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Thread: Endgame PVM Crat Wep

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    Endgame PVM Crat Wep

    I was just woundering what i could go if i wanted to do the maximum amount of damage possible with the 'best' equip i could possibly find.
    Have two other chars i can use for pvp, so thats currently not so importaint before FC considers to do something with the crats.

    Currently im using a ql 300 type1 with a bad offhand.
    I deal pritty good.

    So the wep choices i have been looking at is:

    ql 300 type 1 + ql 200(+) type 4
    ql 300 type 4 (possible to get on due to burst?) + ql 200 type 1
    MBC ql 220 or 260 (possible?)

    So if this has been discussed in any thread recently i should know about and im just being silly, plz post the url. or if you have any suggestions to other things i might have missed ty
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    Docine the doc forum really has equivalent weapon discussions-really only different thing to think about is that crats have the pistol implants in our symb set and can use the exterm oculars as well.

    So damage wise a crat can do fairly decently with Type1/4 combo or Type1/MEP. MEP looks good at the high end because of no MBS (MEP=Master Engineer Pistol). Projectile damage towers are common.

    Looking at a mob like Tara, you'd probably go for MBC or Kyr SMG-given that if you are gonna do energy damage you can boost that with towers and the sacrifice in attack rating won't matter cause you won't miss that much.

    For high end raids-apf/city aliens/Pand where some mobs have evades, I'm guessing the hit rate on pistols along with damage/crit setup would be "best".

    Armorwise CC is the way to go, 2 GOCs, RBP-substitue electro gloves in there but if you are using a burst weapon you probably would gain more from CC gloves than +60 damage, again thinking high end mobs as opposed to low evade mobs.

    A crat can be turned into a first rank DD no doubt and when I finish my twinking on Port I'm gonna experiment along those lines.
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    I really like the idea of pistol crats, seems like the most crattish weapon, dunno why.

    Too bad that the dmg types of the mep or cdr aren't compatible with kyr weaps.. :/ but that can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation.
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    due to
    a) pistol being in our symbs
    b) pistol being lightblue
    you will be able to get the highest AR with pistols compared to any other weapon. That will make a huge difference in certain places (mercs,aliens,pande, ...).

    Also consider your play style.
    If you solo alot pistols are a better option. They tickle your opponent without really giving you mass aggro. Where-as a MBC just goes burst,fling,burst...which will get you agg pretty fast. also depends on your personal views on how your toon looks.

    The best DD can be achieved with type1/type4 pistol setup.
    MBC comes in pretty close tough.
    I think that a KSMG type 5 might perform decently as well.

    As to equipping:
    you got ql300pistols equipped already so you got that figured out.
    MBC...ql220 easier to equip ofcourse. pointless trying to equip a 260 as the only difference is the MBS on the 260 is alot higher but dmg wise it is about the same. 260 will need AI armor to equip it. but will be hard to get the MBS on a ql220 even. I have a ql235 equipped without any AI armor at all.

    But our speech:HM/CP perk aura really helps out our AR no matter what weapon you choose.

    In result: pistols are our best option for PvM. MBC gets the second place from me mainly due to the fast recharge on specials. So with the pistols you might try to get a more crit setup as an MBC wielding crat will gain more from getting +dmg items instead of crit incraese items imho.
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