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Thread: [Omni] The Leviathan Movement

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    [Omni] The Leviathan Movement

    The Leviathan Movement is on the lookout for new members. Here's what we have to offer:

    -A large city in Southern Fouls Hills with ql300 large HQ, mining ops, swimming pool, grid house, landing pad, and silo.
    -An org bot. We use Vhabot to link the chat of The Leviathan Movement with Megadodo Publications, our subsidiary organization.
    -Friendly and helpful members. Most of our active players are TL7 but we have people in all level ranges and we're always willing to help out new players.
    -Regular org raids on Hollow Island, Mercs, Dust Brigade, Alapaa, AI raids, APF, Albtraum, etc.
    -A ventrilo server. It's not required that you use it, but it's available. Many of our active members use it.
    -Here's our information:
    -No minimum level required to join.

    What are we looking for?

    We want nice people. Many of you know us from teams or have seen us around. If you have teamed with us or talked to us, you know that we are nice and we try to surround ourselves with people that represent us well. Our growing org is full of people who are here because they like the friendly atmosphere, and we occasionally get people who come to us because they don't like being in organizations that tell them how to play the game. We won't make demands on you that you pvp, or that you level at a certain pace, or restrict you from bringing in alts. In return, we expect that all of our members respect the laid-back atmosphere that we try to cultivate.

    So, if you are looking for an org for the first time or you are tired of being in organizations that demand too much, please consider joining us.

    Here's how to apply:

    1.) Go to and submit an application on our forum there. Tell us what appeals to you about our organization and why you left your previous org(s), if any.
    2.) Contact one of our recruitment officers. Idree and Peepeebedee will be glad to answer any questions you may wish to ask. They will also be able to give you more details about how we operate. If you are not able to reach them, try contacting me on Rockempire or Etrier. You can also send me a private message on this forum.

    Thanks for reading!

    P.S. If you like our style and you think you might go apply, please bump this thread.
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    Bump because I edited the spiel.

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    Bump for these nice guys, they deliver!!!
    too bad u are all omni
    GL with ur org

    btw u got a friendly hello from Dumpiel

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    Bump for rock and co

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    Old Friends Die hard...

    Bump for a fantastic Org with help by the bucket loads!

    Lots of love....the ghost of christmas past

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    Bumping because someone heard through another thread the we have several husband/wife playing couples and joined based on that. \o/

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    Bumping this thread because we are looking for some cool new people to sign up. If you enjoy playing the game for what it is, and enjoy helping others, this is the org for you! Please feel free to send me, or any of my generals a tell in game.

    Hope to see some new people joining soon!

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    Been busy with RL to contact someone - Bump
    Ruffixx, 220/30/66 Omni Opifex Fixer
    Pugilius, 206/30/49 Omni Opifex MA
    Blessedbrawl, 200/0 Omni Froob Opifex MA
    Medor, 199/23/42 Neutral Solitus Doctor
    Vindicius, 189/20/46 Omni Atrox Enforcer
    Evilrilius, 100/10 Omni Nano MP - Foremans Killing Machine

    Proud General of Obsidian Order

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    Bump. Try us out, we are fun. We are getting a little beefier in our ranks and doing city raids almost every day.

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    Bump for Rock. Bring yourself to my place, I need help drinking my bar!
    Waiting for a cure.

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    We'll talk! I need help finding beer to drink.

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    The best org i'ved ever been in.

    Although we aren't the largest we are the most fun to be in , we try to help our members whenever possible and we like to raid alot , but to do that more often we need you peoples so join up and get a chance to be in our wonderfull org.

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    I would just like to reiterate that we hold no level requirements, and we do not charge members dues. We can offer many experience players to guide you, a city in which to raid, and fun, nice people to hang out with.

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