Nano for mapnav:


Implants for mapnav:

ql200 +210 to mapnav, also +110 sen, +88 int, +33 psy

Items for mapnav:

+60 Golden Pilot Helmet
+40 A Friendly Whisperer
+15 Signet Ring of the Green Knight adventurer only
also some small things +1,+2, let's believe sum is +5.
ie 120 adventurer, 105 others

also buffs and items for sen/int/psy. Let's assume +40 each.

we have +315 mapnav (+330 adventurer), +150 sen, +128 int, +74 psy. With maxed abilities full mapnav (w/o any IP!) will be:

solitus: 473, opi: 474, nano: 477, atx: 453 (+15 adventurer)

and we remain without only following maps:

700 Deep Artery Valley
700 Perpetual Wastelands
600 Galway County (part of omni statrup!)
546 Eastern Fouls Plains

What for I counted all this? Now I can spend IPs for +220 mapnav without fear, that I'll spend superfluous IPs and will regret later