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Thread: Enforcer Wish List Prioritisation

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    Enforcer Wish List Prioritisation

    Heya guys, FC has asked the profs to streamline and enhance the profession bug/wish/concern lists and it would be a great help to me if you could take a second to look over THE WISH LIST and just give me the top 5 items of importance to you. Also if there are any ommissions/changes you feel are necessary, post here. If we get enough responses I'll re-order the items in the wish-list to roughly reflect priority as felt by the enforcer community.

    So ideally a little list like

    1) 12
    2) 25
    3) 4
    4) 7
    5) 8

    If we get enough responses and weight the responses by the order given, we can streamline the wish list, which as it stands isn't wonderfully conherent, but more of a summary of the Wishlist brainstorming thread

    Thanks guys, and remeber the more constructive feedback you give the better

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    1) 7: Extension of RK nanolines / SL nanos
    2) 5: A New Mongo
    3) 3: Improve Infantry Symbs
    4) 10: A New Special Attack
    5) 12: Cycling layer aura (Only if nanobots busy while aura refreshes is fixed first)
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    1) 11: Change the requirement on devastating blow from "Stunned" to "Affected by Bring the Pain"

    2) 1: Fix/Improve taunt procs
    3) 3: Improve Infantry Symbs
    4) x: Change Element line
    5) 6: Weapons

    I dont seem to have much problems with agg after I hit 218. The main problem comes 200-217 when my AR and damage couldnt compete with some shades/adv/keepers. Keeping the taunts the same (or even make them bigger) but decreasing their level/nano skill reqs would help.

    I also think FC should change how the element line works. It should calculate what damage you would do with your current damage type THEN change the type and add the extra damage from the nano. As it stands now, when I run the poison element, which adds 24 points of damage, I end up doing over 100 points LESS damage than usual because add all chem stuff is ignored.

    As for weapons, well I am bored of using the same weapon since I was 215. A new weapon would be nice. Doesnt have to do more damage, but a new look or some ability mod would be nice.
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    1)A New Mongo
    2)Remove the Graphic Effect on Troll Form
    4)Improve Infantry Symbs
    5)Improve Taunt Procs
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    Oh and as extra sort out the damage in sl from rage it seriously knacks soloing up there for no real reason
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    1) #11 - Change the attack skill on arouse anger to AR, not Mat.Crea (bug).

    This really really annoys me and should have been fixed long ago.

    2) #2
    3) #1b
    4) #12

    cyclic layers would be nice and make sense compared to other profs.

    5) #7 - Extend the fear line of nanos
    - Give us an AOE fear

    our fear line is so much fun, but so underpowered.

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    1) new taunts- either single target or a new mongo.
    2) new layers
    3) a new 2hb weapon- right now it's just not a viable choice, where it should be an enf's signature weaponline
    4) a new head symbiant/implant option - preferably something that makes it easier for trox to get 2s nanodelta
    5) a new fear- it sucks to lose this part of our toolset in the higher playfields


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    bump keep it coming

    If you could use the numbers off the existing wishlist that would help a lot though, just writing a list of five things you want isn't as helpful

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    5) A New Mongo

    7) Extension of RK nanolines / SL nanos

    10) A New Special Attack

    16) Heal Delta

    15) Improve our Defensive toolset

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    2) oh my this is by far the most important thing to me, just the jump to 180-280 is so so so harsh, enforcers lose out of 40 points of nano skills which helps tremendously when buffing without an mp.

    5) i think the mongo line should be extended like the essence lines, each new essence adds more hp, so each new mongo adds more taunt.

    12) at the moment sl mobs do very high dmg and having a 750ish absorb is alright but would be nice if there were also stages like with the essence line and as stated above, or a absorb aura.

    1b) not only make them bigger but have a message pop up saying "target was affected by ragebringer" or something, its pretty hard to know if your proc is doing anything or helping maintain agg.

    7) just putting this as a roundabout if they decide to expand all the rk nano lines. but i still stand on getting a new mongo and layer nano lines first.

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    25. Team Detaunt Aura. (Or personally, an aura that affects EVERYONE in the area, like crat auras. (With the exception of other enforcers....*who had this line running*?)

    26. Assult Class Tank Armor. I would really like to get my hands on the Assult class tank armor. It would help me alot in pvp, as well as save me during tuff pvm situations. Nobody that has it will I will mention it for them.

    22. NCU. I would like to see a +NCU/-%nano cost/Compiler combo item. Don't give us a gimmpy one that is +64 ncu...-5% nano cost and +400 Nano init. I would like to have all of them pretty much combined. And allow everyone to use them. Doesn't have to be enfo only. But enforcers ARE a casting class, and we are treated as a keeper or shade. Don't make it too hard to get.

    16. Heal delta. Would be nice if ENFOCERS had the +65 heal delta, and not the docs. Otherwise give us our own buff that is BETTER or Equal too. Heal delta is awesome for enforcers, and ok for other people. As said before, Heal delta is a major asset to enforcers.

    3. Improved Infantry Symbiants. (THIS INCLUDES A NEW BRAIN) But Agility, psychology, heal delta, and even some nano love would be much appreciated.

    5. A new mongo!! This is one of the most important ones. If you do anything, do this!

    Other things to consider.

    1. Devastating blow is basically a 1hand blunt enforcers Slice n dice. And apparently everyone thinks 1hand blunt enforcers perk easier. So why not make it so I can hit people with Bring the pain....AND the perk that comes after it? I don't care about the other two perks. The snare is nice, but not so important.

