As always - these are preliminary update notes and subject to change prior to hitting the live servers.

Now on to the good stuff....

16.3 Preliminary Update Notes

Inferno Updates

- Over thirty new quests added to Inferno including three great new story driven quest lines. Discover the mysteries of Inferno and beyond

- Fixed some missing textures in Burning Marshes

- Some new smoke effects added to Inferno

- Optimized playfield (reduced poly count) in places for better performance

- Revised environmental visual effects to improve performance

- General world changes to Improve playfield appearance

New PvP Missions

- Prepare to be sent deep into enemy territory as factional quests are added that will find players taking out targets in their enemies cities.

GUI Changes

- New Skill View

o Automatic IP allocation option. We have added an option to allow players to have the system automatically distribute their IP for them based on their profession. A report confirms what the allocation will do and then prompts for confirmation.

o Increased visibility of stats, base and buffed stats are now visible within the GUI

- There are now small icons that show up in your interface informing you of new things available to you. They can be clicked to open up the relevant menu.

o Gaining new IP's. Clicking this icon will open the skill view.

o Gaining new Perk. Clicking this icon will open up the perk view.

- New Mission View

o Now allows for up to twenty missions at a time to be held

- New Planetmap View

Camera Controls

- New Camera features added

o Look around the character by holding left mouse button and moving mouse.

o Zoom in and out or switch between first and third person by using the mouse scroll wheel.

General Changes

- New ICC Assembly Hall added to andromeda

- A Tir grid point has been added inside the city limits again. NOTE: The Tir exit will now exit you at the new internal point. The grid terminal outside the city is still present for entering the Grid.

- Missions should no longer reset the progress counter when leaving and re-entering.

- Fixed the issue with Shoulder-pads appearing incorrectly on Opifex characters (really we mean it, we aren’t making it up!)

- Tracer effects should now fire in the correct direction all the time.

- The Test of Intelligence mission in the Shadowlands Starter area should be working again

- Peter Lee now has a character model to match his name and intended gender!

- Reduced respawn timer on Brad Willis in SL backyard

- Fixed an error with the red hat mushrooms that could be taken up root and all, now players only get to pick up a sample.

- Hacking an Enhanced Leather Vest should now produce Hacked Leather Body Armor correctly.

- Corrected a typo in the activation text for the Fire Frenzy action.

- Energized Bolt now requires Matter Creation.

- Fixed a bugged mission entrance in Newland

- Fixed some issues with trash king robots going missing

- Sirocco can no longer be attacked

- Portals now spawn for leaving Razor’s lair


- Added Multi-monitor support for playing in full-screen on monitors to the right or below the primary monitor.

- Added Multi-monitor support for windowed mode on any monitor.