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Thread: The Enforcer Concern/Wish list

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    The Enforcer Concern/Wish list

    Here is the sticky that is compiled with, what we hopefully have interpited as the wishes of the enforcers. Some obvious ideas have been filtered out as they are either not enforcer specific wishes or simply a bit too far fetched.

    Enforcers is a class with gaps at the moment. the levels from TL6 to 215 are specificly hard, both PVP and PVM-wise. Here are the issues we feel are specificly hard for players in that range:
    * Tankability/Aggromanagment is really difficult for TL6/Lower TL7
    * Dual reqs on AI weapons are really evil for enforcers (MM buff?)
    * We have Dark dark blue nanoskills. Putting Enf nanos with a skillreq simmilar to other more "nanostrong" classes is a bit harsh
    * Due to the horrible evades of an enforcer, PVP is more or less a no-no for most Pre 215's. At 218-220 it gets doable if you get an hour to change out of PVM setup.

    Specific wishes:

    As most professions recieved nanos to look forward too, several enforcers choose not to go for nanoskills after 200 because the gain from the SL nanos is simply hard to work your way into *and* they are also useless in most situations.

    - Increase duration of SL Essence / Decrease the snare / Make it stop cancelling out on zone(and please... size us up with it!). These 4 nanos are only useful for one purpose. Tanking the really big ones.
    - Element nano line is more or less useless. Increase the duration and cut the cooldown period. This nanoline is useless as it is today
    - Reduce Rage dmg in SL
    - Increase the taunt on the single taunt nanos. the largest one is simply not usable before 220 and should taunt more than a normal mongo. (PS, these are not used generally today as there are *VERY* few situations where you need them)
    - Add Multi Melee to the 1h specific buffs
    - More High level nanos: *** Suggestions:
    Add heal delta buff
    Team layer Aura
    One higher Mongo taunting more. (nothing more needed really)

    -There is no Perklines for Melee Energy. Would really like to see this in the future in order for alien weapons to be usable.
    - Manners of Mongo is more or less "uninteresting" due to it's low bonuses. Please breathe some life into this perkline

    - More Infantry Brain symbiants in the range 180-240
    - Please Heal delta in Infantry feet symbs.
    - Increase droprate on Essence of Jealusy in Steps of Madness
    - More Taunt in the new AI taunt tool
    - We want a new beam. *really*
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