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Thread: Org Billboard Competition!

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    Org Billboard Competition!

    It's that time again! Would you like the chance to get your organization seen on every billboard in Rubi-Ka? We are offering a chance to do just that by selecting the top designs to be displayed on every billboard in town...

    What you need to do to participate in this competition is simple.. We are looking for several new ads advertising your organization! Pull out your creativity license and cameras and design a stunning billboard that would best fit your org!

    There can be up to three entries per organization sent seperately and all entries must be submitted in JPG format with a resolution of 1024x768. Only one winner may be selected per org.

    To enter the contest send your submissions to with the following:

    1. In your email please put subject line as : Org Billboard Contest - [Org Name] [Dim]

    2. All entries must include statement in the body of the email that states that your entry is your own work and no one else's and that you understand that Funcom may use it for promotional advertising.

    3. Images should be compressed into jpg format and sent as a zip (or rar) file wherever possible. Final file size must be below 1mb per submission.

    4. Any entries that are not submitted using the above parameters will not be considered as valid entries. Entries must be received no later than the June 1, 2006.
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    Whee! Maybe now I can finish the stuff I started for the previous billboard competition.

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    Ok quick question? why zip a jpeg? and also is there any preferance on the level of jpeg compression? baseline options or progessive levels, and any particular colour palatte format?
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    What will happen with the old billboards ?

    Anytho, Yay!

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    ??? resolution of 256x128... thats image size so what resolution 72/150/300++ dpi? heh heh is adobe 98 icc profile good?

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    dpi doesn't matter.
    CMYK/RGB/BW all the same

    make it look good
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    Quote Originally Posted by porkhero
    ??? resolution of 256x128... thats image size so what resolution 72/150/300++ dpi? heh heh is adobe 98 icc profile good?
    i have 19" monitor and my Desktop resolution is 1280x1024 and i play with 4xFSAA..

    like this matters either..
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    Omg the freaks have come out of the woodwork!

    Do you really think that the peeps at FunCom can't take whatever format file you produce and edit/manipulate it to what they need ?

    talk about over complicate it .....

    .jpg in ZIP or RAR because then you get CRC error check.

    70-90% comprssion - usually works well for most images

    whaterver DPI

    8, 16 or 24 bit CMYK or RGB... click of a button and it can be changed anyway

    adobe 98 is good form most stuff - but most peeps don't even know what that is - so Im sure FC are not bothered about ICC profiles.

    Interlaced or not ..... who cares ?

    They have all the graphical editing tools you could ever want and more... don't you think?

    /flame me now ... kthxbye.....

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    small question

    i was wondering if we could use bits of (concept)art in the allready small image?
    or does the image has to be 100% thought up of your own?

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    Woot, gonna work right on it!

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    Can we use parts of in game screen shots?

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    Yes, you may use in-game screenshots and concept art. There are no specific dpi requirements only that the size resolution is 256x128 and it is under 1MB per submission.

    Some excellent submissions streaming in... Keep up the good work!

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    can u enhance the pics w/ photoshop?
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    Does it have to be PG? lolol
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    I have a question... I run a fansite ( and was thinking of submitting to the billboard competition. But then another player pointed out that this is supposed to be for Orgs. Is there another method of submission I should seek out for a Fansite billboard? or can I submit to this as well.
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    This is the last day for submissions. Lots of great boards!

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    Do you have any idea when the results will be posted?
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    Here's a question, will you post the entries for all to see? I for one would love to see all the wonderful entries. (not just the winners in game)

    Perhaps make an 'Org Listing" that uses the billboard art if available?

    Just a thought, Cheers!

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    Yeah, can we have all entries and an ETA please :]

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