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Thread: Keeper Implants

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    Keeper Implants

    Is there a guide / suggestions on how to design Keeper implants above lvl 100?

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    Hrm can't remember if there's an exact guide, but most people probably follow the (fairly well designed) keeper ready made structure or start to use some symbiants. Certainly post 100 you should be looking for brain and eye symbiants, simply because of the scaling issue with nanoskill requirements on our nanoformulae.

    Maybe some kind reader can put together what they think is a recommended guide and if we all agree then i can add a link for it on the top page
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    Here's a list of all useful implant designs. My recommended clusters will be in bold.

    - Eye:
    S: Rifle, Map Nav
    B: Psy Mod, Sense Imp, Comp Lit, Intel
    F: Time & Space

    For Shining Eye, I chose Rifle in order to help equip some of the useful buff rifles in the game, such as the Tsakachumi, which adds +Agility at various QL ranges.

    For Bright Eye, I chose Psy Mod to go along with a Faded Psy Mod Ear and a Shining Sense Imp Head. This evens those two skills out, as I favour Faded Strength in my Chest, which conflicts with Faded Sense Imp.

    For Faded Eye, Time & Space is really the only useful thing.

    - Head:
    S: Sense Imp, Max Nano
    B: Nano Pool, Dimach, Map Nav
    F: Sense

    For Shining Head, I chose Sense Imp to compliment the Bright and Faded Psy Mod. These are very useful nanoskills for a Keeper, and you'll want to keep them as high and as equal as possible.

    For Bright Head, I chose Nano Pool to help cast my buffs. There could come a point when you'll be able to raise your Nano Pool enough to cast them all without it, and at that time you could probably put Dimach there instead, or else start looking for a Symbiant.

    For Faded Head, Sense is really the only useful thing.

    - Ear:
    S: XP, NCU
    B: - Nano Cost, Psychology
    F: Psy Mod, Intel, Map Nav

    For Shining Ear, you'll most likely want that +7% XP cluster. Less Hecklers per level = good.

    For Bright Ear, I chose - Nano Cost to bring down the nanopoint costs of my buffs. While this may not be so much of a problem for other breeds, if you're an Atrox you'll definately want one of these. Otherwise, you can put in Psychology to offset the IP costs of an Augmented Jealousy, which is a useful taunt item.

    For Faded Ear, I chose Psy Mod for casting buffs.

    - Right Arm:
    S: 2he
    B: Add All Def, Brawl
    F: Fast Attack, Radiation AC, Parry, Riposte, Weapon Range

    For Shining Right Arm, you'll want 2he.

    For Bright Right Arm, I chose Add All Def to aid with Evades. If you're the type of player though who likes to use Brawl, you might want more of that instead.

    For Faded Right Arm, I chose Fast Attack to use a higher QL Flurry of Blows. If your Radiation AC sucks you might want a bit more, Parry and Riposte are currently useless, but an interesting option here would be Add Weapon Range. It won't be much of an increase, but being melee, since your range sucks anyway you might want to extend it a bit.

    - Chest:
    S: Stamina, Life
    B: Bio Met
    F: Strength, Sense Imp

    For Shining Chest I really like Stamina. It helps to get better armour on sooner, or to upgrade your tier armour higher than you normally could. Keep in mind that having a higher Stamina does add a small amount to your HP as well as your 2he.

    For Bright Chest, Bio Met is really the only thing.

    For Faded Chest, you have a bit of a harder choice. I personally go with Faded Strength to compliment the Shining Stamina for armour upgradage, as well as a small amount of dribble-down into 2he. If you're really strapped for IP, you may however want to skimp on Sense Imp and implant it instead, as it is a dark blue nanoskill. From my experience though, Keepers don't have much of an IP problem.

    - Left Arm:
    S: Add All Def, Brawl, Heal Delta
    B: 2he
    F: - Nano Cost, Chem AC

    For Shining Left Arm, I chose Add All Def, to aid with Evades. If you're the Brawling type though you might want that instead. Heal Delta also goes here, if you've got 811+ Stamina, although I find the Shining Add All Def a much better choice.

    For Bright Left Arm, I chose 2he. Nothing else worthwhile goes there.

    For Faded Left Arm, there's another - Nano Cost, or a small amount of Chem AC.

    - Right Wrist:
    S: Run Speed, Parry, Riposte
    B: Nano Resist, NCU, Rifle, Aimed Shot
    F: XX Damage Modifier (except Cold)

    For Shining Right Wrist, since Parry and Riposte don't work, Run Speed is the only useful thing.

