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Thread: New holo-vid featuring Atroxes!

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    New holo-vid featuring Atroxes!

    Freelance Reporter "Noticero" Rivera

    (IRRK) -- For the first time in human history, two Atroxes have the star roles in the upcoming holo-vid "Dude where is my Yalm?" to be released on the gridnet later this year.

    The holo-vid company "Holo-Vids R' Us" scouted Rubi-Ka last year for new faces to take the lead roles of 'Sparky' and 'Botch'. Hundreds of Opifex, Solitus, and Nanomages applied with no luck, until a pair of unsuspected Atroxes accidentally disrupted an audition in progress.

    Director Jhonathan Lucas and Writer/Producer Steven Perez were impressed with the natural comic relief, which both Atroxes reacted to each other while trying to apologize for the accident, and were offered the roles.

    It took about an hour for the duo to understand what they were being offered, and initially they declined the roles until a compromise was reach where in addition to their salary as actors, they would be guaranteed a daily serving of pie.

    New actors Garth 'Partox' Lagh and Lum 'Dethuh' Journ quit their jobs as Bronto Burger employees and started taking some acting classes prior to production of the movie.

    "Dude where is my Yalm?" will be the first holo-vid featuring Atroxes as lead roles in a comedy.

    The script has been kept hush-hush and no trailer has been released yet, but insiders say that one is to be released before Christmas where you are likely to see them getting in hilarious situations.

    A few protesters have sent grid-mails to HRU concerned that the Atroxes are being exploited and that their roles in the movie portray them as ignorant and dumb.

    The official response from the Writer/Producer Mr. Perez at their gridsite was, "The roles I wrote for the characters was of two clueless people who were naive and at the same time funny. Partox and Dethuh just happen to be the perfect fit to portray those roles to perfection, and they are well paid for it.

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    I hope I can find the time to watch this movie but I doubt it.

    What interests me in this article is the reporter. I would have thought certain high-ranks within the clans had pulled Mr.Rivera`s plug some time ago.
    Or is this maybe a copycat?
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    Yeah, Noticiero is back...I guess he couldn't stay away.
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    Sounds like its gonna be a funny movie, would love to see it.

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    Well Its good to see Noticiero wont be scared of easily. Keep up the good work!

    I am looking forward to maybe seeing some more "juicy" reports from him soon.

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    Just so long as they keep their cloths on I think it will be a great laugh.
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    daily servings of PIE! Sweet deal!

    Well, I got a deal of my own....
    *opens a box of donuts and hapily eats a couple, while reading on*

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    So, when the heck does this movie ever get released??? I want to see it!
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