials.

    Status - Discussed widely since patch 17.1

    9) More AR:

    Currently enforcers rely highly on stuns and damage perks to be effective in pvp; however due to the unreasonably high evades other classes can get, much of our toolset is rendered useless. Either making perks easier to land, or giving us more AR would help to balance things out somewhat.

    Status - LE gave enforcers quite a decent boost to LE. However, as a class that almost entirely relies on perk-damage to kill opponents in pvp the situation is still less than ideal. Overall the change is good, although lowering the checks on some stun perks would be welcome, since Brawl AR is still a major issue for enforcers.

    10) Team Versions of Buffs:

    Team versions of our most common buffs

    Status - In Wishlist

    11) Improvements to Sneak attack

    We would like to see the enforcers ability to utilise this special enhanced.

    Status - In Wishlist

    12) Melee Scopes

    At the moment there are no HUD3 items which add to melee skills, whilst there are several scopes which add several hundred points of skill to Aimed Shot. Adding a broader range of HUD3 items which buff crit decrease as well as other skills such as brawl would be welcomed.

    Status - In Wishlist

    13) 1h and 2h blunt and edged buffs

    We are the masters of melee weapons but we are not able to master more than 1 weaponline at a time. The 1he, 1hb, 2he and 2hb weaponline buffs do not stack. When you choose to use 2 weaponlines instead of 1 there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. The difference in damage types, an extra attack skill, an extra weapon, less defence perks, etc. Another issue is that the weaponlines do not stack. It would be nice if the weaponlines were divided to different school making 2 different weaponstyles more viable for enforcers.

    Status - In Wishlist

    14) Melee Energy & Piercing Personal Research

    Melee Energy and Piercing are missing in the Enforcer Research lines. To make this viable weapon options it would be nice to see those included in new research lines.

    Status - In Wishlist

    15) An Enforcer specific brawl template

    The brawling template currently used is especially usefull when it hits for a critical hit. For Martial-Artists this is a very usefull special. However, for enforcers it's a different story. Enforcers use this special a lot but the regular hits are very low compared to the min hits of our weapons. The wish is that we would get an enforcer template for the brawling skill. The idea would be to lower the crit but increase the min damage so brawling would become a more stable damage output. All weapons that are supported by the enforcer perklines have brawling added to them. We also have a perkline available to use that boosts our brawling skill (Perkline: Brawler). Please don't change the chance to stun an opponent!

    Status - In Wishlist


    The Concerns List:

    The concerns list details issues that are very important to the enforcer community. This list isn't as much of a specific priority-list as the wishlist, all these concerns being very important to us.

    1) Infantry Brain Symbiants
    2) Assault-Class Tank Armour
    3) NCU
    4) Role
    5) The TL6 woes
    6) Capped Special Attacks
    7) Sync Issues


    1) Infantry Brain Symbiants:

    This is one of the most bitter issues for enforcers, and is an unparalleled disadvantage. Currently the highest brain symbiant that all enforcers (bar three or four individuals on each server who have undergone weeks of resets) use is the QL180 Awakened Brain Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban. However, the next highest brain we can use is the QL280 Alert Brain Symbiant, Infantry Unit Aban; this is a jump of 100QLs, which wouldn't be a problem if the higher brain was equippable. Unfortunately the 280 brain is only barely equippable by Solitus and Nanomage enforcers, whilst the atrox enforcers, who represent the largest majority of the class, have no means to equip this. There are no other symbiants with such a large gap in Quality Levels, and especially not in a symbiant as important as the brain. Ideally a QL240 effective, or QL250 excited brain could be added, failing that, new brain options for LE would be most welcome.

    Status - Resolved to an extend since the release of the Lost Eden expansion. The brain is at least equippable by all breeds now, although it still requires a significant, arguably inordinate amount of effort. A QL240-250 symbiant would still be welcome, but it is less of a pressing issue now.

    2) The Assault-Class Tank Armor:

    The Assault-Class Tank armour is one of the must-have items for all enforcers. However when the Biomare dungeon was level locked, a large number of older enforcers now had no means to obtain this item. Whilst other valued Biomare loot items were added to other RK bosses, the ACTA seemed to have been overlooked. We would really like to see this item added to the loot-table of at least one RK boss.

    Status - The tank armor now drops from Ljotur.

    3) NCU:

    NCU is a permanent concern for enforcers, and our buff-load goes up with new additions. We don't have the best comp.lit skill and added to this the necessity to donate two deck slots to a compiler and CPU upgrade we would like to see some consideration for us as a class with restricted NCU when new itemisation and nano creation is done.

    Status - In Conerns List

    4) Role:

    Currently the role of the enforcer is being heavily encroached on by many other classes. Whilst we acknowledge Soldiers as the other staple tank class, the fact that in many situations an enforcer is not the best tank is something that concerns us. High-evade classes can handle many situations better simply because their evades allow them to mitigate damage better, the side effect that they also are the highest damage classes only furthers this problem. Hopefully LE will bring challenging new content where evades are not so much of an advantage, however at the moment there is a problem that the enforcer should excelt as a tank in all situations, yet clearly is undervalued in this role by many people simply because of benefits granted to other classes.

    Status - In Concerns List

    5) The TL6 woes:

    As it stands the levels from 185-210 are really hard for enforcers. We are not a DD class and rely on our taunts to hold aggro, however around TL6 and the early shadow levels, all the DD Classes without exception see a huge leap in damage dealing capacity, whilst the enforcer's damage and taunt toolset sees no comparitive step up in potency to match this. The result of this is that enforcers really have no good means to perform their specified role in these levels. Clearly overhauling our taunts (already a high priority on the wishlist) would go a long way to helping to fix this.

    Status - In Conerns List

    6) Capped Special Attacks:

    Many enforcers feel that their massive HP works against them because of the amount of Capped Special Attacks. Attacks like Aimed Shot, Full Auto and Sneak Attack cap more and more often on enforcers. A capped hit would be around 9-10k on a well equipped 220 enforcer. Wich is a pain to heal up. Almost every pvp-setup profession uses a special that caps. The enforcer lacks the ability to heal up the taken damage fast and lacks the evades to prevent damage from perk attacks. The enforcer can not prevent attacks or heal up fast.. this makes the enforcer a profession that can take an amount of damage and dies eventually. Because of this we ll always have to find cover or die and the 10k specials are reducing our pvp time by a LOT.

    Status - In Conerns List

    7) Sync Issues:

    This is a problem for all the melee professions out there. It is very hard nowaday to even get close to your target if he is kiting around (for example in the Battlestation). If you root your target, then you ll find it rooted in a totally different location. When chasing a kiter you have to run infront of the target to be able to hit/perk.

    Status - In Conerns List


    27/10/06 - New Wishlist Published
    26/02/07 - Added comments, updated status on wislist item #9 (More AR) and concern #1 (infantry brain), and added expanded information to several points (2hb perks, infantry symbiants, defensie toolset improvements and single taunts)
    16/03/07 - Edited some spelling, added Form of Troll improvements to wishlist. Updated comments for wishlist item #6 (new weapons)
    11/10/07 - Updated the wishlist
    10/01/08 - Added Capped Special Attacks to our Concern List
    22/04/08 - Added new nano's to the wishlist and added sync problem to the concernlist
    11/09/08 - Added patch info to the wishlist and added an extra wish regarding melee weapon buffs.
    2/12/08 - Removed the Rage & Challenger wish, added Element upgrade wish and updated statuses.
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