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    Perks Guide

    Main Useful Keeper Perklines:


    This is imo one of the best keeper perklines after around lvl 150, the max hp bonus is great, the lay on hands heal is fairly fast to recharge and useful for keeping hp up between the big perks, one of which is the curing touch ability which you get at 170 NOT as it says in game at 160, however this is around a 4-7k heal depending on the amount of perks you have in blessing ending up at a 6900 heal at 220/blessing 10.

    Bio Shielding

    Another great perkline most will not be without. A huge absorb shield starting from Bio Shielding 3 eventually becoming a 10k absorb at level 10 along with fast ticking 500hp HoT healing for a total of 14.5k (if it doesn't hit your max hp first ) theres also a small AoE heal which is good for top up team members hp from damage shields etc and also setting off in raids to help out a bit there (see how much "healed for" spam you can get)

    Holy Mark

    This is a perkline that has some great specials and also some really nice mods including +200 evade clsc at level 10, however defensively bio shielding and blessing are better perk lines in general, evades will be ripped apart by mobs with high AR, whereas 10k absorb and heals will always ‘work’. Also Reaver would probably be maxed before this for the 2he required to get larger swords on at 200+, around 210 I may consider using it instead of Reaver once I have a 300 sword equipped and non oe and can max it. Specials in this line include a small HoT, an evades debuff, damage modifier debuff and an AAO/AAD (Add All Offence/Add All Defence) debuff.


    This is the big DD/AR perkline, some very damaging specials you won’t want to be without at 220 for PvP and also very useful for getting on higher swords, however at lower levels I didn’t train this very much, preferring the defense given by Blessing/Bio Cocoon I took a few perks out of blessing around 207 to up my dd for pen mishs, however before this the general quality of tanks around your level may not be so good, and blessing/cocoon are great for saving yourself in sticky situations, or even tanking yourself.

    Aura of Revival

    Starting at lvl 10 and instantly upping your soloing power considerably this is a very potent defensive perk line up until around 130 or so when it starts to drop off in performance, this is when most take blessing instead, around 130-170… personally I reperked at 160 in preperation for curing touch at 170.

    Those above are the most used perklines on a Keeper the most common endgame setup being: Bio cocoon 10, Reaver 10, Holy mark 10, Blessing 10.

    Now a few of the lesser used perklines:

    Street Samurai

    Wielding a very very powerful +dmg modifier this perkline in combination with reaver can make you a powerful dd, however it is mostly useful at the higher levels when the +dmg starts to add up a bit more or if you're teaming and raiding a lot, if you're not getting hit much no reason to sacrifice the damage from this line in order to perk Holy Mark. Also has a few damage dealing specials to get you up on the dd even more.

    Spatial Displacement

    Possibly a good option for pvp with it’s snare and root resist, however with enervate up and some other items such as Might of the Revenant, roots generally aren’t too much of a problem if you know what you’re doing and in my opinion the perks here could be invested somewhere much more important. Also root removal later in the line make this a great one for the PvPer that just loves to hate fixers.

    AI perks


    Yep, it’s the big one, I would say the best AI perkline we have for pvp and even pvm. Insight is an addalloff buff, evades clsc buff and small short HoT for the entire team, very useful for landing perks on mobs that usually won’t be perked. Force opponent is a DoT which scales with your 2he, meaning it’s effective from the moment you can get it up until 220. Purify is a somewhat ineffective area stun and large taunt, dependant on bio met and checking 140% Nano Resist it’s rather hard to land meaning it’s uses are somewhat limited. However it is still worth maxing this line to 10 for the higher Insight.

    Champion of Heavy Infantry

    This is the general 2he buff line, allowing you to get higher swords on earlier and also including some nice damage specials, I generally have this as high as possible while keeping AI tech 2 and insight 1 until I get a ql 300 sword on, if you’re levelling slower it may be worth using the perks in Insight but I tend to upgrade swords as often as possible, making it harder to keep insight high.

    Alien Technology Expertise

    Lets you use some higher alien gear such as NCU mems, AI armour and other nice gadgets. Simple as that. Training AI tech 3 requires you to have Bazzits Alien Library in your HUD, and this is gained thru a lengthy quest, the guides to which can be found quite easily.

    Solitus Alpha Genome

    This isn’t used a huge amount but above AI 20 or so I’d say it was a nice option, including some base stat buffs for getting tier and other armours higher, a 90% root resist perk lasting 15s and a +100 aad/aao buff lasting 25 seconds. Doesn’t sound long but it’s long enough to alpha a rooting class in PvP.

    Solitus Beta Genome

    Boasting some int/sense/psy for twinking and some armours, and also a nice heal at lvl 10 for pvp, although personally i'd take soli Alpha for the extra AR at lvl10 over the heal, unless you're perking a lot of the 'semi-evade' classes.

    Atrox Primary Genome

    This is possibly the most overpowered perk for pvp in game, Mongo Rage adding a HUGE 1500 AR for a limited time allowing you to alpha most of the most die-hard evades professions. However for PvM it has a limited use, having a DoT totalling 2.5k damage on ending, along with –1000 AR and a –1000 run speed snare, it is most useful for offloading perks into an evades profession.

    Atrox Secondary Genome

    A great addition of 320 dodge ranged on this line at perk level 3, and also some agil/sense/int/psy some of the atroxes weaker base attritibutes.

    Opifex Secondary Genome
    A blind and nanoskills debuff at perk level 3, possibly very useful in pvp (can't zone if you can't find the door unless you use the map maybe ) and also 3 ai levels is a fairly cheap investment.
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