    2. Seriously. An enforcers main advantage is his high hp. Problem is having high hp in pvp isnt good...less u have TONS of it. And in order to have the "tons" of hp a enforcer should have over other classes, an enforcer needs to use SL essance. Otherwise Soldiers/keepers/docs basically have 20k+ hp Same as a normal enforcer. Problem is. Our Essance line comes with a HUGE snare 2.2k 0.0

    Basically, enforcer's can't use one of their best toolset items in pvp (and its a bum to use in PVM cause it snares you so bad). In PvP... people just kite you. And in pvm, you can't kite! I can't use it while doing infenro dynas. It takes too long to cast. Takes too much nano. I can't cast before cause it snares me too bad. And casting after I pull (even if I manage to do so) I won't be able to heal up before the mob gets their unless I use all my heal items (and dont have them for the fight.

    The only place a SL essance is really viable is A. At zerg raids. Where you can get a NCU buff from a fixer and Wolf/GSF/Terrain Knowledge ect. And that is a real bummer. Personally, and enforcer should be a pain in the butt to kill. Moreso then a keeper. Atm. Keepers do more damage, and "tank" better then we do in pvp and pvm. They have everything we have +more.

    So....LOWER the snare on SL essance, give +stam/str and + scale back. Don't have to completly eleminate it... but make it viable.

    And yes. This would make us very hard to kill in pvp. (We are not suppose to loose 40% of our hp every 11 seconds anyways. And if someone decides to pocket us...we won't die unless a zerg is trying to eat us.) So to fix any potential problems regarding overpoweredness..., make healing automattically flag you. (Hots and everything) People will just have to learn to not freely buff pvpers unless they want a flag themselves. And pvpers will need to learn not to rely on outside heals when they go to pvp.
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    1) 16. Heal Delta
    2) 12. Layers
    3) 11. Perk Fixes (primarily "Change the requirement on devastating blow from "Stunned" to "Affected by Bring the Pain"" ...or just make it work with any stun...)
    4) 7. Extension of RK nanolines / SL nanos
    5) 2/3. Improve Symbs/New brain
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    5)I really think the enfos from 180 to 215 need a better mongo to tank, they have no chance holding agg off good DD profs, it's sad.

    2)The Brain is a nobrainer.

    7)I'd like to see nano lines extended for SL, goes hand in hand with a better mongo imo.

    6)Beam of ultimate doom ftw.

    11)Some perk lines need to be better thought out or added.

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    1) 5 - new mongo
    2) 7 - extension of RK/SL nanolines
    3) 16 - healdelta
    4) 12 - layers
    5) 25 - team detaunt aura

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    4 - (useful single taunts)
    2 - (a new brain)
    5 - (new mongo) - not necesarily new, but one that works reliably. Sometimes you still need to cast it 3 times to get a mob to look at you even if its right next to ya.
    11 - (fix 2nd mutate perk)
    16 - healdelta, like +250 on the 220 essence and scaled down from there would be perfect.

    Those would probably be my top 5 things i'd like to see - coming from a 100% PVM enfo.

    I dont really think we NEED more taunts, since I can still hold agg from anyone on a single mob, but then again i had to sacrifice a perkline to do it, which is sort of unfortunate. I certainly wouldnt want FC to make it so easy for enfos to hold aggro that anyone can level to 220 and keep aggro from a 220 shade pushing damage... Where is the challenge in that?
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    1 - 7) Extension of RK nanolines / SL nanos
    2 - 11) Perks - Especially: Remove or adjust the requirements on the last two 1he perks so that they are usable by enforcers
    3 - 15) Improve our Defensive toolset
    4 - Change element nano line
    5 - 2) new brain
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    3) Improve Infantry Symbs
    5) A New Mongo
    7) Extension of RK nanolines / SL nanos
    16) Heal Delta
    12) Layers

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    Good feeback guys, thanks a lot

    Based on what I'm seeing I'll reshape the wishlist to reflect rough priority with the most importan items at the top; as it stands so far the list looks something like:

    1 - (5) New Mongo
    2 - (7) Improvements and extensions to existing nanolines
    3 - (12) Improvements to layers
    4 - (2) New brain
    5 - (11) Perk fixes and improvements
    6 - (4) Improved single taunts
    7 - (3) Improvedments to infantry symbs
    - (16) Heal Delta
    8 - (1) Fixes and improvements to taunt procs
    - (25) Team detaunt aura
    9 - (6) New and useful weapons in all melee weapon types
    10 - (10) A new special attack based off brawl
    11 - (9) Remove troll form graphic
    - (26) ACTA drops
    - (15) Defensive Toolset improvements
    12 - (22) NCU issues
    13 - (8) More AR
    - (17) Team versions of buffs

    While a couple of these wishes do overlap, it's obvious that at the moment people are more interested in seeing fairly specific improvements (e.g. whilst almost everyone seems to want improvements to our old nanoset, layers, fear and mongo come up most commonly as the ones people would like to see improved most of all) and so with this feedback I'll try and structure the wishlist accurately.

    Suggestions 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24 and 27 I shall consider very low priority as they haven't sparked any interest yet.

    note: once we have a properly formatted wishlist we'll have a more formal vote, but this thread lets us thin out unwanted ideas and prioritise the more important ones.

    Please keep giving feedback though, and thanks again
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    Anything else is stupid. Why people are screaming for things we already do fine I will never understand.
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    1) 16 mainly more heal delta perks/buff
    2) 12 layers : lower init and more absorb (need 2k+ to insta at full def atm)
    3) 5 new mongo (more heal)
    4) 7) Extension of RK nanolines / SL nanos
    5) 8) More AR please

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