    For Bright Right Wrist, I chose Nano Resist, although NCU would be an equally respectable choice. Rifle or Aimed Shot can go here too if you're a little short of equipping a given buff rifle.

    For Faded Right Wrist, you have your choice of every damage type in the game... except Cold Damage. So this one's optional, unless you have an Excalibur or something, maybe a type 112 Alien Sword, which does Energy Damage.

    - Waist:
    S: Chem AC, Cold AC, Fire AC, Radiation AC, - Nano Cost
    B: Life, Max Nano
    F: 2he, Dodge, Evade, Bio Met, Stamina, Nano Pool

    For Shining Waist, you have your choice of four AC types, or more - Nano Cost. The Waist Implant is one where there are so many viable choices that I really cannot recommend anything, especially as you'll see below.

    For Bright Waist, you have your choice of either +Life or +Nano.

    For Faded Waist, you have an absolute slew of options. 2he is probably the most popular, Evade is always nice, Bio Met helps to cast new buffs, Stamina for Armour and dribble-down, Nano Pool to cast nanos. Whatever you feel is your biggest weakness, implant that to make up for it.

    - Left Wrist:
    S: Shield Fire, Shield Projectile, Shield Radiation
    B: Run Speed, Parry, Riposte, XX Damage (except Cold)
    F: Nano Resist, Shield Chemical, Cold, Melee, Poison, Rifle

    For Shining Left Wrist, there is no right or wrong choice. Just pick one you like.

    For Bright Left Wrist, I chose Run Speed, as Parry and Riposte are disabled, and you get all damage types except Cold, which is what the FBR, Counteraction, and Type 880 Alien Swords all do. If you're using an Excalibur or type 112 though, then you might want one of the other types.

    For Faded Left Wrist, I chose Nano Resist. There are also four damage shields to choose from, as well as Rifle again.

    - Right Hand:
    S: XX Damage Modifier (except Cold)
    B: Time & Space, Fast Attack
    F: Treatment, Comp Lit, Fire AC, Aimed Shot

    For Shining Right Hand, you have your choice again of all damage types except Cold.

    For Bright Right Hand, I chose Time & Space for buffs. Fast Attack goes here too.

    For Faded Right Hand, you have your choice of either Treatment or Comp Lit. Either way, you'll have an easier time swapping implants when it comes to either equipping other implants, or new NCU, your choice. Alternately, you can gain a small amount of Fire AC, or put in Aimed Shot to help with buff rifles.

    - Leg:
    S: Dodge, Duck, Agility
    B: Evade, Stamina, Melee Init
    F: XP, Heal Delta, Life, NCU

    For Shining Leg, I chose Dodge to help reduce crits or evade ranged attacks altogether. If you PvP a lot of Traders though you might want Duck instead. Agility goes here too.

    For Bright Leg, I chose Evade to aid with evading attacks, as it is our primary defensive skill. Alternately, you may want more Melee Init, or even some Stamina.

    For Faded Leg, I chose XP to chip away at the Heckler grind. Heal Delta goes here too though, if you've got 811+ Stamina. I made two leg implants, one with XP and one with Heal Delta, and switch them out accordingly as I Heckle or Solo.

    - Left Hand:
    S: Fast Attack, Shield Chemical, Cold, Melee, Poison
    B: Fire AC, Shield Fire, Projectile, Radiation
    F: First Aid, Cold AC

    For Shining Left Hand, I chose Fast Attack, as it helps to use a higher QL Flurry of Blows.

    For Bright Left Hand, I chose Fire AC, as Damage Shields do not actually reduce damage you take. Any of those shields though would be a viable alternative.

    For Faded Left Hand, I chose First Aid to use higher QL stims and spindles.

    - Feet:
    S: Evade, Melee Init
    B: XP, Heal Delta, Dodge, Agility
    F: Add All Def

    For Shining Feet, I chose Evade to help dodge melee attacks, as it is our flagship defensive skill.

    For Bright Feet, as with Leg I made two implants here, one with XP for Hecklers, and one with Heal Delta for soloing.

    For Faded Feet, I chose Add All Def. Nothing else really worthwhile goes here.

    Well that's about it. On a final note, if Add Damage type clusters add to Perk and Proc attack damage, you may want to put in Melee or Energy clusters.

    This wraps up my implant design guide, hope it helps you figure out what you want to do with your Keeper implant setup. I wrote it on the spur of the moment though so hopefully it wasn't too confusing.
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    Popping this up the top until i reorganise the guide links so i don't forget and lose it. Great work man Closing it so it doesn't get outrageous amounts of replies hehe.



    -New Edit: Added it to guide links thread and so unsticking this one - still terrific work and will remain a great reference!
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