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Thread: Alien Missions - my take

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    Alien Missions, the way FC might like them ;-)

    [FC hasn't stated it explicitly, but I assume nothing new should be serious competition to player cities, and I try to accomodate for this]

    First of, I try to think of way to RP this, it's important to keep the RP in MMORPG.

    I see two kinds of Alien Mission gettable from normal mission terminals.

    Yes, *normal* mission terminal. No special terminals, no extra design work for Funcom (I try to make it easy on you, FC, so it increases the chances of this, or like it being added)

    First one: randomly (and rarely), you get a special alien mission, clearly marked. From ICC, of course. Location... doesn't matter. Downed ship, some hidden covert base in a city, that's up to the designers. I even see a normal in-building mission, just with aliens (and some alien machinery). Easy to design, as you just need to add aliens and stir

    The second kind is weirder, and adds much more to the "we are being invaded" feel.

    At a very low chance, when you enter the mission zone, you... get aliens instead of the OT personnel or whatever the original mission description said.

    Level of the aliens... unknown. Might be lower than you, might be *much* higher. You can't know, not for sure. Might be the initial scouts you see are 50 levels below the boss

    A big surprise is what I have in mind.

    You cannot beacon warp anyone in (not sure what BE does, never experienced it so far).

    You cannot dupe the mission key, because as soon as you leave the mission area, ICC will get info on this alien base, and offer you (your team) to try it or leave it to ICC troops. You get 5 minutes, say, to decide.

    *Maybe* ICC could offer you to dupe the mission key, but only to alien hunting license holders (I'd put an item, NODROP, into your INV the moment you log-in after getting AI ex-game, but that's just my RP streak

    And only to chars in a certain level range, of course.

    Both kinds of alien missions are *rare* (one per day max I'd say, and you cannot control it). Both are *not* rollable. Mission reward... the gratitude of the ICC And the alien loot of course.

    Hmm, FC could reduce the loot by requiring most of it to be given to ICC officials after the mission? So, you get a lot of loot, but can't keep it... but get credits for it?
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    BUMP ftw
    Quote Originally Posted by RedKross
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    why do people assume making a mission difficult and unrewarding increases the likely hood of FC implementing it?

    follow normal mission mob level rules. follow normal loot rules. who really wants to attempt to solo mobs that might be much higher than you and don't get to keep the loot? [other than the raid mobs who drop sweet loot]

    definitely shouldn't be rollable from any old mission terminal, for RP reasons. probably some special terminal at ICC, or a quest mission, would fit better.

    i bump for the idea of alien missions, not for your implementation =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwu
    Level of the aliens... unknown. Might be lower than you, might be *much* higher.

    This idea is pretty dumb tbh. It would be really annoying as a TL7 person to get a mission full of level 130 aliens, just as it would be depressing for a team of level 90 people to get pwnt by the first mob they meet in the mission, who happens to be a level 205 ankari or something.

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    Something like this is supposed to be implemented for LE anyway so youre proposing something that funcom already probably has its mind set on. from the LE title page "Crush the alien forces. Enter vast dungeons in the heart of alien motherships"
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