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Thread: Getting Trained in Elysium

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    Getting Trained in Elysium

    I thought it might be a good idea since we have so many posts of

    "omg d00d wtfpwned x1beelon in ely ouch nerf"

    That it might be a good idea to summarize the points of the ely situation in one thread that can be easily referenced when someone posts in our forum about this so the thread can be closed and we can move on in peace.

    You didn't get killed by an nt

    The person that trained you in ely will never read your complaint because they do not consider themselves to be NT's. They are more than likely xp kiting/monster part farming alts with the sole purpose of farming credits for their main or powerleveling their friends and your team got in their way. These players don't mind ruining the nt's reputation or getting your team killed for their own selfish reasons. This behavior is neither endorsed or encouraged by the NT community.


    Like it or not Area of Effect Nukes (aoe) is a part of an NT's toolset and its a game mechanic (kiting) implemented by funcom. This is often the only way that some nt's can level because of the current team setup and the lack of desirability for nt players. For some it can be a diversion from the heckler grind and a new way to kill mobs. While this may be problematic for you now, you will find that you many people request an nt's presence at things like an alien raid, where use of the same nukes guaruntees a more equal spread of alien experience, in fact there are many things in this game that can be done with this type of nuke unfortunately the worst side of it is often seen in Elysium.

    Ely Zone design

    It is a concern that has been posted many times on this forum that the zone design in ely is poor. The spots where NT's are likely to kite are also the spots that people are likely to team and it causes great frustration for all parties involved. This has been addressed to Funcom many times and as of this time there is still no word about any changes coming. That being said there are many other places to take your team in ely to level, fighting hecklers without kiting around. These other areas offer the same experience over time, they just aren't as convienent.

    Warning Signs

    The greatest tip to survive in Elysium is to run to the water. When you see hecklers appearing and disappearing for seemingly no reason, run to the water. When you see an nt run by shouting run, run to the water. If hecklers suddenly start appearing all around you, run to the water. When anything goes wrong in your Elysium beach team... run to the water and swim as far out as you can. Hecklers can't swim.

    Nanotechnicians aren't the only ones who train

    Everytime the beach is trained in Elysium, people are quick to blame NT's and get everyone riled up about it, however it is often a team of people who had hecklers spawn on them and they didn't know what to do so they ran back to the beach for help. I have seen this many times personally only to hear shouts of NT death roll through the camp. Try to be circumspect and know what happened before you accuse someone or an entire profession of attacking you.


    If you feel as though you want to return the favor to the nt that got your team killed, Funcom has implemented a flagging system where a player who is kiting will become flagged if a flagged player runs into their AoE. This will leave the opportunity for you to then pvp this player, no guaruntee that you will win as you will also have 30-40 hecklers warping around you at the same time, but some people choose this option.

    Making an Xp Farming/Monsterpart collecting alt

    Some people also have the "if you can't beat them join them" attitude. This is a poor choice. Monster part farming is far from the quickest and easiest way to make money anymore. You may want to do some research on Symbiant sales, Mission blitzing, or any other number of cash making suggestions brought about in countless other threads on the subject. If you think that this is the only way you can make money you can read this thread (Tips for Kiting by Phinger) about the tips and practices of kiting. Powerleveling people is only a way of creating high level people with very little knowledge of their professions, which we have enough of anyway.

    Moving on

    Unfotunately while we understand your frustration at the current situation there is nothing that can be accomplished in the NT forums to lessen your burden or change the current situation, however you can post your concerns in the Game Suggestions forum, or by dropping an e-mail to
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    Well said, mi presidente! Thank you for putting Nt's in a positive light. Sticky pls.
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    That sums it up nicely.

    Gonna sticky and close it, as this should be a guide rather than a debate.

    If you have further additions to the thread, PM me. Questions? Comments? Start a new thread or resurrect one of the various kiting whine threads.
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    Goodbye everyone, it has been a blast.

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