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    I am a Lvl 87 Soltus Doctor. And I have many concerns and questions about the toon I play as a Doc.

    I have been a player here in AO, since Beta 2, and so far a paid member since day one, and paid up to and through the end of Dec.

    As a Doctor, I switched from a Netural at lvl 32, to the Clan side.
    Also as a Doctor, I do not take in any intrest in any forms of PvP, so in that aspect, I have built my Doctor as a Healer, and not so much as a Fighter.

    But now, as I have watched and read and downloaded patch after patch after patch.. I have seen ALL professions get new bonuses.. new tweaks, new lines of nanos, new and summonable weapons.. and many other *new or improved* things for other professions. With the exception of the Doctor.

    Why, has the Doctor profession NOT been included in these also?

    As it stands right now, a Doctor is not truely given ANY type of a weapon in which to lvl with, and the *hinted at* weapon choice for the Doctor is blue, and yet to be able to use this skill to find a weapon, you still must use, or in my opinion.. waste.. precious skill points on a BLUE skill, for weapon for a Doc in which to use.

    Oh yes, sure.. there are a *few* DOT's listed for the Doc, that does damage to the critter, or NPC.. but with the weakness of these nanos, and the addded buff and total chain heal, that the game critters use..then what a joke the DOT's are for the Doc.

    It is pure stupidity for a Doc to go solo hunting.. This evening, I took Rosey out on a mission. The aggression was set to just as EASY as the scale would let me. It was set at GOOD, and on Money. And the mission was in Andromedia. I was able to kill just 2 of the critters.. and attempting to kill the 3rd when a very grey Lesser Anun started attacking me while atempting to refresh my Nano Recharger. And I died from a lvl 62 GREY critter. And yes, Rosey does have and use a lvl 102 Vektor ND Shotgun.

    So what about hunting in Teams ?
    A Doctor hunts with teams, only to have sit on team heals, to keep every alive. But what 80% of almost all teams do not understand, is that having to continiously use team heal.. there is no time allowed for commuications as for what they may have, or want to say to the team. A Doctor can not Team Heal and chat at the same time as other players can, that is firing a gun. When a critter dies, the Doctor gets no short rest because the *Team* is already on to the next critter. There is rarely any consideration that the Doc would also like Loots, or for the more even rare chance of a Chest. But here is also something to think about..

    1) 1 pack of Energy Ammo's costs 48 credits, and that is with Computer Lit cast on me.
    2) One Nano Recharger that holds 50 cast abilities, at lvl 90 which in one cast, casts 911 points of nano and fill my nano up only half way apon each 30 sec wait, costs me with Computer Lit cast on me, 19k + in credits.. You tell me, and Funcom's most favorite word here.. where is the BALANCE in teamplay for a Doctor.. rather they solo, or hunt in teams ?

    So I ask once more, When will the Doctor be given consideration. and or given an improvment for the Players toon ?

    Thank you,


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    A couple of suggestions:
    • Macro often said phrases like 'Need to recharge nanos' and stick them on your shortcut bar. An old mud trick from using Zmud's macro/script abilities. A healer rarely has the time to type out long phrases so you macro/script what you can. something like
      /macro theal /t Executing xxx heal on %t
      . This informs you're team you're about to use whatever heal on whoever you have targetted.
    • Chain casting heals is a definate waste of nanos. Again, shortcuts are your friends here. Use team heals when the team needs healing and individual heals only when the individual really needs healing. Some tanks are born chickens. They won't die if they hit 25% health so long as you can repair the damage. Use the built in shortcuts for your team members to target individuals on your team and hit them when needed.
    • If you're not attacking/getting attack, grab a seat and recharge your nanos real fast. Stay out the fight. Dump the guns and do what you do best, heal. So long as your not the target, you can break in the middle of a fight.
    • Major point here: take your tank and beat some sense into him. With healing causing mobs to aggro on you, it's the tank's job to keep the mob sufficiently pissed so it won't engage you. That way you can stay out of the fight and recharge as necessary.
    • A good healer gets good loot. An excellent healer demands excellent loot. You do a great job healing people and build a rep for it, you shouldn't have any problems getting into groups that recognize an excellent doc and make a profit at the same time. And if the team doesn't take care of a good doc, then they don't deserve the doc's services.
    • Last one I swear, from my personal advice: the healer is the true leader of the group. Despite the fact anyone can heal if they invest in it, most people at higher levels don't make the investment. Therefore the person that can keep you alive decides when the team breaks. Even above the nukers. A lot of times the tank or others can take mobs a little lower while the nukers recharge. But damage is damage. And if the team isn't allowing you time to rest, you got a bad team. My doc yells 'Run', I don't even pause to ask which direction. Cause if he says that, it means he's drained and we're on our own

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    I will start with this

    enforcers get nothing new

    soldiers go nerfed

    agents got nerfed

    NT's just got nerfed

    well, that is *guessing* half or more of the people in the game that got nothing or worse.

    I play an enforcer lately and have this to say.. NOTHING HITS MY DOC. I will chain cast mongo bash until it is off you.. I am ALWAYS the one to die. (never had any mob resist 2 mongo bash's at level 85)

    Yes, you have a rough solo life, but you are ALWAYS welcome in a team. Heck I know plenty of absolutly useless docs that teams are always inviting.

    Take my word for it. I watched MA get buffed.. then nerfed (at high levels) .. every class they touch gets FUBAR so DONT ASK FOR ANYTHING.

    They dont touch enforcers for some thankfull reason. Maybe we are the baseline. I dont want anything new.. just leave me like I am and I will be happy.

    Docs that try to fight have it hard. I personally PAY my docs, or buy then supplies as I know (having an NT) how expensive the "support" classes can be. You need to just say to your group "hey, I am going to use 200k creds of nanochargers on you, that is 40k each and you can have all the loot" or use alpha loot and if they are going to fast TELL THEM. You set the pace. When your tank does not get healing he will learn or die, end of story.

    I just feel for the meta's when the pendulum swings back into nerf mode... they are so powerful now that who needs an enforcer!

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