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Thread: Cooking with Iron!

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    Cooking with Iron!

    by Freelance Reporter Benjamin "Fixerben" Bacarella

    (IRRK) -- Reviving the well known but little practiced art of cooking on Rubi-Ka, Ironox, a member of The Nanomage Liberation Front, has begun a small show that airs on NMLF TV by the name of Cooking with Iron!.

    The Atrox chef has an uncanny ability to turn the oddest ingredients into a culinary work of art only meant to be sampled by the palette.

    The show features many delectabilities such as the "Chunky Reet Chili" Ironox prepared for me during my interview. I took a little time to learn about the host of the show and his history. He learned to cook at a young age, being forced to prepare his own meals due to lack of a stable family. Learning through observation, he would watch as normal families prepared their meals, and reproduce the dishes on his own. Over time, this expanded into experimentation with different ****es, flavorings, and ingredients. The "Chunky Reet Chili" was very well prepared; it was still simmering when we entered his kitchen.

    Recipe for "Chunky Reet Chili":

    Chunky Reet Chili

    2 Pounds of Boneless Reet Meat

    2 Cans of Diced Tomatoes with Green Chili Peppers

    1 Can of Tomato Sauce

    1 1/4 Ounces of Ironox's Famous Chili Seasoning (purchased at the Cooking with Iron! Store)

    2 Tbsp Sour Cream

    A pinch of Cilantro

    Mix ingredients together in a large slow cooking pot for about 9 hours on a low setting to simmer. An easy recipe for the people on the go.

    I also took some time to ask Ironox about the ingredients he uses in his dishes. Prefering meat in his dishes, he refers to it as a staple for anything he prepares. In addition, he has a favorite flavoring. Called El Diablo, it is a very ****y additive which in an old Earth language means "The Devil".

    As well as main dishes, Ironox also has his hand in a small amount of deserts and side dishes. On one show, he prepared Pumpkin Head Pie. As Pumpkin pie is my favorite type of pie, I think I'm going to purchase one of those for the Holiday season. A few of his other dishes include "Punajuuripihvit", loosely translated as "Finnish Beet Steaks", and "Rotmos", which is also loosely translated to "Mashed Swedes."

    Hopefully coming soon will be the Cooking with Iron! store. Ironox is currently negotiating with the city council to find himself a permanent spot for his shop. Soon we may all share in his love for food.

    Til' all are free!

    Ironox would like to thank Aazamon for his encouragement to continue with his love of cooking, and for being a motivating force behind this project.

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    Any adaptation in cooking process? Something for people more "on the go" as Mr.Ironox? After all he's thinking of settling down, so some form of adaptation of Pressure cooker and Heat source springs to mind.
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